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    Connor William

    We welcomed Connor William on October 14th! He weighed in at 6 lbs 3 oz, and is just such a little love! We picked Connor as a nod to my grandmother, whose maiden name was Connors, and William is my husband’s name as well as his dad and grandfather.

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    💙 Stillborn, Still Counts 💙

    Our 4th child was stillborn at almost 30 weeks on December 8th. We chose his name a couple of months before his birth, and we feel it’s a beautiful tribute name for our Angel Baby. His name is LeKhaiem Edmund. LeKhaiem (Leh-Kai-em) is Hebrew, meaning “To Life”. Edmund is daddy’s middle name and great grandpas name too.
    Big siblings are AnnaLaei (Anna-Lay) Maurine, Caideryn (Kade-ryn) Christopher, and Zola Gwenayra (Gwen-are-uh. AKA ZolaGwen)

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    @sarabee1212 I'm so sorry for your loss. What a strong and meaningful name you chose, thank you for sharing it.
    ♀ J. M. (2015)
    ♂ K. V. (2017)
    ♀ A. H. (2019)

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    4 Years, 99 shots and 750 pills later!

    Welcomed Helen Frances this year! Given the first names of both my grandmothers, she will be our only girl. I'm grateful for her, glad her name hadn't become popular before we could use it, saddened that I've had to toss my long list of girls names, and am now realizing I'm going to need a long list of boy names.

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    Our daughter was born on December 20. Her name is Annie Marion.

    Annie has been my favorite name since childhood. My husband fell in love with it when we were dating. We've always known it would be the name of our first daughter. For us, it has such a sweet sound and lovely associations. The meaning (grace/gracious/God's grace) is particularly important to us, given that we have endured many losses, and God graciously chose to send her to us.

    Marion was chosen to honor my paternal grandmother, who was the picture of "grace". She taught me so much about how to love others, and so Annie shares her middle name. There are a few different meanings found for Marion, but our favorites are "beloved child" or "wished-for child". Very relevant to our experience with Annie.
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