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    My max about of children will be largely determined on our financial situation. I am notorious for over planning, but I would much rather be prepared. If (heaven forbid) something happens to my husband or my marriage, I do not want to be in a situation with my children than I can provide for financially and emotionally. That aside, in a perfect world I would want four children. In this world, I most likely will end up with two.

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    I agree with the previous poster
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    My fiancee and I have discussed this quite frequently. He is 1 of 3 and I have six siblings. I have to keep in mind my mother only had four and my dad four, two with another woman. So I come from a large family. I want at least three children, ideally four. He wants two max. So we are still figuring out the right number for us. Having multiple siblings, mostly boys, I know I at least want one of each.
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    When I first started TTC, I wanted three. Four years and two miscarriages later, I'd count my blessings to have just one.

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    As a child I liked the idea of three, but as an adult two seemed just right. Unfortunately due to a sudden and serious health issue I've suddenly gone from thinking it would be very possible to have two or three kids to realising it would be a miracle just to have one. I'd prefer to not have an only child as the bond and support I have with my brother is so special. But honestly, it's all up to a higher power than me and I have had to adjust to the idea that it may not happen for me - definitely not something I can plan or feel I have any control over. I still like to imagine sometimes though, and it's usually two, sisters or a pigeon pair.
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    In a perfect world, I would have 2-3 children, but spaced so they get a significant amount of time as only children (like one 10 years older than the other). The more of an age gap the better, but now that I'll be a couple of years from thirty soon that's basically impossible. Basically, I want multiple kids so that they wouldn't have to feel so alone when family dies, helping each other with elderly family, and just because I'm selfish and want more than one.
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    I hear you. When we got married, I wanted three or four children. It's been 28 months of TTC with no success, so I've had to readjust all expectations. I'd consider it a miracle to get pregnant more than once.
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    I'm the same as you, I would love to have four but possibly even more. I grew up with two sisters so would really like my children to have both brothers and sisters.

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    Before I had my son, I wanted 3 kids. Now, I'm really hoping for a grand total of 2 kids. I'd love to have a daughter, but I would be just as happy with 2 sons. Long term sleep deprivation totally changed my mind about what I can handle. I am finally feeling human again and dreading jumping back into zombieland for number 2. I've also thought quite a bit about the impact on the world by having more children (one of the reasons I originally only wanted 3 kids as opposed to the 4 or 5 I imagined I would have when I was still a kid myself).
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    I come from a sibset of just 2 (my oldest brother and I). I loved my having my brother and although we did play together when we were kids I always wished for a sister. So I would LOVE at least 4 (2 of each). I also look at finances as I would love my children to have what I had and maybe if possible more. So looking at things financially If I could afford to look after myself, Husband and 6 children I would love 6 but on our budget right now 4 is optimal for us. That all being said at the moment I would be happy with one due to TTC and other issues.

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