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    We are currently expecting our first, a baby girl due Jan 1! I am one and done. I don't want want to be pregnant again. Don't know how women do this multiple times, but it is no cake walk. My husband thinks 2 would be nice, but wants to see how this one goes first, lol.

    The other issue is we only have a 2 bedroom house, so if he wants more kids, we'd have to upgrade to at least a 3 bedroom. For now, we'll start with 1 and see how that goes.
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    My hubby any I currently have 7 and are expecting again. We have decided that we are done after this.
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    We have four children. Son, daughter, a break and now 1 year old twins.
    I too am over 30 now and think 4 is plenty. First only two children seemed right but as they grew I found myself thinking babies. We thought we had survived pretty well. Ned and Miri are good kids and get on so well. So we decided we would try again. I have been blessed with minimal nausea but otherwise bloom.
    I think that ideal -one pregnancy -two babies and again a boy and girl. So I am truly blessed and grateful for what we have and pray for continued health for our wonderful gifts.
    Still slightly envious of those who manage more.
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    we have 1 little angel - Priscilla! She is one year and half old! And I feel like our small family is complete, I feel like this is the ideal size of my perfect family. To be honest if I was completely normal physical appearance wise I would go for 2 or 3 kids, but looking at my situation I know that we do not want to continue with surrogacy any more, not that we did not like it but it was a very stressful period of our life and I doubt that it is rational to spend another 30k on surrogacy program when we still have our all little baby growing, and Priscilla needs to be treated well so we are keeping all pf the money for her. and plus travelling abroad with a small child, i know that our clinic would give us a bigger apartment and even a baby sitter, especially because we are their clients, but it is not worth it, I am completely satisfied with what I have.

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    I have one son, Finnegan and we're expecting our second Aug. 3rd either Sullivan or Rosemary. Ideally we'd like four-six or more children, I come from a big Irish Catholic family but I'm 27 (it took a while to conceive with my elder son) so we'll see how many more we have. We started trying for #2 when my son was 8 months, we conceived this one when he was 11 months, so ideally we'll probably start TTC when #2 is 8 months.
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