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    English and European Aristocratic and Royal Names

    I started collecting some of these names (first and middles) for mostly English but some others from about the last 200 years. There are lots of Alexander, Charles, Frederick, George, and James for understandable reasons. Do you have any favorites or see any under-used classics or names due for a comeback here? I'll post a corresponding note in the baby girl name forum too.

    Adam Julian Robert
    Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre
    Albert Frederick Arthur George
    Albert John Charles Frederick Alfred George
    Albert Louis Philip Edward
    Albrecht Wolfgang Christoph
    Alfonso Pío Cristino Eduardo Francisco Guillermo Carlos Enrique Eugenio Fernando Antonio Venancio
    Alfred Ernest Albert
    Alexander Arthur Alfonso David Maule
    Alexander Daniel Alan
    Alexander David
    Alexander Edward Christian Frederik
    Alexander Evelyn Michael
    Alexander Horace Cyril
    Alexander Patrick Gregers Richard
    Alexander Victor Edward
    Alexander William Malise
    Alexandre Andrea Stefano
    Alfred James Charles
    Algernon Bertram
    Algernon Francis Edward
    Alistair Charles St Clair
    Almeric Athelstan
    Alonso María Cristino Justo
    Álvaro Antonio Fernando Carlos Felipe
    Amedeo Marie Joseph Carl Pierre Philippe Paola Marcus d'Aviano
    Amory John
    Andrea Albert Pierre
    Andreas Michael Friedrich Hans Armin Siegfried Hubertus
    Andrew Albert Christian Edward
    Andrew Robert Buxton
    Archibald Philip
    Arthur Charles Valerian
    Arthur Elwen
    Arthur Evelyn St. John
    Arthur Frederick Patrick Albert
    Arthur Nicholas Winston
    Alexander Philip
    Arthur Richard
    Arthur Robert Nathaniel
    Ashley George John
    Ashley Louis David
    Ashton Robert Gerard
    Ataúlfo Alejandro Isabelo Carlos
    Auberon Alexander
    Augustus Robert
    Aymeric Auguste Marie
    Basil Sheridan
    Bertram Thomas Carlyle
    Carl Otto Edmund
    Carl Philip Edmund Bertil
    Carl-Theodor Georg Philipp Maria
    Caspar Sasha Ivor
    Cassius Edward
    Charles Alfred Euston
    Charles Algernon Cromartie
    Charles Arthur Francis
    Charles Bathurst Hele
    Charles David Peter
    Charles Edward Maurice
    Charles Fox
    Charles Frederick Ashley
    Charles Frederick Aubrey
    Charles George Francis Mercer Nairne
    Charles Hugh Valentine
    Charles Patrick Inigo
    Charles Philip Arthur George
    Charles Robert George
    Charles Thomas George
    Christian Valdemar Henri John
    Christian Victor Albert Louis Ernst Anton
    Clarence Napie
    Claus-Casimir Bernhard Marius Max
    Clement Napier Bertram
    Columbus George Donald
    Conrad Lorenzo
    Constantine Edmund Walter
    Coulson Churchill
    David Albert Charles
    David Bertram Ogilvy
    David Maurice Benjamin
    Denis Bertram
    Dennis Frederic Bankes
    Desmond Rupert
    Domino Carmen
    Edgar Algernon Robert
    Edmond Charles
    Edward Adolphus Ferdinand
    Edward Algernon
    Edward Antony Richard Louis
    Edward Arthur Gerald
    Edward Edmund Maximilian George
    Edward George Nicholas Paul Patrick
    Edward Percy
    Edward Richard Assheton Penn
    Edward William Spencer
    Emmanuel Léopold Guillaume François Marie
    Eustace Brownlow Henry
    Evelyn Francis Edward
    Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso
    Felix Austen
    Felix Henrik Valdemar Christian
    Ferdinand Charles
    Ferdinand Gabriel Kraft
    Francis Charles Edward
    Francis William
    Frederick Alexander Henry
    Frederick Charles
    Frederick John Winston
    Frederick Michael George David Louis
    Frederick Nicholas
    Frederik André Henrik Christian
    Frederik Hubertus Ferdinand Maria
    Friedrich Josias
    Gabriel Baudouin Charles Marie
    Gavin William Esmond
    Georg Andreas Heinrich
    George Alexander Louis
    George Augustus Frederick
    George Cospatrick
    George Edmund
    George Edward Alexander Edmund
    George Francis John
    George Frederick Ernest Albert
    George Henry Hubert
    George Philip Nicholas
    George Victor Robert John
    Gerald Bernard
    Gerald Oakley
    Gilbert George Reginald
    Gonzalo Manuel Maria Bernardo Narciso Alfonso Mauricio
    Gustaf Adolf Oscar Fredrik Arthur Edmund
    Gustav Philipp Friedrich Alexander
    Guy Lawrence
    Guy Percy Wyndham
    Hastings William Sackville
    Henrik Carl Joachim Alain
    Henry Charles Albert David
    Henry Granville
    Henry Lyndhurst
    Henry Oliver Charles
    Henry Robert Somers Fitzroy
    Henry Robin Charles
    Henry Valerian George
    Henry William Frederick Albert
    Herbrand Edward Dundonald Brassey
    Hubertus Michael
    Hugh Denis Charles
    Hugh Gilbert Francis
    Hugh Rosslyn Inigo
    Hugh Rupert
    Hugo Francis
    Ian St John Lawson
    Ivan Reginald Ian
    Ivor Bertie
    Jacobi Richard Penn
    Jacques Honoré Rainier
    Jaime Leopoldo Isabelino Enrique Alejandro Alberto Alfonso Víctor Acacio Pedro Pablo María
    James Alexander Philip Theo
    James Anthony
    James Emilius William Evelyn
    James Malcolm Aubrey Edward
    James Oliver Charles
    James Robert Bruce
    Jeremy Bernard
    Joachim Holger Waldemar Christian
    Joachim Karl-Maria Nikolaus Isabelle Marcus d'Aviano
    Johann Leopold William Albert Ferdinand Victor
    John Henry Montagu
    John Michael Edward
    John Power Bertram Ogilvy
    John Samuel Constantine
    John William Edward
    Joseph Philip Sebastian
    Joshua Edward Andrew
    Juan Carlos Alfonso Víctor María
    Juan Carlos Teresa Silverio Alfonso
    Leo Cyrus Anthony
    Leopold Arthur Louis
    Leopold Charles Edward George Albert
    Leopold Ernest Augustus Guelph
    Leopold George Duncan Albert
    Leopold Guy Francis Maynard
    Lionel Edward
    Louis Arthur Nicholas Felix
    Louis Honoré Charles Antoine
    Louis Frederick John
    Louis Robert Paul
    Malcolm Henry
    Martin Dearman
    Matthew Peter Demarest
    Maurice Victor Donald
    Max Leopold Ernst Kraft Peter
    Michael George Charles Franklin
    Michael-John Ulick
    Michael Septimus
    Morys George Lyndhurst
    Napoléon Eugène Louis Jean Joseph
    Nathaniel Thomas Biafra
    Neil Archibald
    Nicolas Casimir Marie
    Nicholas Charles Edward Jonathan
    Nicholas Louis Charles Norton
    Nicholas Timothy Charles
    Nicolas Johann Georg Maria
    Nicolas Paul Gustaf Bernadotte
    Nicholas Peter Geoffrey
    Nikolai William Alexander Frederik
    Norton Louis Philip
    Olivier Charles Humbert Marie
    Owen Gerard Cecil
    Percy Hamilton
    Peregrine Andrew Morny
    Peter Albert Friedrich Josias
    Peter Algernon
    Peter Mark Andrew
    Philip Wyndham Ashley
    Pierre Rainier Stefano
    Quentin Claudian Stephen
    Rafe Michael Waldorf
    Rainier Louis Henri Maxence Bertrand
    Randolph Frederick Edward
    Randolph Henry
    Reginald Ailwyn
    Richard Alexander Walter George
    Richard David Langhorne
    Richard George Penn
    Richard Orlando Beaconsfield
    Richard Walter John Montagu Douglas
    Richard Valentine
    Robert Arthur Talbot
    Robert Michael James
    Robin Alexander Bryan
    Roger David
    Rupert Alexander George
    Rupert Bertram
    Rupert Charles William Bullard
    Rupert Christopher
    Rupprecht Sigismund Philipp Ernst
    Samuel David Benedict
    Sheridan Frederick
    Sheridan William
    Simon Rupert
    Sverre Magnus
    Tancrède Florestan Roger Louis Grimaldi
    Thomas Edward Penn
    Thomas Henry Winston
    Thomas Ossian Patrick Wolfe
    Thomas Robert Langhorne
    Thomas Seymour
    Timothy Nicholas Sean
    Tobias David
    Valentine William
    Victor Alexander
    Victor Austin
    Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander
    Walter Francis John
    Webb Edward Percy
    William Alexander Anthony Archibald
    William Arthur Philip Louis
    William Henry Andrew Frederick
    William Henry Walter
    Winston Leonard
    Xan Richard Anders
    Yvo Alan

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    great thread, thank you!
    Vote on my name lists: (boys) and (girls).

    Girls' Top Fifteen: Ceridwen, Cliodhna, Coppelia, Glasgow, Ondine, Severine, Lumina, Isolda, Iphigenia, Cameo, Phaedra, Margaret, Elestren, Meliora, Fionnuala

    Boys' Top Ten: Phoenix, Lysander, Wilder, Gilbert, Tarquin, Melchior, Harry, Pryor, Taliesin, Carwyn, Lyall, Hesper, Phosphorus, James, Jem

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    Nice list

    I really like Algernon Francis Edward - Algernon is a bit of a guilty pleasure name for me and I'm not sure I can see it coming back, but I think this is a great combo
    Percy Hamilton and Peregrine Andrew Morny are really cool too
    Sarai Matilda|Romilly Charlotte|Ginevra Snow|Ilaria Winter|
    Tristan Wilder|Everett Orion|Ezra Apollo|Otto Elias

    Names inspired by my bookshelf: first year reads
    Jack Endymion|Pamela Juliet|Astrid Lowenna|Crusoe Bennett|Susan Arabella
    Ezinma Ileara|Miles Colton|Hasina Amal|Miranda Evelyn|Thornton Louis|Ellena Jasmine

    More names!

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    Nice list. I have a small crush on the name Eustace.
    Mom to:

    Margaret Ruth (born October 2012)
    Anne Marcella (born December 2014)
    Peter Bartholomew (born June 2017)
    Edmund Ambrose (born January 2019)

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