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    May 2015
    I'm hoping for 3... probably just cause I'm one of 3 so it seems right?! But hoping to wait at least 3 years before trying for a second. Three does NOT cover all the names I so badly want... but having been through the newborn phase once, using names is not a good reason to have children lol. Plus the one we ended up using was never on any of my lists even though I've been name-nerding since age 10-ish. So real babies change things I guess?
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    We have two, I think after our third we will stop. MAYBE four, but most likely three. Three has always sounded perfect for us.
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    I come from your average two-child family. Growing up with my brother was wonderful, but I always longed for younger siblings to play with, and more people to add love & laughter & joy to our family.

    I would say my maximum would be eight children. I definitely want no less than six, so I’ll probably have six or seven (God-willing).

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    When you’ve been TTC for 5 years... 1 would be amazing ❤️❤️❤️

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    I'm still a teen, so not TTC for a veryyy long time... But I think I'd like 2 to 4. No more than 4, no less than 2, however, even just 1 would be a little miracle, and I'd be over the moon.
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