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    Nov 2015

    Our baby girl

    This is a delayed birth announcement, after spending time every single day on nameberry dreaming of names, we welcomed our dear Saskia Seren into the world on January 2, 2016.

    Saskia was a name we heard in a song before we were married and always loved. We knew we wanted a name with a star meaning and Seren fit the bill perfectly with a nod to my mother Karen and my maiden name intial S.

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    New Zealand
    We welcomed our Team Green baby on June 3rd 2016. It's a girl! Emilia Caroline Lyra joins her older siblings Alexander 'Xander' William Locke and Lily Seraphina Primrose.
    Alexander William Locke & Lily Seraphina Primrose
    & Emilia Caroline Lyra

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    Aug 2016

    Our Baby girl #4

    Our little Marlena Elizabeth arrived to join big sisters Kinga Maria, Ingrid Faustina, and Ivette Katherine. She was 7 pounds 5 ounces and 21.5 inches. She was supposed to be born at home, but she was breech, so she was safely delivered in hospital, but still completely naturally. We are grateful for our two wonderful midwives, and the doctor who assisted us. Marley is named in honor of her grandmother Margot, and her great-grandmother Helena.

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    After years of trying, on September 20th 2016 we welcomed our first child, a son, Radley Clay. Radley in honor of Randall, the middle name of both my brother and late uncle and Rodney, my husband's late father. Clay for my husband's late uncle's middle name.

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    Red face twin joy!!

    On the 24th of August 2016 at 5:30pm, my Husband Beau and I welcomed our two baby girls;

    Isobel Lilah Glynn (Glynn is my mothers maiden name and all our children have it in their names)


    Hunter Belle Glynn <3

    These two beauties join big brother ' Innes Glynn and Half Sister Hollie - Rose

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