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    Heritage Legacy Dice Game (round 8)

    Five years after round 7...

    Use this dice to complete the game:

    For each previous relationship find out if they're still together. (10 sided die)
    Previously Married: 2 = they're divorced or widowed (roll for new relationship); all other numbers: they're still together
    Previously Engaged: 1, 3, 4, 9, 10 = they're married; 5, 6, 8 = still engaged; 2, 7= they broke up (roll for new relationship)
    Previously Dating: 1, 4, 5, 10= engaged; 2, 6, 7, 8 married; 3, 9= broke up (roll for new relationship)

    Roll 6 sided dice to determine new relationship status of any child over 18. Choose ages of significant others.
    1. married
    2. single
    3. dating
    4. married
    5. engaged
    6. engaged

    Roll 10 sided dice for first names, roll again for middle name/s
    2. Boys:
    4. Choose an author's first or last name:
    5. Boys:
    6. Choose from any "Townie":
    8. Choose from "Top 10 Baby Names"
    10. Choose from Names Searched Right Now

    Last Names
    Roll 6 sided dice for last name.
    1. You choose gender, name set, and country:
    2. Choose from Names Searched Righ Now
    4. Choose a character's last name:
    6. Click "Generate Name"


    Roll 10 sided dice for anyone in a relationship to determine if they have children this round or not. Once a woman reaches age 45, she cannot have more children.

    1. 3
    2. none
    3. 1
    4. 2
    5. 3
    6. none
    7. 2
    8. none
    9. 4
    10. 1

    Roll 6 sided dice to determine ages
    1. 4
    2. 3
    3. 1
    4. 2
    5. infant
    6. 2

    Roll 6 sided dice to determine genders:
    1. boy
    2. boy
    3. girl
    4. girl
    5. boy
    6. girl

    Roll 20 sided dice for first name, then roll again for middle name/s

    4. Choose from #30-50
    6. Choose correct gender, click "Get New Names," start name wheel:
    7. Girls:
    8. Choose from any March baby, not siblings:
    10. Choose correct gender:
    11. Quantity- 9:
    12. Use parents and grandparents as inspiration:
    13. Must start with a vowel:
    14. Correct gender
    16. Maddox, Leith, Kiersten, Lafe, Tate, Tempest, Amelia, Cecily, Connor, Zachaury, Adelle, Ason, Avalon, Fire, Pippa, Wyatt, Lucius, Aiden, Kaysen, Michelle, Vaughn, Blanche, Hadrian, Aster, Rexford, Lisette, Jeanneen, Anneli, Elliott, May, Ophelia, Maverick, Jennette, Dylan
    17. Choose from box in the middle of the page:
    20. Select "First Name and 3 Middle Names", correct gender, Dutch, Russian, Spanish:
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    DH [78] James Adam Sutton
    DW [78] Alice Lily Gonzalez

    DD [50] Amelia Gabrielle Sutton
    DD [46] Charlotte Maries Sutton
    DD [44] Margot Ruby Sutton
    DS [41] Henry Owen Sutton
    DD [40] Mabel Lauren Sutton

    James, Alice, and their children, Amelia, Charlotte, Margot, Henry, and Mabel.


    DW [50] Amelia
    DH [50] George Alexander Taylor

    DS [34] Benjamin Jacó Taylor-Sutton
    DS [23] Henry Dante Taylor-Sutton
    DD [22] Grace Raven Taylor-Sutton
    DD [19] Ellen Florence Taylor-Sutton
    DD [14] Alice Marianna Taylor-Sutton
    DD/DS [9] Mary Paulette Taylor-Sutton/John Hugo Taylor-Sutton
    DD [8] Bonnie Edith Taylor-Sutton
    DS/DD [6] Henry Michael Taylor-Sutton/Jane Bridget Taylor-Sutton
    DD [5] Evelyn Catherine Taylor-Sutton

    Amelia, George, and their children, Ben, Henry, Grace, Ellen, Alice, Mary, John, Bonnie, Henry, Jane, and Evelyn.


    DW [46] Charlotte
    DH [48] Milo William Galilei
    DD [18] Camellia Enid Galilei
    DS [17] Huckleberry Tobias Galilei
    DS [16] Olivier Wyatt Galilei
    DS [15] Adriano Caspar Galilei
    DS [14] Elijah Maverick Galilei
    DD [12] Evelyn Aria Galilei
    DS [11] Nelson Wilder Galilei
    DD [10] Naomi Sonnet Galilei
    DS/DD [2] Henry Curtis Galilei/Grace Antonia Galilei
    DD [nb] Louise Adeline Galilei

    Charlotte, Milo, and their children, Camellia, Huck, Olivier, Adrian, Eli, Evie, Nelson, Naomi, Henry, Grace, and Louise.


    DW [44] Margot
    DXW [50] Lucy Beatrice Mirren
    DD [24] Blair Daisy Mirren-Sutton
    DD [21] Grey Mavis Mirren-Sutton
    DW [45] Willa Renee Pruitt
    DD/DS [17] Kira Jean Pruitt-Sutton/Ezra North Pruitt-Sutton
    DD [13] Jane Emma Pruitt-Sutton

    Margot, Lucy, and their children, Blair and Grey, and Willa, and their children, Kira, Ezra, and Jane.


    DH [41] Henry
    DXF [41] Elizabeth Lea Ashlane
    DW [41] Caitlin Dana O'Sullivan
    DD/DD [17] Emilia Calliope Sutton/Daniela Persephone Sutton
    DD [13] Katherine Astoria Sutton
    DS [11] Maddox Tremont Sutton
    DS/DD [10] Jonah Bronx Sutton/Arianna Bellerose Sutton
    DS/DD [8] Asher Luca Sutton/Penelope Eva Sutton
    DD/DD [3] Beatrix Allison Sutton/Alexis Gaby Sutton
    DS [1] Maxwell Tom Sutton

    Henry, Bess, and Cait, and their children, Emilia, Daniela, Kate, Maddox, Jonah, Aria, Asher, Penny, Beatrix, Alexis, and Max.


    DW [40] Mabel
    DH [40] George Chester Cannon
    DS/DD [24] Benjamin Hart Cannon/Caroline Olive Cannon
    DS [20] Finch Randall Cannon
    DD/DS [19] Poppy Julia Cannon/Basil Tomas Cannon
    DD [17] Saffron Mabel Cannon
    DD [16] Juniper Charlotte Cannon
    DD/DD [13] Rose Jessa Cannon/May Indie Cannon
    DD [11] Lily Stella Cannon
    DD [10] Laurel Elsbeth Cannon
    DD/DS [8] Imogen Abigail Cannon/Marcus Tobiah Cannon
    DS [2] Hugo Sebastian Cannon

    Mabel, George, and their children, Benji, Caroline, Finch, Poppy, Basil, Saffron, Juniper, Rose, May, Lily, Laurel, Imogen, Marc, and Hugo.

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    DH: Flynn Alexander Kiernan (75yo)
    DW: Maisie Rebecca Kiernan (73yo)

    DD: Josephine Alvara Kiernan-Ellington(51yo)
    --Divorced from: Selden Wolfgang Whitfield (54yo)
    -----DS: Ouri Josen Whitfield (33yo)
    --------Divorced From: Ophelia Celine Burr (32yo)
    ------------DD: Ryder Willow Whitfield (14yo)
    ------------DD: Lois Hudson Whitfield (13yo)
    ------------DS: Sherlock Forest Whitfield (11yo)
    ------------DD: Veronica Cherry Whitfield (10yo)
    ---------Dating: Alegra Elizabeth Christopher (26yo)
    ------------DS: Callum Derek Christopher-Whitfield(3yo)
    ------------DD: Aspen Hennie Christopher-Whitfield (3yo)
    ------------DD: Moxie Zendaya Christopher-Whitfield (2yo)
    ------------DD: Britton Wisdom Christopher-Whitfield (2yo)
    -----DD: Lucy Nyx Whitfield (30yo)
    --------Married to: James Caspian Rosedale (40yo)
    ------------DS: Adrian Bronx Rosedale (12yo)
    ------------DD: Ella Delaney Rosedale (11yo)
    ------------DS: Simon Raphael Rosedale (10yo)
    ------------DD: Lucca Kingston Rosedale (10y0)
    ------------DD: Jamcy Kirstin Rosedale (8yo)
    ------------DD: Beighlea Mia Rosedale (6yo)
    ------------DD: Amalia Angelique Rosedale (3yo)
    ------------DS: Kal-El Einstein Rosedale (1yo)
    ------------DD: Apple Joselyn Rosedale (infant)
    --Remarried to: Theodore Clifford Ellington (46yo)
    -----DS: Draco Gilbert Ellington (22yo)
    ---------Engaged to: Tess Valerie Schwiebert (27yo)
    ------------DD: Flossie Claudette Schwiebert-Ellington (2yo)
    ------------DS: Damon Darion Schwiebert-Ellington (2yo)
    ------------DD: Xena Almond Scwiebert-Ellington (infant)
    -----DD: Daisy Ava Ellington (22yo) *currently single*
    -----DS: Benedict Joseph Ellington (21yo)
    ---------Engaged to: Antoinette Amelia Ashford (23yo)
    ------------DD: Katy Roxanne Ashford-Ellington (2yo)
    -----DS: Neil Archer Ellington (19yo)
    ---------Married to: Jojo Barbara Prochak (20yo)
    ------------DS: Stefan Pilot Ellington (4yo)
    ------------DS: Mark Nixon Ellington (2yo)
    -----DS: Eddie Maison Ellington (19yo)
    ---------Engaged to: Cecile Kit Bernardine (18yo)
    ------------DS: Matthius Niklaus Bernardine-Ellington (1yo)
    -----DD: Madeleine Calliope Ellington (16yo)
    -----DS: Martin Fletcher Ellington (16yo)

    DD: Ireland Charlotte Kiernan-Aykroyd (49yo)
    --Widowed From: Albert Raoul Aykroyd *heart-attack at 42*
    -----DD: Greer Maisie Aykroyd (33yo)
    ---------Broke-up with: Kelly Horatio Talboys (38yo)
    ------------DD: Makayla Pocahontas Talboys (14yo)
    ------------DD: Scarlett Clementine Talboys (9yo)
    ---------Re-Married to: Ezra Denim Walker (38yo)
    ------------DS: Archimedes Pendleton Walker (2yo)
    ------------DD: Kaci Taylor Walker (2yo)
    -----DD: Harper Jade Aykroyd (33yo)
    ---------Married to: Rhett Alonzo Rogers (31yo)
    ------------DS: Arrow Marcus Rogers (14yo)
    ------------DD: Tribeca Cora Rogers (14yo)
    ------------DS: Neville Jafar Rogers (13yo)
    ------------DS: Major Crispin Rogers (10yo)
    ------------DS: Beckett Lochlan Rogers (4yo)
    ------------DS: Ronan Maverick Rogers (2yo)
    ------------DD: Egypt Marlowe Rogers (1yo)
    ------------DS: Avery Cashew Rogers (infant)
    -----DD: Michaela Cambry Aykroyd (30yo)
    ---------Broke-Up with: Sawyer Percival Todd (30yo)
    ------------DS: Gaston Wilder Aykroyd-Todd (14yo)
    ------------DD: Sequoia Mary Aykroyd-Todd (14yo)
    ------------DS: Adidas Linebeck Todd (8yo)
    ------------DS: Luke Baxter Todd(8yo)
    ------------DS: Reebok Myer Todd(7yo)
    ---------Re-Married to: Gabriel Leif Clifford (37yo)
    ------------DD: Elena Ingrid Clifford (3yo)
    ------------DS: Hickory Maddox Clifford (infant)
    -----DS: Miles Sterlin Aykroyd (25yo)
    ---------Married to: Lucy Cascade Gintz (23yo)
    -----DD: Felicity Alberta Aykroyd-Crawley (25yo)
    ---------Married to: Houston Bradley Crawley (32yo)
    ------------DD: Lincoln Carissa Crawley (9yo)
    ------------DS: Corey Allen Crawley (8yo)
    ------------DD: Britney Serena Crawley (8yo)
    ------------DS: Zak Chestnut Crawley (3yo)
    ------------DS: Shepherd Vaughn Crawley (2yo)
    ------------DS: Heathcote Welles Crawley (2yo)
    ------------DD: Verity Arwen Crawley (infant)
    -----DD: Mischa Lorraine Aykroyd (22yo)
    ---------Engaged to: Gillian Slate Florentino (32yo)
    ------------DD: Cynthia Madeleine Aykroyd-Florentino (2yo)
    ------------DD: Kiera Calliope Aykroyd-Florentino (2yo)
    ------------DD: Alison Esme Aykroyd-Florentino (infant)
    -----DS: Mykle Brice Aykroyd (20yo)
    ---------Engaged to: Tiffany Villa Wallbrown (22yo)
    ------------DS: Alaric Lucius Wallbrown-Aykroyd (3yo)
    ------------DD: Arabella TuMorrow Wallbrown-Aykroyd (infant)
    -----DS: Israel Louis Aykroyd (19yo) *currently single*
    -----DS: Tobias Caspar Aykroyd (18yo)
    ---------Dating: Monica Townie Nash (27yo)
    ------------DS: Antony Darwin Nash-Aykroyd (infant)
    -----DD: Juliet Delphine Aykroyd (12yo)
    -----DS: Link Demise Aykroyd (8yo)
    -----DS: Hunter Durango Aykroyd (7yo)
    -----DD: Albeland Irelant Aykroyd (7yo)
    --Engaged to: Severus Dylan Klontz (37yo)
    -----DS: Zant Joaquin Klontz (6yo)

    DS: Flynn Dante Kiernan Jr. (32yo) *currently single*
    --Broke-Up with: Melody Hazel Michaelson (34yo)
    -----DS: Aladdin Huckleberry Kiernan (13yo)
    -----DS: Owen Edgar Kiernan (10yo)
    -----DD: Flower Astoria Kiernan (10yo)

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    Last Name: Bonehill

    DH: Jarvis Nolan (80)
    DW: Joanna Vivienne *Jovie* (77)

    53 - Ivy Myrtle
    51 - Kingston Oliver
    45 - Carli Shannon

    Ivy Myrtle Bonehill (53) divorced Blaze Tycho Sanford (54)
    -37 - Jeremiah Russell *Jem* Sanford & Margo Amanda Sanford
    m. Toby Shale Flanagan (55)
    -28 - Baker Sloane *Bay* Flanagan
    -25 - Finnian Micah *Finn* Flanagan
    -24 - Henry Merlin Flanagan & Wellesley James *Welles* Flanagan
    -22 - Elijah Toby *Eli* Flanagan
    -20 - Bowie Caroline Flanagan
    -19 - Milo Riot Flanagan
    -17 - Maya Saffron Flanagan
    -16 - Evander Rocco Flanagan
    -15 - Taelyr Jagger Flanagan

    Kingston Oliver Bonehill (51) divorced Melissa Huntley Yarborough (51)
    -34 - Pike Lister Bonehill
    -31 - Hayes Brannon Bonehill & Calla Sofie *Callie* Bonehill
    -30 - Quest Melton Bonehill
    -29 - Bridge Skyler Bonehill
    -28 - Emerson Jess *Emmie* Bonehill
    -20 - Grey Watson Bonehill
    -16 - Huck Joaquin Bonehill
    engaged to Enyo Ara Quartz (42)
    -3 - Brooks Casey Bonehill & Mac Sergio Bonehill
    -2 - Heath Pilot Bonehill
    -1 - Lillianna Rose *Lilli* Bonehill

    Carli Shannon Bonehill (45) m. Ogden Theodore *Oggy* Treasure (46)
    -29 - Vivienne Sheila Treasure
    -24 - Saydeigh Willow Treasure
    -22 - Wolf Bruno Treasure
    -21 - Delilah Raven *Lilah* Treasure & Corbin Jay Treasure
    -15 - Joanna Violet Treasure
    -14 - Magnus Paul Treasure
    -13 - Christian Maverick Treasure
    -11 - Alice Irene Treasure
    -8 - Jared Talon Treasure & Thor Stephen Treasure
    -7 - Jedidiah Conrad *Jedi* Treasure & Link Donar Treasure

    Jeremiah Russell *Jem* Sanford (37) divorced Jodi Sigrid Arliss (37)
    -19 - Luna Feline Sanford & Sage Pamela Sanford
    -15 - Justice Bellatrix Sanford
    -14 - Charles Nile *Charlie* Sanford
    -13 - Aria Delaney Sanford
    -12 - Drake Nicolo Sanford
    -8 - Maximilian Gene *Max* Sanford
    -7 - Silver Imogen-Rose Sanford & Carson Isla Sanford
    -6 - Dallas Brenda Sanford
    m. Alessia Mariko Bunton (35)
    -1 - Jericho Franklin Sanford
    -infant - Annika Memphis Sanford

    Margo Amanda Sanford (37) m. Breccan Alex Kaufman (36)
    -19 - Sarah Briony Kaufman
    -18 - Nathaniel Caspar Kaufman
    -12 - Colin Hamish Kaufman
    -11 - Celia Chelsea *Cece* Kaufman
    -10 - Christopher Benedict *Topher* Kaufman
    -8 - Brecco Margon Kaufman
    -6 - Evelyn Ashley Kaufman

    Pike Lister Bonehill (34) m. Clark Johnson Santiago (38)
    -12 - Brennan Donald Santiago-Bonehill & Stella Winnie Santiago-Bonehill
    -11 - Rupert Daniel Santiago-Bonehill
    -10 - Gus Victor Santiago-Bonehill
    -8 - Esther Majora Santiago-Bonehill
    -6 - Bonnie Legea Santiago-Bonehill & Felicity Abigail Santiago-Bonehill
    -3 - Hazel Rina Santiago-Bonehill
    -1 - Helena Quinn Santiago-Bonehill
    -infant - Maisie Carya Santiago-Bonehill

    Baker Sloane *Bay* Flanagan (28) m. Fisher Caspian Busch (30)
    -11 - Diana Mary Busch
    -8 - Ford Samuel Busch & Grey Conan Busch
    -7 - Bea Janis Busch
    -6 - Pearl Navi Busch
    -3 - Hugh Maddox Busch
    -2 - Graham Alfred Busch

    Hayes Brannon Bonehill (31) m. Phoebe Clementine Tennant (31)
    -13 - Miles Dennis Bonehill
    -9 - Bridget Desha Bonehill
    -8 - Summer Echo Bonehill
    -7 - Hank Payes Bonehill
    -4 - Judd Gregor Bonehill
    -3 - Elena Madisen Bonehill
    -2 - Aria Dione Bonehill & Alyssa Ruth Bonehill

    Calla Sofie *Callie* Bonehill (31) m. Kai Percival Thurston (32)
    -7 - Iris Verity Thurston
    -5 - Lydia Karen Thurston
    -2 - Rawleigh Marc Thurston & Carsten Jair Thurston
    -1 - Fraser Ernest Thurston & Sabine Alexis Thurston

    Quest Melton Bonehill (30) divorced Esther Hana Rankwell (29)
    -11 - Ida Ruth Bonehill
    m. Keely Rosette Flint (30)

    Bridge Skyler Bonehill (29) m. Tess Noelle Ledbetter (29)
    -13 - Wyatt Barton Bonehill & Grace Fiona Bonehill
    -infant - Rexford Wallis Bonehill

    Emerson Jess *Emmie* Bonehill (28) divorced Hart Gideon Linz (29)
    -12 - Ian Benjamin Bonehill
    -7 - Miranda Eloise Bonehill
    -5 - Lucy Eleanor Bonehill
    engaged to Oliver Marcos Sykes (30)

    Vivienne Sheila Treasure (29) engaged to Amias Wade Arnold (31)
    -7 - Autumn Nerissa Arnold
    -5 - Juno Marian Arnold
    -1 - Shepherd Santiago Arnold

    Finnian Micah *Finn* Flanagan (25) m. Harley Zale Gardner (25)
    -8 - Rosalind Kyra Gardner-Flanagan
    -6 - Isla Jasmin Gardner-Flanagan
    -2 - Leona Oxsana Gardner-Flanagan

    Henry Merlin Flanagan (24) engaged to Ruby Jill Fitzgerald (23)
    -4 - Grant Israel Flanagan
    -infant - Jaycee Isobel Flanagan

    Wellesley James *Welles* Flanagan (24) engaged to Linden Ariana Carmichael (24)
    -8 - Lindy Blue Flanagan & Wylie Jasper Flanagan
    -5 - Avia Ember Flanagan
    -3 - Hickory Ocean Flanagan
    -2 - Toby Michelle Flanagan
    -infant - Sloan Marianna Flanagan

    Saydeigh Willow Treasure (24) engaged to Declan Lyric Ransier (25)
    -3 - Everest Arlan Ransier
    -2 - Chesney Reginal Ransier
    -1 - Shelbi Olympia Ransier
    -infant - Allegra Cecily Ransier

    Elijah Toby *Eli* Flanagan (22) engaged to Max Ann Emery (21)
    -4 - Pippa Stephanie Flanagan & Juliana Olivia Flanagan

    Bowie Caroline Flanagan (20) m. Foster Owen Montgomery (24)

    Milo Riot Flanagan (19) currently single

    Grey Watson Bonehill (20) m. Violet Georgina Kane (23)
    -2 - Nicola Mylie Bonehill
    -infant - Farrah Lisette Bonehill

    Wolf Bruno Treasure (22) dating Ada Edith Newmeyer (22)
    -3 - Cody Melvin Treasure
    -2 - Annie Liv Treasure
    -1 - Melinda Louise Treasure
    -infant - Levi McCoy Treasure

    Delilah Raven *Lilah* Treasure (21) currently single

    Corbin Jay Treasure (21) engaged to Kendra Monica Davenport (21)
    -4 - Callum Shay Treasure & Vera Caitlin Treasure

    Luna Feline Sanford (19) currently single

    Sage Pamela Sanford (19) m. Theodore Galisteo *Theo* Thompkins (24)
    -2 - Penelope Eden *Nellie* Thompkins

    Sarah Briony Kaufman (19) m. Amy Genoveva Parrish (22)
    -1 - Roxanne Lorelei *Roxy* Parrish-Kaufman

    Nathaniel Caspar Kaufman (18) m. Clea Row Voelkel (18)
    -3 - Jonas York Kaufman

    Jarvis & Jovie with Ivy, Kingston, and Carli
    Ivy & ex-Blaze with Jem and Margo
    Ivy & Toby with Bay, Finn, Henry & Welles, Eli, Bowie, Milo, Maya, Evander, and Taelyr
    Kingston & ex-Melissa with Pike, Hayes & Callie, Quest, Bridge, Emmie, Grey, and Huck
    Kingston & Enyo with Brooks & Mac, Heath, and Lillie
    Carli & Oggy with Vivienne, Saydeigh, Wolf, Lilah & Corbin, Joanna, Magnus, Christian, Alice, Jared & Thor, and Jedi & Link
    Jem & Jodi with Luna & Sage, Justice, Charlie, Aria, Drake, Max, Silver & Carson, and Dallas
    Jem & Alessia with Jericho and Annika
    Margo & Breccan with Sarah, Nathaniel, Colin, Cece, Topher, Brecco, and Evelyn
    Bay & Fisher with Diana, Ford & Grey, Bea, Pearl, Hugh, and Graham
    Finn & Harley with Rosalind, Isla, and Leona
    Henry & Ruby with Grant and Jaycee
    Welles & Linden with Lindy & Wylie, Avia, Hickory, Toby, and Sloan
    Eli & Max with Pippa and Juliana
    Bowie & Foster
    Pike & Clark with Brennan & Stella, Rupert, Gus, Esther, Bonnie & Felicity, Hazel, Helena, and Maisie
    Hayes & Phoebe with Miles, Bridget, Summer, Hank, Judd, Elena, and Aria & Alyssa
    Callie & Kai with Iris, Lydia, Rawleigh & Carsten, and Fraser & Sabine
    Quest & ex-Esther with Ida
    Quest & Keely
    Bridge & Tess with Wyatt & Grace and Rexford
    Emmie & ex-Hart with Ian, Miranda, and Lucy
    Emmie & Oliver
    Grey & Violet with Nicola and Farrah
    Vivienne & Amias with Autumn, Juno, and Shepherd
    Saydeigh & Declan with Everest, Chesney, Shelbi, and Allegra
    Wolf & Ada with Cody, Annie, Melinda, and Levi
    Corbin & Kendra with Callum & Vera
    Sage & Theo with Nellie
    Sarah & Amy with Roxy
    Nathaniel & Clea with Jonas
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto Raion, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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    Oct 2014
    LN: Miller

    DexH: Jasper Michael Miller (deceased)
    DW: Xiomara Valentina Garcia (79)

    DS: Dean Henry Miller (52)
    -DW: Avalon Regina Wood (50)
    --DD: Orly Cassandra Miller (33)
    ---DH: Ash Henry Gable (35)
    ----DS: Felix Israel Gable (18)
    ------Dgf: Cecily Florence Brennan (18)
    --------DS/DS: Colin Bennett Gable and Maddox Kurt Gable (1)
    ----DS: Caspar Airan Gable (18)
    ----DD: Sylvie Aurora Gable (16)
    ----DS: Wyatt Hudson Gable (14)
    ----DS: Nathan Joshua Gable (13)
    ----DS: Elyejah Jack "Ely" Gable (8)
    ----DS: Tyler Talon Gable (7)
    ----DD/DD: Imogen Ashly Gable and Matilda Eleanor Gable (5)
    ----DS: Percy Daelan Gable (4)
    ----DD: Emma Katy Gable (3)
    ----DS: Jason Pine Gable (1)
    --DS: Avan Hunter Miller (30)
    ---DW: Juno Bailey Morgan (30)
    ----DS: Axel Evan Miller (14)
    ----DD/DD: Kira Delaney Miller and Louise Charisma Miller (10)
    ----DS: Flynn Aldo Miller (9)
    ----DS/DD/DS: Javan Drew Miller, Avia Marigold Miller and Broderick Rhiyan "Brock" Miller (8)
    ----DS/DS: Austin Brant Miller and Dax Andrew Miller (2)
    ----DD: Odessa Raquel Miller (1)
    ----DS: Luke Destry Miller (infant)
    --DD: Martina Violet Miller (27)
    ---DH: Eli Ronan Gallagher (28)
    ----DD: Miriam Pearl Gallagher (9)
    ----DD/DS/DD: Xenia Ceyaira Gallagher, Gideon Sky Gallagher and Hillary Eliza Gallagher (8)
    ----DS: Brooks Jordan Gallagher (3)
    ----DD: Lucy Margo Gallagher (2)
    ----DS: Liam Orlando Gallagher (1)
    --DD: Scarlett Leona Miller (26)
    ---DH: Justus Beckett Briggs (26)
    --DD: Jasmine Isabelle Miller (26)
    --DD: Eden Valerie Miller (22)
    ----DH: Mark David Taylor (22)
    --DS: Cillian Thatcher Miller (21)
    ---Dbf: Lorenzo Dean Wolf (22)
    ----ADD: Taylor Mikelle Miller-Wolf (3)
    --DD: Saffron Bellatrix Miller (19)
    ---Dbf: Isaiah Henry Teagan (19)
    ----DD/DD: Hannah Ashton Teagan and Kamille Maxine Teagan (2)
    --DD: Teresa Jade "Tessa" Miller (17)
    --DD: Briony Alexandra Miller (15)
    --DD: Ariel Sophia Miller (13)

    DD: Dalia Emily Miller (51)
    -DH: Duncan Park Tuner (52)
    --DD: Galya Raven Turner (21)
    ---Dfiancee: Juliette Mae Montgomery (21)
    ----ADD:Isobel Miranda Turner-Montgomery (4)
    ----ADD: Sophie Katherine Turner-Montgomery (2)
    ----ADS: Aiden Findlay Turner-Montgomery (infant)
    --DD: Zoey Martha Turner (20)
    ---Dfiance: Nicholas Daniel Brinley (23)
    ----DD: Niamh Brooklyn Brinley (4)
    ----DS: Judd Rodya Brinley (3)
    ----DS: Fred Arlan Brinley (2)
    --DS: Simon Trust Turner (12)

    DS: Dillon Sage Miller (51)
    -DW: Eloise Matilda York (51)
    --DD: Sophia Joelle Miller (25)
    ---DW: Livia Raelyn Porter (25)
    ----ADD: Svia Desdemona Miller-Porter (8)
    ----ADD: Fayth Cornelia Miller-Porter (3)
    ----ADD: Alexa Rayann Miller-Porter (1)
    ----ADS/ADS: Leo Bradley Miller-Porter and Charles Brogan "Charlie" Miller-Porter (infant)
    --DS: Ryan Louis Miller (22)
    ----DW: Emily Georgina Jackson (23)
    --DD: Rosalina Kay "Lina" Miller (22)
    ---Dfiance: Orion Harold Hersch (23)
    ----DS: Darby Kasper Hersch (4)
    ----DD: Daina Hazelnut Hersch (1)
    ----DD: Devon Lily Hersch (infant)
    --DD: Liberty Snow "Libby" Miller (17)

    DD: Daisy Eden Miller (46)
    -exDbf: Finn Dennis Garner (46)
    --DD: Sable Kaeya Garner (23)
    ---Dbf: Arthur Silas Wilton (24)
    ----DD: Clara Arable Wilton (5)
    --DD: Genevieve Mare Garner (22)
    -DH: Clark Alexander Espinoza (48)
    --DS: Owen Vittorio Espinoza (18)
    ---Dbf: Brenner Laurent Smith (18)
    --DS: Bellamy Lawson Espinoza (18)
    ----Dgf: Amelia Genevieve Robe (17)
    ----DS: Tate Nikifor Espinoza (2)
    ----DD/DD/DD: Addison Xiomara Espinoza, Taylor Madyson Espinoza and Selena Morgan Espinoza (1)
    --DD: Tulip Kaia Espinoza (18)
    ---Dbf: Diego Justin Rutherford (19)
    ----DD: Anya Juliet Rutherford (2)
    --DS: Sage Tobias Espinoza (16)
    --DS: Ziggy Archer Espinoza (14)
    --DS: Crispin Berry Espinoza (12)
    --DS: Leon Victor Espinoza (10)
    --DD: Maple Autumn Espinoza (8)

    DD: Dakota Meghan Miller (45)
    -DH: Gavin Toby Brauer (48)
    --DS: Sean Brendan Brauer (25)
    ----Dfiancee: Ellen Kaira Silver (25)
    --DD: Bella Taryn Brauer (23)
    ---DH: Finley Llewelyn Gardner (25)
    ----DS: Benley Leon "Ben" Gardner (6)
    ----DS: Eric Scott Gardner (5)
    ----DD: Michelle Page Garder (2)
    --DD: Abbey Delilah Brauer (19)
    ----Dfiance: James Gregory Florentino (20)
    --DS: Andrew Milo Brauer (17)
    --DD: Aria Suri Brauer (13)
    --DS: Phillip Cai Brauer (12)
    --DD: Meadow Phaedra Brauer (10)
    --DS/DD: Coleman Navi "Cole" Brauer and Tamsin Davin Brauer (8)
    --DD: Bridget Eva-Louise Brauer (7)

    DH: Gabriel Oliver Bruneau (80)
    Aimee Keren . 18

    Hannah Pearl - Saskia Jade - Isabelle Shira - Elodie Noa - Josephine Talia

    Gabriel Alan - Isaiah Ronan - Asher Brennan - Gideon Erez - Yaron Kai

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