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    Red face Better late than never

    Totally late to report this, but we welcomed our beautiful baby girl Amy Kaia on 13/05/2016. Although we didn't know what we were having, she really was a surprise as we were convinced it was a boy. And to top it off, Amy wasn't even on our list of top 3 girl names. Sometimes I guess what they say is true, the name will come when you see your baby 😉
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    Our December baby is finally here! We named her Ember Venezia Paulette. Born last wednesday, December 14, 2016. We chose Ember because of her zodiac sign Sagittarius, Venezia inspired by the saint of that day, St. Venantius and Paulette because her father's name is Paul, and she looks like a little Paul. 😊
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    Elsa Luna was born on Christmas Eve 12/24/2016! She was a week early!
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    Elsa Luna - Born 12/24/16

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    I'm really late, but we named our son Maclean Emmett Scott, born 6/12/16. Nameberry gave us so many ideas, but we ultimately used Maclean as a nod to our outdoor-loving families (Norman Maclean, author of "A River Runs Through it and Other Stories", was our inspiration). We often shorten it to Mac!

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    We named our baby boy Caleb Levi, born February 21st, 2017. We left the gender a surprise, and had narrowed it down to two boy names before he was born: Caleb Aaron and Levi Aaron. But after he was born and we found out he was a boy, I realized that Aaron didn't feel right, while both Caleb and Levi did. I've especially liked the way Caleb matches with Joshua (my firstborn is named Joshua Ammon), as they both appear in the same Bible story as the only two spies who bring Moses a true report of the land of Canaan. So I abandoned my plan and went with my gut, and he was named Caleb Levi. No regrets!
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