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    My daughter arrived!

    We've named her Dorothy Britt (Britt after my twin sister Brittany and Dorothy after my husband's great-aunt- a wonderful woman who was never able to have children of her own. Plus we love the meaning!). We'll call her Dottie.

    Our daughter Elizabeth Sharon (who we call exclusively Betsy) is her big sister.

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    Mar 2018

    Baby Boy 💙

    We welcomed Patrick Lazarus, brother to Peter Athanasius, on September 6th!
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    In early August we welcomed Cosima Renee, sister to Elodie Martha.
    Both girls have first names that are unique (both my husband and I have top 5 names from the 80’s), feminine and melodic and middle names that are family namesakes.

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    14!!! I know this was a while ago but congratulations! I can barely manage three sisters and they’re not even my kids! Lol
    Constance ~ Primrose ~ Lilias ~ Emmeline
    ‘Connie’. ‘Prim’ ‘Lee’. ‘Emmie’

    My favourites

    Girls: Verity Caroline ‘Liney’ ~ October Margaret ‘Toby’

    Boys: Arthur Leonard ‘Artie’ ~ Thomas Mark ‘Tommy’

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    I’ve just had boy#2 Denholm Warwick- named after his great-grandfather. Big brother Keaton Grey loves his ‘Baby Denny’.
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