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    For me it's not a name or group of names, but what I've said when it comes to name changes. For example, someone once said that the courts tend to look down on the idea of c. 18-year-olds changing their name. Stating the facts on how the name change process (in the U.S.) works, I said that the court's job is not to judge the wisdom of one's chosen name but rather to ensure that someone doesn't change their name for illegal or fraudulent purposes (e.g. hiding a criminal history or evading debts). If anything that means that a court would be more (not less) likely to grant a name change to someone who just recently turned 18 than someone older (since it's unlikely that someone who just became an adult would be trying to cover up anything as I mentioned in the last sentence). Changing your name at 18 (or even earlier with parental permission) also means that your birth name is much less likely to pop up in places like credit reports, job references, etc. (which is especially important in cases like transgender-based name changes because of discrimination reasons - therefore whenever someone asks about changing a transgender child's name I say go ahead and do it if the questions on transitioning and name choice have been finalized, and don't make them wait until they're older to make their right-gender name legal if they plan on living as their target gender anyway).

    Having said that, I don't think that anyone should legally change their name on a whim, but I don't like it when people try and stretch the facts behind the legal process to dissuade someone from changing their name.

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    I hate the name Isabella.
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    I hate the names Declan and Poppy, those seem to be everywhere lately. Also I can't stand it when people give girls first and middle names ending in A. Ex. Liana Clara, Liana Claire sounds much better.
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    I have gotten alot of negative feedback on the name Tallulah. Including in real life and that has made me push it to the middle spot.

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    I really dislike a lot of masculine, surname names on girls, yet I like names for boys that have more of a feminine sound or tend to be used more for girls (Morgan, Amory, Cassidy, Dara, Jules, Rory, etc).

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    I think this is just a Nameberry unpopular opinion (because it seems like the rest of the world is fine with it, given its popularity), but I actually don't mind the -aidan trend. I can understand why it would be annoying when you have hundreds of different variants of essentially the same name, but I still like Aidan and wish it wasn't so popular. I also liked Jayden once upon a time, but that was a way long time ago, when I was in middle school. Back when the only person I knew who used the name Jayden was Britney Spears :P
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    I don't mind Aiden because it's a legitimate name with history. Hayden, and even Jayden, aren't super terrible, but I'm not that fond of them either.

    But when you start getting to Brayden, Raiden, Kayden, Zayden, Xaiden, etc it's time to stop. What's next? Kabraizdyn?
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    I actually like: Braeden, Cain, Omega, Friday, Lilith, Bebe
    Cannot stand: Milo, Ezra, Isla, Carmen, Bodhi, Timothy, Dolores, Lulu, Lola, Coco

    A lot of people say Isabella is overused, but a good fraction of the users on this site seem to have Isla in their signatures. Sorry, I just really can't stand the name. It might be due to the popularity, but I don't like the look or sound of it in the first place.

    I dislike Ezra for similar reasons. Also, it feels like the stock shirtless-heartthrob-on-the-cover-of-a-supernatural-romance-novel name.

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    I dislike Keegan and Teagan ,strongly.

    Dislike Declan and Theodore along with Pearl and Florence.

    Gender neutral like Riley and Quinn I like and things change Audrey was once male so things change but now I don't always know the gender by the name.
    Just this last week I had a hunch that some of the celebrities had girls even the names they selected were originally more male.Sure enough I checked and both had girls.So I have some mixed feelings there.

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    @briarblossom I think you got Audrey and Aubrey mixed up, Audrey has never been a male name while Aubrey has been exclusively male until the 1970s.

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