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    I initially wanted 2 but I am now thinking 3 maybe 4 depending on how many we are blessed with when we start our treatment ❤️ One is a miracle, any more than that are a blessing so I’ll be happy regardless of how many I have!
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    When I was younger I would say at least 5 kids, now that I'm married and older I would like at least 2 with 5 being the max.

    I grew up mostly an only child but I have two step brothers I would see quarter time and I really missed them the rest of the year.

    Financially and for the environment I would also say two is a good number for us, one kid to replace each of us when we pass.

    If I didn't consider money and overpopulation of our planet issues I would probably go for four.

    Gender-wise I would prefer boys, I have a hard time with girls names I 100% love and really don't enjoy typical standard girly things, not that every girl is automatically girly just more predisposed culturally to such things and it's hard not to cringe when my parents point out the frilly pink things I loathed wearing in my toddler photos. Probably the reason I would immediately strip naked when I got home, hacked my hair off when I was 4 and then refused to wear anything other than overalls at 5+.

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    Ideally I'd want either one or three, leaning more towards one. I'm an only child and I really want my child(ren) to have the same close relationship with me that I have with my mom. I also kind of want a pretty large family (although reading through this, I realize probably not many other people see three kids as "pretty large" lol) so that's for the three. I don't want two though. I'm not sure why. I'm still a teenager though, and I'd prefer not to have kids for at least another ten years.
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    Four seems perfect to me.

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    Sister is 19 years older than me, brother is 13 years older than me. I have never met my sister and haven't seen my brother since Christmas, probably won't see him till Christmas and won't be meeting my sister until Memorial Day next summer.

    I used to say I wanted at least four children (I wanted them to be two boys and two girls and I wanted the girls to be Anna Katharine and Carly Elizabeth). Now that I am a para at an autism clinic, I would love to have at least six or seven. I want both biological children and adopted children, so my max would be twelve (I would like to not give birth twelve times, LOL).

    I love coming up with girls' names, so I'd be willing to have as many girls as possible, but I also have come to realize as a para that I enjoy spending time with both boys and girls, and I will probably love my child no matter who they are.
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    Am I the only one who isn't sure if they want kids? Haha. If do end up having any, I want 4. To me that's the threshold for a big family, and I've always wanted a big family. 4 would be a challenge, but a reasonable one I'd be up to. I am technically the youngest of 4 but I wasn't raised with my older half siblings so I really only grew up with one, and I'd want to create a different sort of family dynamic, if that makes sense.

    I also would want to wait until I'm at least 30, and as for gender I'd prefer an even amount, 2 and 2. I'd be fine with three boys, one girl or three girls, one boy, but four of either gender seems a little intense.
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    A very large family with as many as possible has always been my dream. That never changed.

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    Red face

    I’m so sorry that she said that to you! That’s so rude, making you feel bad about how many kids you want! I’m so sorry!

    To answer the question though, I’d want 3 kids ideally.
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    Ideally I want 2, a boy and a girl, or maybe two girls. I'd be happy with 1-3, and really want at least one girl, but we'll see what happens.

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    I've always wanted 4 but hubby does not. If #2 is a girl we are likely done but if it's another boy I may get a 3rd

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