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    Lightbulb Carson

    Due with baby #2 in mid November.

    Sibling: Gavin
    Surname: Murray

    So far our top contender is: Carson

    what are your thoughts on the name? & any other name suggestions for us?

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    Hi! From what I've learned just from glancing at Carson, it seems relatively popular, which in the long run shouldn't matter because you need to choose a name that you like! Do you like the sound of both of your son's names ending in the 'n', and being two syllable? If you do, perfect! I have a few suggestions here, but feel free to name as you choose! I'm sure you and your partner will love whichever name.

    Carter Murray
    Camden Murray
    Landon Murray
    Dawson Murray
    Wesley Murray
    Trenton Murray

    Annnnd some of my personal favorites just for fun

    Isiah Murray
    Asher Murray
    Eli Murray
    Sebastian Murray

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    Gavin and Carson are great together!

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