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    Quirky boys names?

    Does anyone have any suggestions for boys names that are unusual and quirky sounding but also rather traditional? I'm thinking names like Isidore, but I can't quite come up with anything similar!

    Also, anything a little more bohemian/artsy? Kinda with the same vibe as Blue or Fox or names like that, but not word names? I'm having a really hard time coming up with stuff in that vibe!

    Thanks for any suggestions!!
    queer gal, author & name lover!

    current faves (in order of pref)
    Indigo Jacqueline Neve // Romy Beatrix Blue // Juniper Imogen Ruth // Lux Naomi Lydia
    Nixie, Zola, Juno

    Willow Isaac Theodore // Shiloh Nathaniel Blue // Django Solomon Jude // Otto Theodore Fox
    Wolf, Romeo, Raffi, Arlo

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    Caroline ❀
    Christian, teenager, dog lover, writer, theater kid, amateur photographer, and chocolate enthusiast
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