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    Feb 2013
    Name: Anya Lauren Burley
    About me: I’m 21
    Personality is INTP.
    In school to be a lawyer
    From a rural area near Edinburgh, Scotland
    Raised by my mother, father not much in the picture.

    Mom: Evelyn Lydia Burley
    Dad: Lance Elliot Burley
    Daniel Logan Burley (29) INFJ Dentist
    Chris Liam Burley (29) INTJ Scientist
    Belle Lydia Burley (25) ENTP Chef

    Love Interest:
    Kendra Audrey
    lives in a suburb
    met in middleschool
    Moves to Suburb of Inverness, Scotland

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    Me: Audrey Claire Bishop-Akers (20)
    -In School to be a librarian
    -From: Montreal, Quebec
    -I was in an accident as a child, and acquired quite a bit of hearing loss.

    Family -
    DMom: Cynthia Grace Akers
    DDad: Kenneth Travis Akers
    DSister: Hannah Elise Akers (27)
    DBrother: Luke Nicholas Akers (26)

    DW: Maya Ivy Bishop-Akers (21)
    -From Suburb of Toronto, Ontario
    -Left handed

    Family -
    DMom: Shannon Julia Lucas
    DDad: Lucien Jonas Bishop
    DSister: Stella Ruby Bishop (25)
    DBrother: Gray Clayton Bishop (18)

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    Aug 2012
    Me: Alexis Julienne (Warner) Bentley (22) - INFJ - Graphic Designer

    DS1: Fable Pine (Warner) Bentley (5) - INFP

    About Me:
    My name is Alexis Julienne Warner and I am 22 years old. I have lived in a suburb of Miami, Florida for my whole life with my parents, Julian Nicholas Warner and Rose Kelly Baker. They have been together for 25 years, but have never married. I have 5 younger siblings, Hannah Judith Warner (20), Bailey June Warner (18), Caleb Joseph Warner (16) and Luc Jeremiah Warner and Liam Jared Warner (13). I also have a son who is 5 years old named Fable Pine Warner. His father is out of the picture and I have raised him on my own.

    DH: Andrew Cillian Bentley (22) - INFJ - Pharmacist
    -Was a child prodigy

    About Andrew:
    Andrew grew up in Baltimore, Maryland with his parents Clark William Bentley and Bridget Elizabeth Bentley and his siblings, Lydia Ellen Bentley (16) and James Russell Bentley (13). He was a child prodigy and skipped 4 grades between elementary and junior high, and graduated at the age of 14. He is incredibly smart, but also down to earth.

    The First Pages:
    We met as children when Andrew's family lived in Miami for a short period of time. We eventually grew apart when he moved, but in high school we found each other of Facebook and rekindled our friendship, which grew into a relationship. After we got married, we moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and Andrew adopted Fable!

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    Your Name: Belle Violet Bishop
    All About You:
    -20 years old
    -Social and fun-loving (ESFP)
    -Grew up in the city of New York, New York. Also lived in Bristol, England and Melbourne, Australia growing up

    Your Family:
    Dad (Engineer): Daniel Jakob Sinclair [Logical and reserved (INTP)][From Honolulu, Hawaii]

    Mom (Occupational Therapist): Jade Amelia Bishop-Fitzgerald [Artistic and sensitive (ISFP)[from Manchester, England]

    Stepdad (Businessperson): Hayden Lane Fitzgerald [Friendly and fast-paced (ESTP)][from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania suburbs]
    {Mom and Dad were never together, Mom remarried}
    Daniel & Jade's Children:
    -DS (Engineer): Hunter Tate Bishop (23) [Social and fun-loving (ESFP)]
    Hayden & Jade's Children:
    -DD: Ivy Emma Bishop-Fitzgerald (13) [Enthusiastic and creative (ENFP)]

    More About You:
    -You moved a lot growing up. I also lived in the city of Bristol, England and in the city of Melbourne, Victoria,
    -You have an artistic hobby, painting.
    -You have freckles, a genetic quirk that your children might inherit.

    The Love Interest:
    Will Blake Crow (Lawyer)(22) [Friendly and fast-paced (ESTP)]
    -Grew up in he city of London, England
    -We met during childhood

    Dad: Stephan Luke Crow (Accountant) [Serious and dependable (ISTJ)][from Galway, Ireland]
    Mom: Holly Johanna Crow (Architect)[Supportive and selfless (ENFJ)][from Bristol, England]
    Brother (Politician): Josh Noah Crow (25) [Practical and athletic (ESTJ)]
    Sister (Dancer): Elizabeth Aoife Crow (19) [Warmhearted and responsible (ESFJ)]

    After you got married, where did you move to?
    Will's Hometown: The city of London, England
    Poppy ☽ 16 ☽

    Sonay Florence // Nur Ischia // Nathalie Sylvia // Leyla Maud // Ece Celeste
    Faraday • Mauve • Venice • Deniz • Bristol • Serena • Stella • June

    Luka Daniel // Jack William // James Frank // Stavros Oliver// Jude Adam
    Everett • Caleb • Andrew • Shel • Ryan • Hunter • Nick • Forest

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    Name: Laila Molly Proctor
    Age: 20
    Personality: Determined and caring
    Job: Training to be a surgeon (31)
    Hometown: in the city Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
    -Raised by: Never-together parents who shared custody.

    Dad: Christopher Clayton *Kit* Proctor (loyal and idealistic, Nurse)
    -Gray Christopher (age 3) (artistic and sensitive)

    Mom: Vada Elodie Herondale (social and fun-loving, businessperson)

    You like to surf.

    SO: Asa Richard Hill
    Age: 21
    Job: Studying to be a scientist
    Personality: Social and fun-loving
    Home town: Rural area near Saskatoon
    Met: through surfing
    Move to: Calgary, Alberta
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