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    Sapphire Square Gated-Community Round 3


    Round 3: Families 11-15

    Household 11: Single Mother

    Mom: (38)
    Job: Pharmacist

    Kids: 6
    Genders: Odd-Boy Even-Girl
    Age: Roll 12 sided die 12 = infant (no multiples if you get the same number go one up or down)

    Pets: None

    Household 12: Multiple Generation Family

    Paternal Grandfather: (75)
    Job: retired naval captain

    Paternal Grandmother: (74)
    Job: retired gynecologist

    Dad: (36)
    Job: Paver Operator

    Mom: (33)
    Job: Family Practice Lawyer

    Kids: 4
    All Boys
    Age: 2, 4, 6, 8

    Pets: None

    Household 13: Same Sex Couple

    Homeowner{Male}: (45)
    Job: gastroenterologist

    Boyfriend: (46)
    Job: Equine Veterinarian

    Kids: None

    Pets: 5 Horses, 3 Small Dogs, 2 Cats

    Household 14: Same Sex Couple

    Wife: (25)
    Job: children's book illustrator

    Wife: (30)
    Job: car detailer

    Kids: Adopted 3 Siblings
    Gender: Odd-Boy Even-Girl
    Ages: 1, 2 and 3

    Pets: None

    Household 15: Divorced Husband

    Father: (45)
    Job: School Bus Driver

    Ex-Wife: (42)
    Job: marketing manager

    Kids: 9
    Gender: odd-male even-female
    Ages: Roll 20 sided die and add 2.

    Pets: None

    All First and Middle Names
    1. Boys:
    2. (fairy, ancient and macedonian)
    3. (box in middle)
    6. 3 letters long
    7. Starts with J
    8. Ends with -Son
    10. Boys: (first or last name)
    12. Boys:
    Girls: Anna, Ashley, Eleanor, Erica, Faith, Hope, Justice, Kolleen, Laci, Loce, Marie, Mercy
    14. Boys:
    16. Boys:
    Girls: Mattie, Faith, Sally, Dolly, Sullivan, Sugar, Poppy, Lily, Delphine, Amya, Majesty, Lea, Ann, Laverne, JuneBug, Izzy, Ebony, Gamby, Chris, Beth, Pretty, Baby, Lee, Persia, Diamond, Dotty, Moonpie, Blue, Abbie, Thelma, Louise, Maria, Poe, Penny, Pat, Gigi, Bea, Kitty, Isabella, Caroline, Zoe, Sylvia, Charlie, Tabby, Sasha, Kat, Trixie, Minnie, Jezabel, Cleo
    17. (albanian, monstrall, icelandic and kreatyve)
    18. Ends with N
    19. Starts with T
    20. Boys: Jamie, Andy, Daniel, Nick, Simon, Allan, Gad, Toby, Joe, Enn, Mackenzie, Tony, Cary, Phillip, Gregory, Jake, Henry, Chip, Robbie, Eldridge, Bosworth, Carlo, Jason, Will, Ed, Don, Tomer, Matthew, Luis, Thomas, Mark, Ken, Robert, Ethan, Mike, Dash, Sam, Jay, James, Pedro, Evan, Asher, Magnus, Hudson, Samuel, Ezekiel, Jasper, Walter, Elijah, Gideon
    Girls: Sonje, Tanya, Daisy, Sally, Kimmy, Betsy, Helen, Constance, Jennifer, Emma, Kathryn, Molly, Laura, Anna, Zoe, Marley, April, Joanna, Abigail, Sam, Kona, Marin, Aaliyah, Addison, Ainsley, Aria, Avalon, Avery, Beatrice, Carina, Charlotte, Ellis, Hadley, Harper, Isolde, Linden, Margaret, Natania, Nelly, Penelope, Sloane, Violet, Wren, Kindle, Julietta, Abigail, Scarlet, Monet, Dagmar, Peta

    Last Names
    1. (male or female)
    8. (either and russian)
    9. Ends with D
    10. Contains a K and E

    Roll for Pet Names
    1. (actor's first or last name)
    2. One Syllable Long
    3. 4 Letters Long
    4. (state or flower name)
    5. (first or last name)
    8. (generate 5 both genders and choose between first and last names)

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    Household 11: The Sayer Family
    DM [38]: True Juliette Sayer
    DS [10]: Andrew Theo Sayer
    DS [9]: Emerson Tucker Sayer
    DD [8]: Bryna Claire Sayer
    DD [6]: Sophie Jehona Sayer
    DS [5]: Roland Silas Sayer
    DD [3]: Juliette Marie Sayer
    True Sayer and Drew, Emerson, Bryna, Sophie, Roland and Juliette Sayer

    Household 12: The Klein Family
    DGF [75]: Jasper Caleb Klein
    retired naval captain
    DGM [74]: Mia Zoe Klein
    retired gynecologist
    DH [36]: Jesse Carson Klein
    Paver Operator
    DW [33]: Emilia Rue Klein
    Family Practice Lawyer
    DS [8]: Stellan Sawyer Klein
    DS [6]: Axel Jason Klein
    DS [4]: Toby Quintinus Klein
    DS [2]: Gideon Jonah Klein
    Mia, Jasper, Jesse and Emilia Klein and Stellan, Axel, Toby and Gideon Klein

    Household 13: The Parker-Landry Family
    Dbf [45]: Jesse Jensen Parker
    Dbf [46]: Emmett Beau Landry
    Equine Veterinarian
    Horse: Jasper
    Horse: Peggy
    Horse: Violet
    Horse: Camelia
    Horse: Jiminy
    Dog: Mickey
    Dog: Lulubelle
    Dog: Alex
    Cat: Cleo
    Cat: Luke
    Jesse Parker and Emmett Landry and their pets, Jasper, Peggy, Violet, Camelia, Jiminy, Mickey, Lulubelle, Alex, Cleo and Luke

    Household 14: The Zenobia-Lourdes Family
    DW [25]: Arabella Mae Zenobia-Lourdes
    children's book illustrator
    DW [30]: Lia Valerie Zenobia-Lourdes
    car detailer
    ADS [3]: Harold Liam Zenobia-Lourdes
    ADD [2]: Xanthe Anya Zenobia-Lourdes
    ADD [1]: Fionnula Mimi Zenobia-Lourdes
    Arabella and Lia Zenobia-Lourdes and Hal, Xanthe and Fiona Zenobia-Lourdes

    Household 15: The Basel Family
    DH [45]: James Ashton Basel
    School Bus Driver
    exDW [42]: Ellison Lily Laurent
    Job: marketing manager
    DD [21]: Addison Marie Basel
    DD [19]: May Arcadia Basel
    DD [18]: America Honoria Basel
    DD/DS [17]: Arianna Eloise Basel and Flynn Rio Basel
    DD [14]: Charlotte Isaella Basel
    DD [6]: Ruby Tessa Basel
    DD [5]: Gemma Chloe Basel
    DS [3]: Ezra Aron Basel
    James Basel and Ellison Laurent and Addie, May, Amy, Arianna, Flynn, Charlie, Ruby, Gemma and Ezra Basel
    [COLOR="#990099"]Aimee Keren . 18

    Under Construction

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    Household 11: Single Mother
    Mom (38; Pharmacist): Adelaide Felicity Brooklyn "Addy"

    DS (8): Landon Owen Brooklyn
    DS (7): Zacharias Eric Brooklyn "Zach"
    DD (6): Phoebe Clare Brooklyn
    DD (5): Faith Isabella Brooklyn
    DS (2): Liam Vaughn Brooklyn
    DD (3 months): Zoe Valeriana Brooklyn

    Addy with Landon, Zach, Phoebe, Faith, Liam, & Zoe

    Household 12: Multiple Generation Family
    Paternal Grandfather (75; retired naval captain): Ira John Carter
    Paternal Grandmother (74; retired gynecologist): Johanna Jane Carter (nee Williams)

    Dad (36; Paver Operator): Jacob John Carter "JJ"
    Mom (33; Family Practice Lawyer): Eleanor Kolleen Carter (nee Copeland) "Ella"

    DS (8): Jason Andrew Carter "Jace"
    DS (6): Samuel Thomas Carter "Sam"
    DS (4): Elijah Henry Carter "Eli"
    DS (2): William Michael Carter "Liam"

    Ira & Johanna; JJ & Ella with Jace, Sam, Eli, & Liam

    Household 13: Same Sex Couple
    Homeowner (45; Gastroenterologist): Besnik Robert Vadik "Ben"
    Boyfriend (46; Equine Veterinarian): Oskar Johann Fedya

    Horse: Lazslo
    Horse: River
    Horse: Rain
    Horse: Rose
    Horse: Summer
    Dachshund: Chase
    Boston Terrier: Lily
    Puggle: Blaze
    Cat: Bronx
    Cat: Blair

    Ben & Oskar with Lazslo, River, Rain, Rose, Summer, Chase, Lily, Blaze, Bronx, & Blair

    Household 14: Same Sex Couple
    Wife (25; children's book illustrator): May River Thresher
    Wife (30; car detailer): Harlow Borna Thresher (nee Sayer) "Harley"

    ADD (3): Carina Wren Thresher
    ADS (2): Evan Carlo Thresher
    ADD (1): Daisy Joanna Thresher

    May & Harley with Carina, Evan, & Daisy

    Household 15: Divorced Husband
    Father (45; school bus driver): Adam Stanley Belle
    Ex-Wife (42; marketing manager): Estela Bristol Willow

    DD/DS (21): Maya London Belle & Oliver Patrick Belle
    DS (19): Grant Roland Belle
    DS (16): Philip Robert Belle
    DD (11): Charlotte Rose Belle "Lottie"
    DS (10): Micah Drew Belle
    DS/DS (8): Flynn Edward Belle & James Frederick Belle
    DD (6): Winter Clare Belle "Winnie"

    Adam & Estela with Maya, Oliver, Grant, Philip, Lottie, Micah, Flynn, James, & Winnie
    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14), and Everett William & Nora Elizabeth (12/29/15).

    Wesley James, Samuel Edward, Landon Jace, Declan Levi, Blaise Elliot, Elias John, Everett William, Tobias Benjamin, Dominic Eli
    Faith Elizabeth, Clara Rose, Elena Harper, Maisie Eloise, Margo Elizabeth, Nora Cadence, Lydia Diane, Aurora Blair, Amelia Rose

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    Household 11
    Mom [38] Juliet Beatrice London
    Daughter [12] Anna Molly
    Daughter [10] Evangelina Harper 'Evie'
    Son [8] Milo Henry
    Daughter [6] Rose Penelope
    Son [5] James Asher
    Daughter [3] Sophie Charlotte

    Household 12
    Grandfather [75] Avery Travis Beck
    -retired naval captain
    Grandmother [74] Michele Levia Page
    -retired gynaecologist
    Dad [36] Stellan Jason Beck
    -paver operator
    Mom [33] Piper Sally Gray
    -family practice lawyer
    Son [8] Ellis Matthew
    Son [6] Charlie Brandon
    Son [4] Levi Michael
    Son [2] Micah Joshua

    Household 13
    Boyfriend [45] Wesley Benjamin Violet 'Wes'
    Boyfriend [46] Connor William Hawthorn
    -equine veterinarian
    Horses [5] Posey, Riley, Alfie, Kit and Wolff
    Dogs [3] Knight, Max and Abel
    Cats [2] Cherry and Luke

    Household 14
    Wife [25] Ivy Jun Lin
    -children's book illustrator
    Wife [30] Dawn Harlow James
    -car detailer
    Daughter [3] Caroline Edith
    Daughter [2] Willow Matilda
    Son [1] Connor Erwin

    Household 15
    Father [45] John Eli Collin
    -school bus driver
    Ex-Wife [42] Anna Mia Felice
    -marketing manager
    Son [19] James Luc
    Son [16] Lucas Ben
    Son [14] Oliver Max
    Daughter [14] Maya Liv
    Daughter [6] Lea May
    Daughter [6] Natalie Sky
    Son [6] Matthew Wes 'Matt'
    Daughter [5] Anne Ivy
    Daughter [4] Isabel Zoe

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    Household 11: The Kellan Family

    DW: Jessa Blair Kellan (38)
    -DD1: Maya Aubrey Kellan (12)
    -DD2: Grayson Alexa Kellan (11) "Grace"
    -DD3: Piper Anya Kellan (10)
    -DD4: Livy Anderson Kellan (7)
    -DS1: Mason Alden Kellan (3)
    -DS2: Max Adrian Kellan (2)

    Maya and Grace
    Piper and Livy
    Mason and Max

    Household 12: The Brelin Family

    DGF: Sorrell Theo Brelin (75)
    ---Retired Naval Captain
    DGM: Dottie Jane Brelin (74)
    ---Retired Gynecologist

    DFather: Jason Wystan Brelin (36)
    ---Paver Operator
    DMother: Lara May Brelin (33)
    ---Family Practice Lawyer
    -DS1: Samuel Jason Brelin (8) "Sam"
    -DS2: Conner Thomas Brelin (6)
    -DS3: Carson Alexander Brelin (4)
    -DS4: Hayden Justin Brelin (2)

    Sorrell and Dottie
    Jason and Lara
    Sam, Conner, Carson, and Hayden

    Household 13: The Baird/Pandora Family

    DBF: Colby Eric Baird (45)
    DBF: Jay Calvin Pandora (46)
    ---Equine Veterinarian
    --DHorse: Waldo
    --DHorse: Mavis
    --DHorse: Arlo
    --DHorse: LuluBelle
    --DHorse: Magnolia
    --DDog: Chase
    --DDog: Cleo
    --DDog: Clive
    --DCat: Buxton
    --DCat: Fee

    Colby and Jay
    Chase, Cleo, and Clive
    Buxton and Fee
    Household 14: The Sayer-Lourdes Family

    DW: Matilda Quinn Sayer-Lourdes (25)
    ---Children's Book Illustrator
    DW: Tara Emerson Sayer-Lourdes (30)
    ---Car Detailer
    -ADS1: Lincoln Harrison Sayer-Lourdes (3) "Link"
    -ADS2: Weston Levi Sayer-Lourdes (2) "West"
    -ADD1: Juliet Matilda Sayer-Lourdes (1)

    Matilda and Tara
    Link, West and Juliet

    Household 15: The Redd Family

    DH: Dieter Barron Redd (45)
    ---School-Bus driver
    DexW: Anna Molly Redd (42)
    ---Marketing Manager
    -DD1: Valerie Cason Redd (22)
    -DS1: Brandon James Redd (20)
    -DD2: Maya Sierra Redd (19)
    -DS2: Rayner Hayden Redd (18)
    -DS3: Luc Retson Redd (14)
    -DS4/DS5: Max Nelson Redd and Charlie Andrew Redd (13)
    -DD3/DS6: Natalie Taryn Redd and Jackson Liam Redd (11)

    Valerie and Brandon
    Maya, Max and Charlie
    Rayner, Luc, Jackson and Natalie

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