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    Absolutely hate Ed names (Ned, Edward, Ted, Teddy, Edmond, etc). Not fond of Elijah, Noah, Silas, Cyrus, Isaac, Josiah, Randall, Gregory, Simon, Theodore, Albert, Stan or anything along those lines. I also dislike really hipsterish names like Bear, Fox, Hopper, Bruno, Hugo, Otto, etc.

    For girls, I really don't like Ava. I also can't stand Beatrice/Beatrix, Poppy, Rainbow, Blossom, Pearl, Lavender, etc. They just don't sound like names to me. Really not fond of Vivian, Ashley, Courtney, Lindsay, Meredith, Whitney, Addison, Madison, Emerson and many other names along those lines. I love them for boys but could never see the appeal on a girl. Can't really stand names that are overly "old lady" bearing. Same goes for the boys names.
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    I love unisex/less frilly feminine names for girls! As you can probably tell from my signature. I shy away from anything more popular, girl names that end in -ee sounds, or anything that just screams girly to me. Not that my children should all be tomboys or I'm against girly girls! Just my naming style. I feel like you can always give a sweet little nickname or -ee ending nickname, to a given name that has a more grown up or complete feel to it.
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    Based off the popularity of my name in my town, Sydney.

    It’s so popular where I live, and I’m one of 3 in my grade. Unfortunately, 2 of us are in the same classes and all 3 of us are in drama club together. Plus, it gets misspelled all the time (Sidney, Sydnie, Sidonie. Sidonie is my least favorite, and sometimes even my family misspells it as Sidney on cards and stuff, but my grandpa was named Sidney so it’s understandable). And it always gets mispronounced as Cindy or sometimes Stacy.

    Otherwise, I dislike Imogen and Imogene, Arlo, any Ben names besides Ebenezer and Benjamin, and any super frilly girl names that don’t end in a consonant (Rosalind counts because of the Lind ending, I also like Rosalie a little because Lee doesn’t sound feminine to me).
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    Harriet seems to be widely adored on this site. I can’t seem to get myself on board with it. Nothing wrong with the name, I’m just not a part of the hype!
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    I despise the name Emerson. Boy, girl - doesn't matter!

    I hate that I sort of like Elliot for a girl, though I prefer Elliette.

    I don't like the name Cameron for a girl; (or any of the additional spellings) it sounds cheap, and tacky.

    I love the name Jade for a boy.

    I can hear the charm in Violet, but it sounds too much like Violent.

    I prefer the nickname Aggie to Abby, or Maggie.

    I adore the name Sarah!

    I prefer Polly to Molly, or Holly.

    I hate Jessamine, it looks made up.

    Avery, Bailey, Madison, Ashley, and Morgan I don't like as girls names. I think their charm is better when they're used for boys.

    Nova sounds so tacky, and cringeworthy to me. Boy or girl is irrelevant to my disliking of this name.

    Coraline, I believe, should be a guilty pleasure.

    I don't have a clue as to why people like the name Sebastian.

    I really like unusable names for girls. Tulsa, Edna, Ernestine, Prudence. I wouldn't do it, but I love them.

    I love the name Welcome for a boy.

    Chesney I love for a girl.

    That's it, thanks for reading!
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    My brain feels like it should be against the rules to give a child a nickname that isn't a pet form of the beginning of their name. For example, I have a tiny brain explosion when I think about Victoria's being called Tori's. It's not that I don't like the name Tori - I just can't get on board with it as a nickname for Victoria. Same with Betty for Elizabeth.
    What's extra weird is that I seem to be fine with Liz for Elizabeth and Mandy for Amanda - like it's okay to drop the leading vowel for reasons even I dont understand 🤷*♀️
    Thanks for letting me vent here guys!

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    Any names like those in the attached image...

    I also just get disappointed when people don't put much creativity into their combos.

    I don't understand using an honor name when it's ugly or boring. There are other ways to honor someone!
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    Now these are just not my style, and I’d never tell a person that I don’t like their child’s name or anything, because it’s their right to chose.

    I struggle to get behind people (more so the people than the names themselves) who give their children trendy hipster names because they want to fit in. I have no problem with Hunter, Jaden, Braxton, all the girl names ending in Leigh/Lee/Ley but do these people actually think about what they’re naming their children or are they just doing what everybody else is doing?

    Misspelling names to where it just doesn’t make sense - there’s no need for the X and the S in Jaxson!! I love Jackson and I really don’t understand why it’s misspelled so much.

    And I don’t understand why it’s now trendy to hate more classic, timeless names. Think about how baby Nevaeh or baby Pixie or baby Teddy-Bear is going to feel when she’s/he’s thirty years old and trying to make a name out of themselves. Give your child options!!

    Also fed up of people only hating some names because other people don’t like it. Use what you wanna use. Yes if it’s silly, like some names I’ve listed, maybe stay away but if it’s useable and your child won’t hate you when they grow up, use what you want.

    Nickname names like Alfie, Charlie, Archie (obviously love it, but I wouldn’t use it on its own), Albie, Freddie, Vinnie, Maisie, Daisy, Milly, Tilly, Emmy etc that are so so common in the UK, as full names. Yes they’re cute, on a child! Not an adult.

    I personally don’t have a problem with Caden, Braden, Jaden, Hayden if they’re spelt reasonably. And I don’t understand why everybody hates -son names. Maybe it’s because I’m British and they’re not too common here.

    Sorry for the rant! Each to their own, this is just my opinions
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    James! It’s so overused! In the middle name spot and the first name spot.
    all time favourites

    archibald griffin “archie” | frederick rhodes “fred”
    | veronica rose “roni” | camila vivienne “cami” |

    trying out

    archie frederick | landen scott | jackson joseph
    | colton henry “cole” | tommie charles |

    camila jane “cami” | lilian felicity “lili” | thea maisie
    | juniper elizabeth | lyla vivienne | indie raine |
    brayden luke | roman dexter “rex” | griffin andrew
    | boston alexander | kellan joel “kelly” |

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