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    Sapphire Square Gated-Community Round 6


    Households 26-30

    Household 26: Single Mother

    Mom: (31)
    Job: Dentist

    Kids: Roll 6 Sided Die
    Gender: Odd-Male Even-Female
    Ages: Roll 12 sided die

    Pets: 1 Cat

    Household 27: Blended Family

    Him: (46)
    Job: panel saw operator

    Ex-Wife: (42)
    Job: Narcotics Investigator

    Her: (44)
    Job: Casino Dealer

    Ex-Husband: (51)
    Job: Car Salesman

    His: Roll 4 sided die
    Genders: Odd-Male Even-Female
    Ages: Roll 10 sided die and add to 10

    Hers: Roll 4 sided die
    Genders: Odd-Female Even-Male
    Ages: Roll 10 sided die and add to 10

    Theirs: Roll 4 sided die
    Genders: 1-3=Male 4-6=Female
    Ages: Roll 10 sided die (10=infant)

    Pets: None

    Household 28: Multiple Generations

    Paternal Grandfather: (80)
    Job: Retired Plant Manager

    His Sister: (55)
    Job: Architect

    Him: (51)
    Job: Accountant

    Her: (50)
    Job: Police Officer

    Kids: 5
    Genders: 1-3=Female 4-6=male
    Ages: Roll 20 sided die and add to 10

    Grandchildren: 1
    Gender: 1-3=male 4-6=female
    Age: 2
    Child of Youngest Child over 16.

    Pets: 2 Parrots, 1 Corn Snake, 2 Iguanas

    Household 29: Engaged Couple

    Him: (38)
    Job: Elevator Repairman

    Her: (42)
    Job: Woodworking Machine Operator

    Kids: None

    Pets: 1 Horse, 1 Chinchilla, 2 Sugar Gliders, 1 Cat, 1 Dog (you choose)

    Household 30: Friends

    Her 1: (28)
    Job: Pastry Chef

    Her 2: (30)
    Job: Medical Lab Technician

    Her 3: (29)
    Job: Middle School History Teacher

    Kids: None

    Her 1: 1 Beta Fish, 1 Dog (you choose)
    Her 2: 4 Dogs (all same breed, you choose)
    Her 3: 2 Cats, 1 Gecko, 2 Hamsters, 2 Fish, 1 Rabbit

    First and Middle Names
    1. Boys:
    Girls: (feminine & kreatyve)
    2. (first or last name)
    3. Starts with O
    4. Boys:
    Girls: Keira, Espee, Molly, Dusty, Tasha, Ailsa, Beth, Susie, Gloria, Rose, Coco, Cecilia, Cher, Flora, Ruby, Beverly, Ivy, Zena, Lucy, Europa, Lovebug, Kate, Daisy, Kara, Lizzie, Max, Jazzy, Lexus, Chica, Midnight, Maybelline, Sweet, Sunny, Lena, Dora, Sky, Annie, Lana, Claire, Presa, Sati, Tia, Marie, Maggie, Elida, Aphrodite, Dolly, River, Lilly, Cleo
    5. 9 Letters or Longer
    6. Nature Names
    7. (opposite gender and make it either more feminine or masculine)
    8. 4 Syllables or Longer
    9. Boys:
    Girls: Ends with A
    10. (anyone on the list)
    11. Boys:
    12. Ends with S
    13. Boys: Miles, Fletcher, Paul, Austin, Nate, Chris, Damon, Max, Charlie, Jayson, Kofi, Metz, Rob, Ang, Michael, Andy, Neal, Lopsang, Tim, Klev, Doug, Jon, Samuel, Frank, Benicio, Josh, Victor, Ted, Daniel, Jeffrey, Raoul, Julio, Hank, Bernardo, Maximiliano, Kevin, Edgar, Dean, Jack, Phil, Christopher, Stephen, Marcus, Sam, Rick, Oakley, Azriel, Wyatt, Caleb, Laszlo
    Girls: Suanne, Kavita, Lene, Charlotte, Yasuko, Emily, Kim, Emmaline, Barbara, Lizzie, Stacey, Helen, Jude, Annie, Adelaide, Alana, Alice, Amelia, Bailey, Melody, Claire, Cora, Elaina, Elizabeth, Evelyn, Everly, Isla, Ivy, Juliet, Katherine, Laura, Leia, Nora, Penelope, Poppy, Quinn, Ruby, Sam, Sophia, Victory, Opal, Wynn, Decima, Delicia, Ascella, Jocelyn, Beulah, Clementine, Kynlee, Navi
    14. Boys: Pierce, Arlin, Jonah, Greg, Adam, Roberto, Antonio, Ramon, Philip, Aysel, Warrior, Reiken, Owen, Azir, Nikai, Araiah, Brent, James, Andrew, Michael, Kaden, Grant, Max, Riggan, Kenny, Daniel, Jake, Ralph, Gabriel, Han, Akira, Mike, Andy, Landen, Garrett, Emmanuel, Griffin, Bryce, Clayton, Seth, Tyson, Jace, Rafael, Abraham, Eli, Justin, Devon, Kevin, Riley, Christopher,
    Girls: Arlin, Azucena, Wiveca, Hope, Portia, Luz, Carolyn, Zera, Queen, Anna, Princess, Jamie, Elizabeth, Megan, Jessica, Tara, Hayley, Sam, Lesley, Laura, Katherine, Clara, Annie, Victoria, Alicia, Addyson, Chelsea, Sofia, Emma, Violet, Cheyenne, Naomi, Jade, Kaitlyn, Mackenzie, Kendall, Payton, Lilly, Alaina, Kendra, Mariana, Natalie, Brianna, Alivia, Jennifer, Gabriella, Leslie, Olivia, Hailey, Brooklyn
    16. Boys: Contains a Y and F
    17. (generate box and choose from bottom line)
    19. 7 Letters Long
    20. (first or last name)

    Last Names
    1. (first 100)
    5. (Name Set: American, Country: United Kingdom)
    8. 4 Syllables Long or Longer

    Pet Names
    1. Jackie, Steve, Cecile, Robert, Jim, Ian, David, Roger, Adam, Howard, Karen, Daniel, Wolfram, Tom, Kit, Ned, Nemo, Pierre, Conseil, Nautilus, Farragut, John, Billy, Coach, Lincoln, Jeff, Charles, Jessica, Randolph, Rene, Julius, Jack, Dennis, Ed, Jorge, Mario, Lone, Garry, Agar, Keny, Judge, Rachel, Andile, Driver, Zwirner, Hostage, Anderson, Chief, Ma-Ma, Tamer
    2. Ends with I
    3. (first or last name of winner)
    5. (scroll on top)
    6. (first or last name)
    8. (generate new pet names and choose from first 5)
    9. Contains an R and U
    10. Very Long Name with Short Nickname

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    Household 26: Single Mother

    Mom: Onyx Dolly Traue (31)

    Kids: 1
    DD: Claire Lateeffa Traue-Gray (7)

    Pets: 1
    Domestic Short-Hair Cat: Uruguay (8)

    Household 27: Blended Family

    Him: King Joe Sawyer (46)
    panel saw operator

    Ex-Wife: Elizabeth Jennifer {Anderson} Sawyer (42)
    narcotics investigator

    Her: Kira Chelsea {Eaton} Holden (44)
    casino dealer

    Ex-Husband: James Shia Holden (51)
    car salesman

    Kids: 7
    His: 4
    DD: Jasmine Ellis Sawyer (15)
    DD: Payton Monroe Sawyer (15)
    DS: Nikai Philip Sawyer (13)
    DD: Mavis Bobby Sawyer (11)

    Hers: 3
    DS: Otis McKinley Holden (18)
    DS: Carl Ellington Holden (14)
    DS: Josh Acton Holden (13)

    Theirs: 2
    DS: Alexander Livingston Sawyer (9)
    DS: Greg Greenland Sawyer (4)

    Pets: None

    Household 28: Multiple Generations

    Paternal Grandfather: Ryan Taylor New (80)
    retired plant manager

    His Sister: Flower Annabella New (55) {autistic}

    Him: Leonardo Randolph New (51)

    Her: Jaklynn Jazmine {Declan} New (50)
    police officer

    Kids: 5
    DS: Freddy Kris New (30)
    DS: Neal Farley New (27)
    DD: Susanne Julianne New (24) "Susie"
    DS: Collin Beaufrey New (24)
    DD: Maggie Kristiana New (20)
    --DGD: Berlin Lee New (2)

    Pets: 5
    Parrots: Matrix & Tiki (30 & 14)
    Corn Snake: Uki (8)
    Iguanas: Coy & Ruben (7 & 2)

    Household 29: Engaged Couple

    Him: Zac Teoketon Kinskey (38)
    elevator repairman

    Her: Barrie Melrose Hoyt (42)
    woodworking machine operator

    Kids: None

    Pets: 6
    Miniature Horse: Jango Fett (19) "Fett"
    Chinchilla: Jorge (8)
    Sugar Gliders: Ruth & Briar (baby & 3)
    Maine Coon {Cat}: Sherilyn (5)
    Bichon Frise: Frise Burn (6) "Burnie"

    Household 30: Friends

    Her 1: Brenna Presa Gardner (28)
    pastry chef

    Kids: None

    Pets: 2
    Beta Fish: Underwood
    St. Bernard: Tamsin (1)

    Her 2: Jennifer Alva Price (30)
    medical lab technician

    Kids: None

    Pets: 4
    Japanese Chins: Rachael, Loretta, Elton & Rio (9, 5, 5 & 3)

    Her 3: Judith Marion Leonberger (29)
    middle school history teacher

    Kids: None

    Pets: 8
    Bengal Cats: Meap & Tuttle (9 & 7)
    Gecko: Dr. Frankenstein's Assistant (1) "Igor"
    Hamsters: Gemini & Boris (3 months)
    Gold Fish: Aaron & Mikaela (2)
    Dwarf Bunny: Beverly (1)

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    Household 26: Single Mother
    DW (31; Dentist): Georgia Alexandra Wilde

    DS (11): Simon Russell Wilde
    DD (10): Clara Lilly Wilde
    DD (6): Sadie Jordan Wilde
    DS (5): Finley Paul Wilde
    DS (1): Logan Michael Wilde
    Cat: Delphi

    Georgia with Simon, Clara, Sadie, Finley, Logan, & Delphi

    Household 27: Blended Family
    DH (46; Panel saw operator): Simon Anthony Douglas
    -DexW (42; Narcotics Investigator): Clara Amais Cyrus
    --DD (19): Jennifer Heidi Douglas "Jenna"

    DW (44; Casino Dealer): Iris Dawn Douglas (nee Collins)
    -DexH (51; Car Salesman): Miles Jameson Davis
    --DD (19): Sofia Jordan Davis
    --DD (18): Rose Shirley Davis
    --DD (16): Natalie Alexia Davis

    Simon & Iris have:
    --DS (5): Benjamin Oliver Douglas "Ben"
    --DS/DS (3): Liam Alexander Douglas & Grant Owen Douglas

    Simon & Clara with Jenna; Iris & Miles with Sofia, Rose, & Natalie; Simon & Iris with Ben, Liam, & Grant

    Household 28: Multiple Generations
    Paternal Grandfather (80; Retired Plant Manager): Graham Robert Alexander

    Sister (55; Architect): Emma Bridgette Alexander

    DH (51; Accountant): Samuel James Alexander
    DW (50; Police Officer): Chelsea Lee Alexander (nee O'Connor)

    DD (29): Ruby Adeline Alexander
    DS (21): Owen Miles Alexander
    DS (19): Jack William Alexander
    DD (17): Nora Molly Alexander
    --DS (2): Bryce Samuel Alexander
    DD (11): Lucy Sofia Alexander
    Parrot: Fargo
    Parrot: Ramsey
    Corn Snake: Paco
    Iguana: Widget
    Iguana: Gibson

    Graham with Emma & Samuel; Samuel & Chelsea with Ruby, Owen, Jack, Nora, Lucy, Fargo, Ramsey, Paco, Widget, & Gibson; Nora with Bryce

    Household 29: Engaged Couple
    DH (38; Elevator Repairman): Nathaniel Fletcher Mason
    DFiancee (42; Woodworking Machine Operator): Kassidy Alexandra Jones

    Horse: Maximilian "Max"
    Chinchilla: Piper
    Sugar Glider: Pierre
    Sugar Glider: Willis
    Cat: Einstein
    Husky: Clyde

    Nathaniel & Kassidy with Max, Piper, Pierre, Willis, Einstein, & Clyde

    Household 30: Friends
    Friend 1 (28; Pastry Chef): Kylie Sierra Gonzales
    -Beta Fish: Han
    -Pomeranian: Baloo

    Friend 2 (30; Medical Lab Technician): Leah Nicole Turner
    -Boxer: Harvey
    -Boxer: Maysie
    -Boxer: Seraphinia "Sera"
    -Boxer: Remington "Remi"

    Friend 3 (29; Middle School History Teacher): Katie Gabriella McAllister
    -Cat: Smokey
    -Cat: Reese
    -Gecko: Jo "JoJo"
    -Hamster: Evangeline "Evie"
    -Hamster: Josephine "Josie"
    -Fish: Nano
    -Fish: Doodle
    -Rabbit: Omega

    Kylie with Han & Baloo; Leah with Harvey, Maysie, Sera, & Remi; Katie with Smokey, Reese, Jojo, Evie, Josie Nano, Doodle, & Omega
    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14), and Everett William & Nora Elizabeth (12/29/15).

    Wesley James, Samuel Edward, Landon Jace, Declan Levi, Blaise Elliot, Elias John, Everett William, Tobias Benjamin, Dominic Eli
    Faith Elizabeth, Clara Rose, Elena Harper, Maisie Eloise, Margo Elizabeth, Nora Cadence, Lydia Diane, Aurora Blair, Amelia Rose

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    Household 26: Single Mother
    Mom: Erma Josephine Wasserburger (31)

    Kids: 3
    -DD: Dawn Odyssey Wasserburger (11)
    -DS: Earnest Neville Wasserburger (5)
    -DD: Destiny Mirabelle Wasserburger (2)

    Pets: 1 Cat
    -Cat: Chrysanthemum

    Household 27: Blended Family
    Him: Becket Jedidiah Tullia (46)
    Panel Saw Operator
    Ex-Wife: Oonagh Liliana (Sanchez) Tullia (42)
    Narcotics Investigator

    Her: Ines Tonia (Lansbury) (Noel) Tullia (44)
    Casino Dealer
    Ex-Husband: Brandon Ilian Noel (51)
    Car Salesman

    Kids: 7
    His: 1
    -DS: Luis Daniel Tullia (17)

    Hers: 3
    -DD/DD: Nerys Gloria Noel & Billerica Julia Noel (18)
    -DD: Alyssa Charis Noel (14)

    Theirs: 3
    -DS: Hugh Oisin Tullia (7)
    -DS: Doug Edgar Tullia (5)
    -DD: Chicopee Jennifer Tullia (1)

    Pets: None

    Household 28: Multiple Generations
    Paternal Grandfather: Torrence Evangelos Alexy (80)
    Retired Plant Manager

    His Sister: Oprah Shirley Alexy (55)

    Him: Christopher Nathaniel Alexy (51)

    Her: Martha Lana (Salome) Alexy (50)
    Police Officer

    Kids: 5
    -DD: Gilda Annemarie Alexy (29)
    -DS: Jose Dominique Alexy (28)
    -DS: Frank Raymond Alexy (22)
    -DS: Willard Elias Alexy (21)
    -DS: Dustin Valentine Alexy (19)
    --DGD: Payton Savanna Alexy (2)

    Pets: 2 Parrots, 1 Corn Snake, 2 Iguanas
    -Parrots: Minot & Judge
    -Snake: Annalise
    -Iguanas: Alessandra & Evangelina

    Household 29: Engaged Couple
    Him: Kurtis Beau Holbrook (38)
    Elevator Repairman

    Her: Julie Belinda Ridge (42)
    Woodworking Machine Operator

    Kids: None

    Pets: 1 Horse, 1 Chinchilla, 2 Sugar Gliders, 1 Cat, 1 Dog
    -Horse: Nikolai
    -Chinchilla: Cai
    -Sugar Gliders: Jamestown & Isabella
    -Cat: Lisette
    -Dog: Della (Pit Bull/Mastiff Mix)

    Household 30: Friends
    Her 1: Jessica Illeezabyth D'Ambrosio (28)
    Pastry Chef

    Her 2: Portia Opal Manfred (30)
    Medical Lab Technician

    Her 3: Lionelle Thomasina Colm (29)
    Middle School History Teacher

    Kids: None

    Pets: 14
    Her 1: 1 Beta Fish, 1 Dog
    -Fish: Coach
    -Dog: Ferb (Bulldog)

    Her 2: 4 Dogs
    -Dogs: Kristi, Niki, Grafton, & Jana (Beagles)

    Her 3: 2 Cats, 1 Gecko, 2 Hamsters, 2 Fish, 1 Rabbit
    -Cats: Digby & Christiane
    -Gecko: Jessie
    -Hamsters: Horace & Humberto
    -Fish: Jim & Acorn
    -Rabbit: Aarushi
    Possible future son names:
    Thaddeus John
    Joseph Tobias
    Samuel Eliezer
    Phineas Michael
    Nathaniel Jonah
    Quentin Josiah
    Thomas Jude

    Possible future daughter names:
    Saoirse May
    Deryn Maia
    Sarah Rebekah
    Primrose May
    Haven Dorothy
    Cadence Snow
    Thomasin Cara

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    The Paciano Family

    DW (31): Serenity Rose

    DD (9): Savanna Ruth
    DD (5): Sofia Rowan

    -Cat: Moody

    Serenity with Savanna and Sofia and pet Moody.

    The Scott Family

    DH (46): Oliver Armstrong
    Ex-DW (42): Violet Ash
    DW (44): Ruby Theresa
    Ex-DH (51): Adam Kay

    Oliver and Violet's kids:
    DS (20): Aden Orlando
    DS (17): Liam Crane
    DD (15): Erin Annabelle
    DS (14): Jake Pierce

    Ruby and Adam's kids:
    DS (19): Madigan Lynx
    DD (16): Judith Mercedes
    DD (13): Cara Jayden

    Oliver and Ruby's kids:
    DD (8): Delicia Opal
    DD (4): Daisy Evangeline
    DS (2): Dustin Rafael

    Oliver, Violet, Ruby and Adam with Aden, Liam, Erin, Jake, Madigan, Judith, Cara, Delicia, Daisy and Dustin.

    The Reed Family

    DGF (80): James William

    DHSister (55): Alicia Beverly

    DH (51): Will Derrick
    DW (50): Annie Grey

    DS (15): Luke Alexander
    DS (14): Dean Yosef
    DS (12): Hart Stephen
    DD/DS (11): Kim Elizabeth & Sean Emmanuel

    James, Alicia, Will and Annie with Luke, Dean, Hart, Kim and Sean.

    The Ward Family

    DH (38): Ryan Maxwell
    DW (42): Elizabeth Alba

    -Horse: Harlow
    -Cat: Harvey
    -Dog: Callisto

    Ryan and Elizabeth with pets Harlow, Harvey and Callisto.

    The Grayson-Moore-Cooper

    DF1 (28): Alexandra Sky Grayson
    -Fish: Rumor
    -Dog: Destini

    DF2 (30): Adelaide Brooklynn Moore
    -Dog: Blake
    -Dog: Winston
    -Dog: Tempo
    -Dog: Duke

    DF3 (29): Savannah Rose Cooper
    -Cat: Kenya
    -Cat: Jorie
    -Gecko: Mohall
    -Hamster: Denise
    -Hamster: Love
    -Fish: Benji
    -Fish: Jinx
    -Rabbit: Feather

    Alexandra with pets Rumor and Destini, Adelaide with pets Blake, Winston, Tempo and Duke, Savannah with pets Kenya, Jorie, Mohall, Denise, Love, Benji, Jinx and Feather.
    Federica Maria. Italy. Teen.

    Harrison / Holden / Jameson / Julian / Nathaniel / Philip / Quentin / Raphael / Rhys / Sebastian / Theo / Xavier

    Beatrice / Blair / Daphne / Eden / Evangeline / Harlow / Imogen / Maelys / Maeve / Ophelia / Posey / Rose / Seraphine / Sophie / Sybil / Thessaly

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