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    What would you name a sibling to...?

    Leave a name for the next poster to come up with a sibling for. Be sure to mention if you want a boy name or a girl name or either!

    What would you name a brother to Louisa Beatrix?
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    Beatrix Plum ۰ Edith Moon ۰ Louise Fable ۰ Maeve Honeysuckle ۰ Sybil Ivy
    Arthur Fox ۰ Charles Peregrine ۰ Frederick Atlas ۰ Henry Prosper ۰ Silas Rowan

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    (What a great idea!)

    Louisa Beatrix and Henry Jaspar

    What about a sister for Jessamine Blair?
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    Helena Roxanne

    A sister for Laurence Victor.

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    What could be a good little brother name?

    What is a good little brother name for: Henry Duke?

    Answer for previous question: A brother for Louisa Beatrix could be William Lucas.

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    Lightbulb Lottie&charlie ?

    If I had a girl and boy would be Charlotte legally on papers but her nickname would be Lottie and if turned 18 and just wanted to go by Charlotte.

    I would name the boy Charlie obviously I know that the names are the same but I can't decided between them and I hate the girl nn Charlie

    Plus she would be called Lottie her whole life so Lottie& Charlie

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    I need help!

    I am pregnant with our fourth child and we just found out it's a boy! I have two boys already - Wade and Calvin - and a girl named Wren. My husband and I thought we had a name picked out - Dexter, but I'm now feeling like it doesn't jive with my other three. It's too harsh almost next to the "d" and "n" sounds. Obviously, we've gone for simple but strong names for the boys. Nothing too fancy. Any ideas?

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    What would you name a sister of Kiran Matthew?

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