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    I'm just not sure. I feel like finances prevents me from seeing what I really want because all I see is daycare and college tuition. We live in an expensive city. We also don't have any family near us to help. One child seems to be what we can afford and handle without support.

    There's part of me that wants another, if our situation were better suited to it. Bea loves other kids so I'm sure she'd love a sibling!

    Maybe I'll eat my words one day but I really only want girls, which kind of prevents me from wanting another. I love my girl!
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    I think about this probably too much, considering that so many women end up having a smaller or larger number of kids than they ever intended. Most days I just want one child. One that I can give all of my energy and focus and resources to, and only have to deal with pregnancy and labour once. However I grew up with 3 siblings and I loved having a sister 13 months younger than me. It absolutely made my childhood happier and more fun, so it is hard to say I would ‘t want to give that opportunity to my own. Nowadays my sisters and I don’t really get along, so you have to take into account that not every sibling you bring into the world is going to be a “friend for life”. I think the same for people who say they need kids to take care of them when they’re older. NO guarantee they will do that!
    I think about finances and climate change too, but I don’t factor in college tuition as much as others do. I don’t think you HAVE to pay for college for your kid. I pay off community school classes as I go, and I don’t hold that against my parents.
    Lastly, I REALLY want to adopt, but I also want to experience pregnancy at least once, but I don’t want many children so... have one biological and one adopted? Good thing we’re not planning to have kids just yet. I figure that life will decide for us. We make plans and God laughs!
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    I'm the oldest of six and it's an awesome blessing!
    mightier than the waves in the ocean is His love for you. psalm 93:4.

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    I wanted 3 kids my whole life but here we are with 5 kids soon because of our amazing surprise triplets.
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    Hm... maybe 7?

    I know that seems crazy to some but that's just me.

    I wouldn't mind more tho, and I think it would be so cool to adopt.

    I know a big family can seem hard but I know God will provide any needs we have (that doesn't not mean be lazy and expect food to just show up on your table lol).

    I grew up with a bunch of big families some with as many as 14 kids and they were such a joy to be with.
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    I think the planner in me is going to just have to accept that this is something I can't completely control or anticipate! My partner and I are both from extended families where 3 children is about as small as you get, so we are both attracted to somewhat larger families. I am one of 3 and he is one of 5, and I don't see us stopping at 2. From a familial, emotional perspective I think I would like 4. Enough kids to have a lot of opportunities for connection, but not so many that they get lost. And I figure once you pass 3 it is just all par for the course. In fact, I think I would be a better mother to a larger number and would feel less pressure to do everything perfectly.

    All that being said, there are also financial and biological considerations. My SO says "we will have as many kids as the market can support", which sounds silly but is probably reasonable. We are frugal people and my child-raising philosophy is pretty low-key, but day care costs are crippling no matter what. A way to offset that burden slightly would be larger spacing between kids, but we won't begin until I am in my late-ish 20s, and I want to be done by 35 which makes this turn into a math problem.

    Ultimately we will make decisions about whether we continue or stop one at a time - check back in a decade and we will see how it went!

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    I have 3 (soon to be 4) siblings and while I love them and they’re all great, I only want 2 or 3, depending on how much money I make. I will always have to share a room with my sister and my brother and I want my kids to have privacy.
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