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    7! I want three biological children and I plan on doing foster care and hopefully adopting children out of the system. 💗
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    I want 3-4 children I don't really care about gender, but I want at least one girl.

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    I want 4+ kiddos. I would love 8, crazy I know, but maybe ten. But, who REALLY knows! Only God!
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    I don't think I want any, but if I had a wife who really wanted children, I would probably have one or two - I just really don't want to give birth to them.
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    It's embarrasing to say, but as a child, I wanted eleven daughters, lol. Now I'd like three kids, but four would alos be nice. I come from a family of three kids, and it was a lot of fun growing up, and I want my kids to expierience that. ( excuse my spelling if i spelled that wrong )

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    Wanted 4, but having my 2 so close together, 14 months! I decided 2 was it for me

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    I want at least 5. I came from a family with 4 kids and I liked having lots of sisters.
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    I think I'd like 3 or 4.

    I'm the oldest of two with a 5.5 year age gap. My partner is the youngest of 4, but there is a large age gap between him and his two oldest siblings (14 and 13 years different). I always wished I had more siblings, but my partner is indifferent. I'm afraid that by the time we can start trying though, we might not be able to have more than 1 or 2.
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    I have two kids. My husband only wants two and I want four, so we are compromising and settled on 3. However, we've been struggling with secondary infertility for over a year and I'm not sure why. So unfortunately, we may just have two. Super grateful for the two healthy, happy kids I have but still feel a little hole in my heart where I want more...
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    I only had one sister. My husband comes from family with 4 kids. 7 years ago, when we married, we thought - 2 to 3 would be all we could handle (I don`t think I can handle any... , and at the same - I am ready to invest my time in the most precious - next generation). Then, we fell in love with large family culture, close relationships, fun all year round, the prospect of a lot of built-in-best friends for our kids. We finally believed that children are a blessing and not a burden. Now we have two kids (soon to be 4 and 2), and we`re planning to TTC the next month. We don`t know about LARGE family... but 3 still seems not a lot (of course, there can be days when 1 is too much but have a vision for your family - what kind of family would you like after 20 years? ). We`ll take 1 at a time. For now, we aim at 3. But we`ll be glad if we`ll end up having way more.

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