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    My max about of children will be largely determined on our financial situation. I am notorious for over planning, but I would much rather be prepared. If (heaven forbid) something happens to my husband or my marriage, I do not want to be in a situation with my children than I can provide for financially and emotionally. That aside, in a perfect world I would want four children. In this world, I most likely will end up with two.

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    I agree with the previous poster
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    My fiancee and I have discussed this quite frequently. He is 1 of 3 and I have six siblings. I have to keep in mind my mother only had four and my dad four, two with another woman. So I come from a large family. I want at least three children, ideally four. He wants two max. So we are still figuring out the right number for us. Having multiple siblings, mostly boys, I know I at least want one of each.
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    When I first started TTC, I wanted three. Four years and two miscarriages later, I'd count my blessings to have just one.

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    As a child I liked the idea of three, but as an adult two seemed just right. Unfortunately due to a sudden and serious health issue I've suddenly gone from thinking it would be very possible to have two or three kids to realising it would be a miracle just to have one. I'd prefer to not have an only child as the bond and support I have with my brother is so special. But honestly, it's all up to a higher power than me and I have had to adjust to the idea that it may not happen for me - definitely not something I can plan or feel I have any control over. I still like to imagine sometimes though, and it's usually two, sisters or a pigeon pair.
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