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    On one hand, I always hear that 3 is the hardest, and parental happiness improves with 4, but on the other hand, I want to say "of course 4 is harder!"

    On one hand, 4 kids means cooking for 4. Paying for 4 kids extra curricular activities. Paying for suitable housing for 4. Cleaning said housing. 4 little people making messes instead of 3.

    On the other hand, you don't have one kid being the odd one out. No middle child, at amusement parks no one has to sit by them self on a ride (or an airplane), etc.

    Honestly I think it depends on the family, the older children's ages, if you have extended family around, job flexibility, etc.

    I only have two children, and we go back and forth between having 3 and 4. For us it will come down to my health, and whether or not I'd be able to stay home or work from home.
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    I come from a sibset of 3 girls, and although the number is perfect itself, 1 of us was always left out as a child... So, because of this, I'd love either 2 or 4. I have no interest in just the 1 child and think I'd go crazy with more than 4, lol! Gender doesn't bother me to an extent, this meaning I'd love at least one of each but if that doesn't happen then so be it.

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    I think that I keep switching. One day I want 2, another 4, another 6. But I think I really want three, since I feel like it's the perfect number

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    Pretty much the same as @eoxima. But I'm an only child, and I'd rather not have my children not have siblings either, so that's why I want two at least. Plus it would be nice to maybe have one of each gender, or two of each gender with four. But I haven't a clue how it'll actually pan out, except I definitely want children.
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    At the pumpkin patch last weekend my mom said she overheard a conversation between a family with three girls and a family with three girls and a boy. The family with four kids was urging the fam with three to "try one more time". My mom has three girls and no boys and neither she nor my dad ever think about "trying one more time" as if having at least one of each gender is a requirement. I'm only a high schooler but those people who think that way already annoy me. I know several families with only boys who don't think at all about "trying for a girl" and vice versa for families with only girls.

    Sorry for the rant, onto the question. Right now I would love to have six kids when I'm older but realistically I want four. Preferably at least one of each. If I only have four then I may adopt to get to six but that would require the proper conditions (financial, psychological, etc.)
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