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    Melbourne, Australia
    Lee Sorrel was born to me in February. His big brother Gabriel Jody is 8 years old.

    We wavered on Lee's name for a long time, to the point of being worried we would have him before agreeing on a name. Jesse was up there but even after less than two weeks I can't imagine him as a Jesse instead of a Lee. I like a lot of real-life Lees (Bruce Lee! Lee Hazelwood, Lee Krasner...), but more importantly it's the name of a river I swam in as a child. We like how simple the name is, its sound, and that it's easily unisex.

    I'm not going to have any other kids so am a little sad to say goodbye to all the name possibilities, as a name nerd since childhood. Top of my girls list was Phoebe (Phoebe Max) and I like Hazel, Dylan and Greer.
    name obsessed since childhood
    mother to: Gabriel Jody & Lee Sorrel

    favs: (f) Phoebe | Rafa | Dylan | Claude | Sandy | Max | Jorie | Tessa | Imogen | Electra | Bridget | Hollis | Hazel | Greer
    (m) Gabriel | Jody | Lee | Sorrel | Rafi | Loren | Lindsay | Jesse | Calvin | Hollis | Phoenix | Adam | Greer

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    Welcomed surprise baby boy, Walker Everett Williams on 2.27.18! Everett is a great grandfathers name, while my husband loved Walker with Williams. Brother to Effie Mae (2) and Conner James (9).

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    Welcomed Georgia Geraldine last week of March

    Despite being convinced my entire pregnancy that I was having a boy, I gave birth to another little girl! Georgia Geraldine joins big brother Simon Kelly and big sister Henrietta (Hattie) Jane. Georgia's named in honor of her great-grandfather George and great-great-grandmother Geraldine-- a strong-willed Irishwoman born in 1880 who lived to be 101 and to hold her first great-grandchild (me) in the last year of her life.

    Her name took months of discussion to determine and we weren't sure which direction to go in, should we have another girl, until a month before her birth. Georgia was my husband's favorite from the get-go, but I toyed with tons of other names. I was determined to have the middle be Geraldine. Once I realized that I loved the way the two names sounded together, we were set.

    We love how sweet and spunky and old-fashioned Georgia is, just like Hattie. We also love how traditional and elegant it is, like Simon and Henrietta. I'm happy Georgia has prominent women role models with her name, just like Hattie does. We expect future friends and loved ones may call her GG or Gigi based on her initials, but we are sticking with just plan Georgia, which suits her fine.
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    We recently welcomed our sweet boy Leo Minzi. For his first name, we were looking for something short, strong, and rich with history. Leo fit those requirements perfectly for us. Minzi honors Leo's Chinese heritage.

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    Jacinda Marguerite - born 6/7/2018!

    Our sweet baby girl, Jacinda Marguerite arrived June 7th. Her four year old brother, Nolan Evander was excited to meet her and is already in love and acting as her protector!

    I think Jacinda sounds delicate yet strong, also unique but not too out there. It's not so different from other nda names (Lucinda, Belinda, Melinda) but it has a fresher feel, in my opinion. Jacinda is a name that struck me as beautiful when I first heard it years ago and I was reminded of it while in my second trimester. It means Hyacinth flower and I had been seeing them growing wildly throughout this pregnancy.

    It was also Nolan's favorite of all our name choices, and then my husband had the final say in choosing - since I named Nolan (after New Orleans, our favorite city).

    Marguerite is a family name and also my middle name.

    (Thanks for reading my long winded naming explanation!)

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