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    Nov 2017
    With 2 angels and my mental health deteriorating after my last loss. I feel like my number and wants of 7 went to 3-4 and realistically 3-4 would only be possible if I don't want to be pregnant passed 40. But alas nothing goes to plan so will be happy with 1 as well.

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    I'd like two of my own. My SO has two older kids already and our first is due next month. The two older boys are 5 and 4 and not with us very often. So I'm worried about mine being lonely and possibly feeling left out since the older kids are really close and there is a bit of an age gap. I'd also like a girl and boy just to get to experience both, but if I had another boy I wouldn't be upset... except having to name him would be horrible. We just barely agreed on a name this time. Regardless I plan on getting an IUD and not worrying about more children for a couple of years. I'm a new mom too so my mind might change once I've actually experienced having a baby.
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    I am totally happy with one! Our sm has just had her us picture taken and it showed us that she is pregnant with one sticky bean!
    and it is more than enough for us!
    We are really happy to know that our future kid is almost there. and we will be making sure that she lives her best life with us!

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    I would be happy with one, two at the most. Preferably a little boy, but I’d be just as happy with a little girl.
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    Quote Originally Posted by otri View Post
    For me it's a one and then we'll see how that goes sort of thing. When I was younger I thought two was ideal, but now that my niece is a threenager I've considered none.
    1 then we'll see is a wise approach!
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    I'm hoping for 3... probably just cause I'm one of 3 so it seems right?! But hoping to wait at least 3 years before trying for a second. Three does NOT cover all the names I so badly want... but having been through the newborn phase once, using names is not a good reason to have children lol. Plus the one we ended up using was never on any of my lists even though I've been name-nerding since age 10-ish. So real babies change things I guess?
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    We have two, I think after our third we will stop. MAYBE four, but most likely three. Three has always sounded perfect for us.
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    I come from your average two-child family. Growing up with my brother was wonderful, but I always longed for younger siblings to play with, and more people to add love & laughter & joy to our family.

    I would say my maximum would be eight children. I definitely want no less than six, so I’ll probably have six or seven (God-willing).

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    When you’ve been TTC for 5 years... 1 would be amazing ❤️❤️❤️

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    I'm still a teen, so not TTC for a veryyy long time... But I think I'd like 2 to 4. No more than 4, no less than 2, however, even just 1 would be a little miracle, and I'd be over the moon.
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