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    A Lot Can Happen In Sixty Years - Part 1

    Our Protagonist
    Here are the dice I made this with, although if you prefer a different set, feel free to use what you want.
    Your Name:
    Roll a d10 and choose a name from the list linked, then do the same for middle name.

    2. Choose from the month you were born in.
    3. or
    4. Reroll up to twenty times.
    5. or
    7. or
    9. Put in your real name and choose from what it comes up with.
    10. What you wish your name was.

    For your last name, roll a d8 and choose from the list linked on the table below.

    4. Reroll up to twenty times.
    6. Choose the surname of someone on the list.
    8. Your favorite surname.

    All About You:
    Roll a d4 and add 19 to get your age.
    Choose your personality from the list below (they are inspired by MBTI types, but not exact, so you don’t have to know your actual type, just use the descriptions.)

    • Serious and dependable (ISTJ)
    • Quiet and analytical (ISTP)
    • Kindhearted and traditional (ISFJ)
    • Artistic and sensitive (ISFP)
    • Determined and caring (INFJ)
    • Loyal and idealistic (INFP)
    • Brilliant and perfectionistic (INTJ)
    • Logical and reserved (INTP)
    • Friendly and fast-paced (ESTP)
    • Practical and athletic (ESTJ)
    • Social and fun-loving (ESFP)
    • Warmhearted and responsible (ESFJ)
    • Enthusiastic and creative (ENFP)
    • Supportive and selfless (ENFJ)
    • Resourceful and competitive (ENTP)
    • Assertive and efficient (ENTJ)

    Roll the d12 twice and add them together for your career. For those with an age in parentheses, assume you are still in college/training/etc. until you reach that age, or longer if the backstory you have in mind works better that way.

    1. (It’s impossible to get a one)
    2. Astronaut (28), Animal Breeder or Acrobat
    3. Politician (22), Magician or Dancer
    4. Statistician (22), DJ or Web Designer
    5. Physical Therapist (25), Psychologist (22) or Detective
    6. Baker, Forest Warden or Psychiatrist (25)
    7. Architect (22), Fisher or Technician
    8. Veterinarian (22), Astronomer (22) or Religious Position
    9. Carpenter, Scientist (25) or Lawyer (25)
    10. Builder, Firefighter or Professor (25)
    11. Engineer (23), Dentist (25) or Artist
    12. Accountant (22), Social Worker (22) or IT (22)
    13. Businessperson (22), Librarian (24) or Surgeon (31)
    14. Nurse (25), Museum Curator (22) or Electrician
    15. Teacher (23), Paramedic or Repairperson
    16. Doctor (25), Sports Coach or Childcare Worker
    17. Programmer, Graphic Designer or Plumber
    18. Police Officer, Editor or Farmer
    19. Electrician, Journalist or Pharmacist (25)
    20. Occupational Therapist (25), Medical Technician (22) or Mason
    21. Mechanic, Economist (22) or Optician (25)
    22. Human Resources, Stay at Home Parent or Funeral Home
    23. Chef, Pilot or Musician
    24. Actor, Historian (25) or Professional Athlete

    To determine where you grew up, first roll to determine the general area. (This is location table A)

    1. New England
    2. Mid-Atlantic
    3. East Midwest
    4. West Midwest
    5. South Atlantic
    6. East South
    7. West South
    8. Mountain Region
    9. Pacific Coast
    10. Elsewhere in the U.S.
    11. England
    12. Wales
    13. Scotland
    14. Ireland
    15. Western Canada
    16. Eastern Canada
    17. Northern Canada
    18. Australia
    19. New Zealand
    20. Elsewhere

    Then roll a d6 on the table below and scroll to the row that matches what you rolled above to find the city you live in or near. (This is location table B)
    1 2 3 4 5 6
    1 Bridgeport, Connecticut Portland, Maine Boston, Massachusetts Manchester, New Hampshire Providence, Rhode Island Burlington, Vermont
    2 Newark, New Jersey Trenton, New Jersey Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania New York, New York Buffalo, New York
    3 Chicago, Illinois Indianapolis, Indiana Detroit, Michigan Cleveland, Ohio Cincinnati, Ohio Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    4 Omaha, Nebraska Minneapolis, Minnesota Wichita, Kansas St. Louis, Missouri Des Moines, Iowa Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    5 Charlotte, North Carolina Washington, D.C. Baltimore, Maryland Virginia Beach, Virginia Atlanta, Georgia Miami, Florida
    6 Memphis, Tennessee Nashville, Tennessee Louisville, Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky Birmingham, Alabama Jackson, Mississippi
    7 Houston, Texas San Antonio, Texas Dallas, Texas Oklahoma City, Oklahoma New Orleans, Louisiana Little Rock, Arkansas
    8 Phoenix, Arizona Denver, Colorado Las Vegas, Nevada Albuquerque, New Mexico Boise, Idaho Salt Lake City, Utah
    9 Seattle, Washington Portland, Oregon Los Angeles, California San Francisco, California San Bernardino, California San Diego, California
    10 Anchorage, Alaska Nome, Alaska Honolulu, Hawaii Hilo, Hawaii San Juan, Puerto Rico Ponce, Puerto Rico
    11 London, England Leeds, England Manchester, England Bristol, England Leicester, England Coventry, England
    12 Cardiff, Wales Swansea, Wales Newport, Wales Bangor, Wales St. Asaph, Wales St. David's, Wales
    13 Glasgow, Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland Aberdeen, Scotland Dundee, Scotland Inverness, Scotland Perth, Scotland
    14 Dublin, Ireland Belfast, Northern Ireland Cork, Ireland Limerick, Ireland Galway, Ireland Derry, Northern Ireland
    15 Vancouver, B.C. Calgary, Alberta Edmonton, Alberta Winnipeg, Manitoba Victoria, B.C. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
    16 Toronto, Ontario Montreal, Quebec St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador St. John, New Brunswick Charlottetown, P.E.I. Halifax, Nova Scotia
    17 Whitehorse, Yukon Yellowknife, NWT Iqaluit, Nunavut Hay River, NWT Inuvik, NWT Rankin Inlet, Nunavut
    18 Sydney, NSW Melbourne, Victoria Brisbane, Queensland Perth, WA Adelaide, SA Canberra, ACT
    19 Auckland, NZ Wellington, NZ Christchurch, NZ Hamilton, NZ Tauranga, NZ Napier-Hastings, NZ
    20 Shanghai, China São Paulo, Brazil Lagos, Nigeria Mexico City, Mexico Berlin, Germany Delhi, India

    Finally, roll a d6 to determine where you live in relation to the city (This is location table C)

    1. In the city itself
    2. In the city itself
    3. In a suburb of the city
    4. In a suburb of the city
    5. In a suburb of the city
    6. In a rural area a bit farther from the city
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    Your Family:
    Roll a d10 to determine the family structure you had growing up.

    1. Married parents.
    2. Married parents.
    3. Married parents.
    4. Married parents.
    5. Unmarried but together parents.
    6. Divorced or never-together parents, raised by mom, or father is dead.
    7. Divorced or never-together parents, raised by dad, or mother is dead.
    8. Divorced or never-together parents who shared custody.
    9. Raised by non-parent relatives.
    10. Grew up in foster care or your country’s equivalent.

    If your parents are divorced, roll a d6 for each, on a six, gain a stepparent.
    Roll a d6 for the number of siblings (or stepsiblings, foster siblings, etc.; you can split this up however you like.). If you get a six, you’re an only child, otherwise, use the number on the die. Roll evens/odds on any die to determine if each sibling is older or younger than you, and then a d10 for how many years to add or subtract from your own age. If you get a ten, they are your same age (through twins, adoption, etc.), otherwise use the number on the die. For each one, roll a d100 for their gender. Odd numbers are brothers, even numbers are sisters, and 1 and 100 are nonbinary siblings
    Roll for your family members’ names and careers on the same tables as before, and choose their personalities.
    More About You:
    Roll a d20 to get a miscellaneous detail about yourself. You can do this more than once, if you want.

    1. You had a child through a teen pregnancy. Their age is a d4 plus the number of years over twenty you are. Roll a d100 for gender, same criteria as the siblings, and choose their name from here: Then roll a d6. On a one or two, you kept the child, add them to your family. On a three, you did an open adoption, and still see them regularly. On a four, you did a closed adoption, and don’t know where they are. On a five, they live with their other parent, and on a six, they live with your parents (or whoever raised you.)
    2. You have a linguistic hobby. Roll a d6. 1 – Writing stories, 2 – Writing poetry, 3 – Reading, 4 – Journaling, 5 – Blogging, 6 – Writing nonfiction
    3. You were in an accident as a child and have an acquired disability. Roll a d6. 1 – Paralysis, 2 – Amputation, 3 – Blindness, 4 – Deafness, 5 – PTSD, 6 – Brain injury
    4. You have a nerdy hobby. Roll a d6. 1 – Chess, 2 – Amateur video game design, 3 – D&D, 4 – Rubik’s cubes, 5 – Logic puzzles, 6 – Memorizing sports statistics
    5. You were a child prodigy who skipped multiple grades in school. If you rolled a career that requires a minimum age to start, subtract two from that age to get the age you can start at.
    6. You have an artistic hobby. Roll a d6. 1 – Drawing, 2 – Painting, 3 – Sculpture, 4 – Cosplay, 5 – Photography, 6 – YouTube
    7. You moved a lot growing up. Roll two more locations, and when a roll refers to “where you grew up”, you can choose whichever of the three you prefer.
    8. You play an instrument. Roll a d6. 1 – A bowed stringed instrument such as the violin or cello, 2 – A woodwind such as the flute or clarinet, 3 – A brass instrument such as the saxophone or trumpet, 4 – A percussion instrument such as the xylophone or drums, 5 – A strummed instrument such as the guitar or ukulele, 6 – You play the piano or sing.
    9. You were born with a disability that your children might inherit. Roll a d10. 1 – Autism, 2 – Deaf or HoH, 3 – Blind or Low Vision, 4 – Epilepsy, 5 – Asthma, 6 – EDS, 7 – ADHD, 8 – An SLD (dyslexia, dyscalculia, etc.), 9 – Colorblindness, 10 – Diabetes; For each biological child, roll a d6 and on a 5 or 6 they also have it.
    10. You have a reflective hobby. Roll a d6. 1 – Reading, 2 – Visiting museums, 3 – Journaling, 4 – Going for walks, 5 – Yoga, 6 – Scrapbooking
    11. You are significantly more or less religious than is common where you live.
    12. You play a sport. Roll a d6. 1 – A combat sport, such as martial arts or fencing, 2 – A team sport like basketball or soccer, 3 – An individual sport, like track or tennis, 4 – An extreme sport like rock climbing or parkour, 5 – A board sport like skateboarding or surfing, 6 – A performance sport like gymnastics or dance
    13. You have a genetic quirk that your children might inherit. Roll a d6. 1 – Left handed, 2 – Heterochromia (any of the three types), 3 – Ambidexterity, 4 – Freckles, 5 – Perfect pitch, 6 – Tetrachromacy; When each child is born, roll any die, and on an even number, the kid inherits it.
    14. You have a social hobby. Roll a d6. 1 – Parties, 2 – Online gaming, 3 – Community theater, 4 – Volunteering, 5 – Team games, 6 – Social media
    15. You have an allergy. Roll a d6. 1 – Cats, 2 – Nuts, 3 – Dogs, 4 – Bees, 5 – Milk, 6 – Shellfish
    16. You have an outdoor hobby. Roll a d6. 1 – Camping, 2 – Hiking, 3 – Fishing, 4 – Gardening, 5 – Birdwatching, 6 – Stargazing
    17. You have a best friend who is like a sibling to you. Roll their name, etc., as you did for your siblings, and you can use them as the character you choose any time the game refers to a family member.
    18. You have a miscellaneous hobby. Roll a d6. 1 – Video games, 2 – Auditing classes, 3 – Cooking, 4 – Watching movies, 5 – Collecting something, 6 – Free choice.
    19. Roll Twice
    20. Your Choice

    The Love Interest
    Create your partner by rolling all the sections you did for the previous one again. Exceptions are noted below. This character can be any gender; the upcoming sections will account for the possibility that you could be doing the game with a gay couple.
    Roll a d20 for your partner’s personality:

    1. Serious and dependable (ISTJ)
    2. Quiet and analytical (ISTP)
    3. Kindhearted and traditional (ISFJ)
    4. Artistic and sensitive (ISFP)
    5. Determined and caring (INFJ)
    6. Loyal and idealistic (INFP)
    7. Brilliant and perfectionistic (INTJ)
    8. Logical and reserved (INTP)
    9. Friendly and fast-paced (ESTP)
    10. Practical and athletic (ESTJ)
    11. Social and fun-loving (ESFP)
    12. Warmhearted and responsible (ESFJ)
    13. Enthusiastic and creative (ENFP)
    14. Supportive and selfless (ENFJ)
    15. Resourceful and competitive (ENTP)
    16. Assertive and efficient (ENTJ)
    17. Birds of a feather: Use the same one you went with for yourself.
    18. Opposites attract: Choose one that seems like the opposite of the one you chose for yourself.
    19. A complex individual: Roll twice and combine them.
    20. A perfect match: Your choice.

    Hold off on rolling your partner’s career until you know how you met.
    Roll a d6 to determine how close you and your partner live.

    1. Across the world (roll location from scratch)
    2. Same region (start location roll from table B)
    3. Same region (start location roll from table B)
    4. Same area (start location roll from table C)
    5. Same area (start location roll from table C)
    6. Same town (don’t roll location, use the same one you have for yourself.)

    The First Pages
    Roll a d6 to determine how you and your partner met.

    1. Through school.
    2. Through work. (Give your partner the same career you have.)
    3. Through a hobby. (If either of you rolled a hobby on the miscellaneous table, give it also to the other one. If not, choose one.)
    4. Through mutual friends.
    5. In childhood.
    6. Through an unusual scenario.

    After you got married, where did you move to?

    1. Your region. (Keep your table A roll, reroll B and C)
    2. Near your family. (Keep your table A and B rolls, reroll C.)
    3. Your hometown. (Keep the exact location you got from where you grew up.)
    4. Partner’s region. (Keep partner’s table A roll, reroll B and C)
    5. Near partner’s family. (Keep partner’s table A and B rolls, reroll C.)
    6. Partner’s hometown. (Keep the exact location you got from where your partner grew up.)
    7. Reroll location entirely.
    8. Choose location freely.

    Thanks for playing! Part two is here:
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    Protagonist: (22) Daisy Manon Ginsberg (INTJ, Baker at age 25, from Baltimore, Maryland)
    - Can play the saxophone.

    Mom: Schuyler Betsy Ginsberg (MN: Holt; ESFJ, Nurse at 25)
    Dad: Tristan Boris Ginsberg (ESFP, Mechanic)

    Brother: (31) Chase Alexander Ginsberg (INTJ, Psychiatrist at 25)
    Brother: (28) Warin Troy Ginsberg (ENTP, Architect at 22)
    Sister: (21) Madison Fleur Ginsberg (ESTJ, Businessperson at 22)
    Brother: (16) Levi Hayden Ginsberg (INTP, Psychologist at 22)


    Love Interest: (21) Mason Blake Duarte (ISTJ, Lawyer at 25, from a suburb of Washington, D.C.)
    - Memorizes sports statistics.

    Mom: Christine Ariel Duarte (MN: Burke, ESFP, Dancer)
    Dad: Anthony Maximilian Duarte (ISFP, Artist)

    Sister: (16) Eliana Rosamund (ISTP, Teacher at 23)


    6. Met when Mason's family took a trip to Baltimore and they got horrible lost when trying to find the Washington Monument and had to stop for directions. The person they asked was Daisy.

    Moved to Washington, D.C. after marriage.
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    My name: Daisy Isabelle Ramirez
    About me:
    -Age: 22
    -Personality type: Kindhearted and traditional (ISFJ)
    -In school to become a nurse. Hoping to work in pediatrics
    -Grew up in Buffalo, New York

    My family:
    -Raised by dad when they divorced. Mom is in jail for drug addiction and dealing.
    Mom (50; libriarian in prison): Corinne Alexandra Piper {Quiet and analytical (ISTP)}
    -ExBF (46; fisher; father of DD): Wolf Malachi Davis {Quiet and analytical (ISTP)}
    -ExBF (42; repairperson; father of DS): Justin Robert Osborne {Artistic and sensitive (ISFP)}

    Dad (52; electrician): Hector Miguel Ramirez {Kindhearted and traditional (ISFJ)}
    -DW (50; social worker): Stella Raylene Ramirez {Serious and dependable (ISTJ)}

    --Children together:
    ---DS (29; Doctor): Leo Thomas Ramirez {Artistic and sensitive (ISFP)}
    ---DD (24; about to graduate from Dental school): Clara Lorraine Ramirez {Loyal and idealistic (INFP)}

    --Mom's children:
    ---DD (16): Valeria Edith Davis {Supportive and selfless (ENFJ)}
    ---DS (15): Niko Julian Osborne {Social and fun-loving (ESFP)}

    --Dad's children:
    ---DS (17): Bentley Dylan Ramirez {Social and fun-loving (ESFP)}
    ---DD (13): Ada Piper Ramirez {Friendly and fast-paced (ESTP)}

    More About Me:
    -I had a child as a teenager. He is 6 years old. His name is Tate Juniper Ramirez. I kept him and he is a part of my family.
    -I play the piano and sing.
    -I have been diagnosed with mild autism spectrum disorder. My son Tate did not inherit this disorder.
    -I have an artistic hobby of painting.

    The Love Interest
    My love (24; journalist): Simon Carter Gibson
    -His personality: Brilliant and perfectionistic (INTJ)
    -He is from Bristol, England.
    --He is good at writing poetry.
    --He has heterochromia, making one of his eyes blue and the other green.
    --He loves to read.
    --He's allergic to shellfish.

    The First Pages
    -We met when I was singing in a sidewalk performance and he fell in love with my voice.
    -After marriage, we stayed in the city of Buffalo, New York.
    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14), and Everett William & Nora Elizabeth (12/29/15).

    Wesley James, Samuel Edward, Landon Jace, Declan Levi, Blaise Elliot, Elias John, Everett William, Tobias Benjamin, Dominic Eli
    Faith Elizabeth, Clara Rose, Elena Harper, Maisie Eloise, Margo Elizabeth, Nora Cadence, Lydia Diane, Aurora Blair, Amelia Rose

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    Protagonist: Eugenie Colette Whistler (22) [INFJ, teacher, from New Orleans - in the city]
    Likes online gaming.
    Has a best friend who is like a sibling to her: Sasha Alise Cox (23) [ENTJ, nurse (at 25)]
    Allergic to milk.
    Has freckles that children might inherit.
    Had a child through teen pregnancy: Tuesday Bell Whistler (5, nb) [open adoption]

    Raised by her aunt:
    Jessica Taylor Whistler (36) [ENTJ, professional firefighter, from Salt Lake City - suburbs]

    The Love Interest:
    James Andres Shepherd (21) [ESFJ, physical therapist (23), from New Orleans - suburbs]
    Does yoga as a hobby.
    Moved a lot growing up - also lived in Indianapolis, Indiana and Mexico City]
    Collects baseball memorabilia.
    Was a child prodigy and skipped two grades in school - can be a therapist earlier.
    Has PTSD as the result of a childhood accident.

    Mom: Theresa Jane Shepherd (44) [ESFP, engineer, from Hay River, NWT - in the city]
    Mom: Estrella Amaia Cruz (50) [ENFP, runs a funeral home, from Edmonton, Alberta - in the city]
    Sister: Rhiannon Marlena Shepherd (17) [INFJ, baker, from New Orleans - suburbs]

    Met during their childhood and have been friends ever since.
    Moved to Mexico City, Mexico after the wedding!

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