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    Emilia Josephine Peterson (20) (ENFP, Lawyer at 25, from Bristol, England).

    Her family:

    Mom: Alice Charlotte Peterson (44) (ESFJ, Lawyer, from Manchester, England)
    Dad: Felix Olivier Peterson (46) (ISTP, Veterinarian, from Auckland, New Zealand)
    Sister: Nora Margot Peterson (22) (INTJ, Psychiatrist, from Bristol, England)
    Sister: Louisa Violet Peterson (20) (ENFP, Web Designer, from Bristol, England)
    Brother: Jude Nicholas Peterson (15) (INFP, from Bristol, England)
    Sister: Hazel Catherine Peterson (13) (INTP, from Bristol, England)

    More about you:

    I have a reflective hobby which is journaling. And I have my best friend, June Valentina, who is like a sister to me.

    Your love interest:

    Leo Henry Beckett (22) (INFJ, Economist, from London, England) Met through mutual friends.

    After the wedding, we moved to New York, New York.
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    Protagonist(22) (ISFP)- Ruby Gabriella Taylor.
    Ruby is a baker from the Suburbs of Sydney, Australia.
    Her parents are named Alex and Eliza.
    Ruby's siblings are: Rory (sister, 25) and Riley (sibling, 18)
    Have 5 (I'm vErY bored) Miscellanious Facts About Ruby=
    1. She has heterochromia (2 different colored eyes)
    2. She loves writing storys
    3. She's great at solving Rubix cubes.
    4. She enjoys reading
    5. She is deaf, but uses hearing aides.
    The Love Interest- Felix Lucas Taylor town as Ruby.
    They met as children.
    Felix and Ruby moved to Toronto, Canada.

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    - Alma Rose Scott-Bellow
    - 22
    - Veterinarian
    - Baltimore, Maryland (in the city itself)
    - INTP
    - I draw

    Mom: Emily Amanda (Parker) Scott. INTP, Scientist
    Dad: August Kirk Scott. ENTJ, Politician
    Adeline Esme Scott (31) ENTJ, Medical Tech
    Anika Indie Scott (29) INTJ Lawyer
    Alma Rose Scott (22)
    Ashlee June Scott (21) ENTP Librarian
    Andrew Kyle Scott (16) ENFJ Psychologist

    Love Interest:
    - Monica Eve Bellow
    - INTJ
    - Met in Baltimore at school
    - We move to D.C.

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    Protagonist: Apolline Isadora de Beauvoir (21) [INFJ, Journalist, from New Orleans, Louisiana - Suburbs]
    - Moved around a lot (Portland, Maine, New Orleans, Louisiana, and Bristol, England) Grew up in Bristol, England before moving to Louisiana
    - Loves to watch movies, play video games, paint, read, journal, go to parties, and cosplay
    - Child Prodigy that skipped multiple grades
    - Child through Teen Pregnancy (5, Raised By You, EDS) Cadence Moon de Beauvior
    - Inherited a disorder EDS

    My Family:
    Raised by Mom when parents divorced.
    Mom (47, ENFJ, Museum Curator) Colette Apolline Steele
    -EXBF (55, INTP, Electrician, Father of Oldest DS) Thomas Wolfgang Roberts

    Dad (50, ISTP, Teacher) Leif Alexei de Beauvoir
    - DW (35, ESFJ, Professional Athlete: Tennis) Autumn Paige Anderson de Beauvoir

    --Children Together:
    --- DS (27, ENTJ, Engineer) Van James de Beauvoir
    --- DS (22, ENFJ, In School To Become Occupational Therapist) Alexander Levi de Beauvoir

    --Mom's Children:
    --- DS (30, ENFJ, Firefighter) Kevin Rafael Steele

    --Dad's Children:
    --- DD (15, INFP, Wants To Be A Lawyer) Lucia Charlotte de Beauvoir
    --- DS (15, INFP, Wants To Be A Nurse) Arthur Clayton de Beauvoir

    The Love Interest:
    Wyatt Axel Zidane (23, ESFJ, Veterinarian) Met through a mutual friend of her brother's when she was visiting in Austin, Texas. After they got married, they moved back to New Orleans, Louisiana to live close to her family and raise Cadence in the city.
    Callan Joseph '18


    Whimsical Witches:
    First: Arabelle "Belle", Hermione "Ione or Mia", Daphne "Finn", Guinevere "Gwen", Fleur
    Middle: Luna Rose

    Witty Wizards:
    First: Bowen "Bowie", Remus "Remy", Emrys, Julien
    Middle: Alexander

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    the protagonist

    You (21): Clemence Sylvie Meyer
    → brilliant and perfecionistic
    → medical student (future surgeon)
    → raised in the city of Shanghai, China

    the family

    Father (56): Matthew Louis Meyer
    → assertive and efficient
    → architect

    Mother (56): Brigitta Simone Chastain
    → serious and dependable
    → journalist

    Sister (31): Maeva Estelle Meyer
    → practical and athletic
    → businessperson

    Brother (27): Enzo Leopold Meyer
    → friendly and fast-paced
    → museum curator

    Sister (25): Odile Iris Meyer
    → loyal and idealistic
    → scientist

    Brother (20): Roman Alistair Meyer
    → warmhearted and responsible
    → future therapist

    the love interest

    Partner (21): Hugo Oscar Rocha
    → quiet and analytical
    → future politician
    → raised in Berlin, Germany

    the first pages

    Clemence and Hugo met through mutual friends.
    After their marriage, they moved to Washington, D.C.

    Aldo, Alexander, Amedeo, Balthasar, Bram, Caius, Charles, Elias, Felix, Frederick, Gideon, Hugo, Inigo, Jack, James, Leo, Louis, Ludovic, Mael, Oliver, Orson, Otto, Raphael, Stephen, Theodore "Theo", Thomas, William

    Anouk, Astrid, Beatrix, Caroline, Cecily, Charlotte, Clio, Cordelia, Edith "Edie", Elisabeth, Eulalia, Francesca, Gemma, Josephine "Pepper", Lea, Linnea, Liv, Luna, Matilde, Magnolia, Manon, Marguerite "Margot", Mireille, Ottoline, Vera, Wilhelmina

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