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    Clarence. That was the boy who always sat in a corner and scowled at the other kids whenever they tried to talk to him. Olivia remembered him now. But he was one of Them, if Hannah's findings were correct. Olivia shivered a little and glanced across the row at Pax. He was staring at his textbook, but Olivia could tell that his thoughts were far away from the geography of the ancient world. Olivia could just make out the faint blue strip pulsing across his neck. Her eyes wandered across the room till they settled on Clarence. Short and slim-built, with curly dark hair and eyes that could have been just about any color, Olivia couldn't remember ever having heard him speak. That was a common tactic used by Them: remain inconspicuous, fade into the background. Sometimes there was such a thing as blending in so much that you stood out from the crowd. Olivia personally thought that Lux's method was the best. Be likable, make friends. The more popular you are, the harder it will be to make anyone believe that you're actually a genetic mutant with superpowers. No one would ever suspect bubbly, homecoming queen Olivia of being deadly in hand-to-hand combat, or able to send an entire building crash to the ground with just a simple flick of her hand. When Olivia looked back at Clarence again, he was already looking at her.
    "Have we met?" Olivia almost jumps at the thought that suddenly pushed itself into her mind. She knew that thoughts didn't actually have voices, but... Oh, crap! That meant he knew she was a Lux! She steadied her breathing and focused all her attention on the thought she wished to send back to him. He seemed to be fighting against her, but she had almost succeeded--then the connection was suddenly severed with an almost audible crackle of electricity.
    "Olivia, what the heck! You can't let him connect with you!" Again, thoughts didn't actually make any sound, but if they did, Pax's voice would be raised in anger. Olivia shifted in her seat, annoyed. Pax was a year older than she was, and thought he knew everything. Across the room, Clarence smiled. It was a nice smile, Olivia thought.
    "I'm the enemy," Clarence looked her straight in the eyes, smiling fading to a steel-eyed smirk.
    Right. He was the enemy. Well, game on. Olivia wasn't into the broody type anyway. She stared back at the teacher and closed her mind off as much as possible. Apparently some ancient ruler had kept crocodiles as pets. Interesting.

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    Well, it's not the name I would have pegged for her.
    I sat at my desk looking at this very goth-looking teen who had just told me her name was Jewel. I mean...okay...but like...well, for one thing, no jewel I'd ever seen was black, and she was dressed head to toe in the darkest clothing. Black leather jacket, black ripped leggings, black shoes that were on top of her desk in the back row. Black lipstick and black eyeshadow. The only splash of color was her red hair, but most of that was inside a black beanie.
    "Well, Jewel, what's the cosine?" I asked her.
    "Ten over three." So she was paying attention after all.
    "Good." The bell rang. "I guess that's class, everyone. Don't forget your homework."
    As the class walked out, she stopped at my desk. "I just wanted to give you this." She set a necklace down. Inset in the gold pendant was a red ruby.
    "" I said.
    "Don't thank me yet," she said sourly. Under her breath she muttered. "This time next year you'll hate me."
    Choosing not to respond, I picked up the necklace and put it in my desk drawer. She walked out without another word.
    I never saw her again.
    But she was right.

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    Adam was a gentle man, but you never would've guessed that by looking at his hands. The skin was rough, and it looked like if he held a flower it would break immediately. He wasn't considered attractive in any way; his nose was too large and it protruded greatly, and his eyes were too small for his disproportionate face.

    His pleasant personality made up for his looks, however. He was a delight to be around, and always told the best stores. The children of the village always loved to gather around the carpenter and hear his stories about his youth.

    Their favorite was the one with the fairies. Every year, at the Midsummer Festival, they gathered around the bonfire and quieted down so they could here the tale. Every year it was the same, but no one cared. The older villagers could recite the old man's story by heart, and often did to themselves when they were in need of comfort.

    "Once upon a time," Adam started, as he always did, "there was a young boy."

    The older children giggled, knowing what was coming next, but didn't dare to spoil it for their younger siblings.

    "He wasn't that bright; he could barely tell a doorknob from a cow's behind." This phrase wasn't particularly funny, but everybody still laughed the same. "One day, as he was gathering firewood for his father, he found that he was lost and couldn't get back home. He grew frightened, as last time he was late getting home, his mother said that he wouldn't get any supper the next time.

    "Trying to get back quickly, he stumbled on a root and fell. All the firewood that he worked hard to collect tumbled from his hands and down onto a patch of daisies. He wasn't that worried about it, since they were just flowers, but he had scratched his knee in the fall.

    "When he tried to stand up, he found that he was glued to the ground, and was unable to even move him arm to wipe the blood off his knee. Confused, he tried to stand up again, but to no avail.

    " 'Oh no!' he cried out. 'I'm going to be late and not get supper!'

    " 'Well, that's what you get for ruining my home!' The boy's head snapped up, surprised at the high-pitched voice. Last he had seen, he was alone in the woods. 'Now, boy, I'm not letting you go until you say sorry!'"

    The children voiced their opinions on this. "But it was an accident!" "The boy is in the wrong here, the fairy is correct!"

    "Hush, children!" their parents scolded. They never grew tired of hearing the story and didn't want it to be ruined.

    Adam continued, "Now, this boy was very prideful, and didn't like having to say sorry. Especially when he saw how small the fairy was. 'You're inferior than me,' he said. 'Why should I be the one saying sorry?'

    " 'Because you were the one who crushed my home!'

    "When it became clear that the boy would not say sorry, the fairy decided to give him a curse. She didn't usually follow in her cousins', the pixies, ways, but when she saw the need to, she was ruthless.

    " 'Fine, then. You'll just have to live out the rest of your life as a fly.'

    "The boy's eyes widened. 'But flies barely live for a month!' He may not have been bright, but he did know that." Adam chuckled, and everybody else followed suit.

    "The fairy, however, did not take pity on him, and turned him into the fly. For days, he buzzed around, avoiding any potential predators. Finally, he found a patch a dandelions to rest in."

    "As he descended upon the dandelions, he noticed something a little unusual. There was a little house in nestled in the flowers, a homely one that looked like the perfect place to sleep. He entered through an open window, and soon fell asleep.

    "He woke up to a shrill shriek. 'Shoo, fly!' the voice yelled. Another fairy.

    " 'Wait!' the boy said. 'Can you help me?'

    " 'You can talk?'

    " 'Yes, I can talk! I'm a boy, not a fly! I need you to turn me back into a human.' If he could've, he would've started crying. 'I miss my family, and I'm really sorry I didn't apologize for ruining the other fairy's house. I just want to go home.'

    "This fairy took pity on the boy and granted his wish. 'However,' she said, 'you must follow these conditions.'

    " 'Oh, yes! Anything!'

    " 'You must be kind and humble for the rest of your life. If you aren't, you'll be turned right back into a fly.' THe boy hastily agreed.

    "The boy soon found his way back to his house, and his mother, worried sick for him, fed him well that night."

    The villagers smiled, and then quickly separated to enjoy the other festivities. One small child stayed behind. Approaching Adam, she asked, "How do you know this story?"

    Smiling, Adam crouched as low as his old bones allowed him. "It's easy to know something when it happened to you."

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    Dear Mom and Dad, dear everyone else,

    by the time you're reading this, I'll be gone.
    I'm sorry I have to do this to you, I too would have prefered a more personal goodbye, but I didn't see another way. You would never have let me go, and I needed to go so badly.
    But don't you worry! I'm well prepared, I took clothing and food and batteries and some money, surely enough to get me down to the valley. (Sorry about your piggy bank Michael!! I'll find a way to replace all of it as soon as I can.) I have planned this for a long time, and I am sure everything will go alright.
    Please don't be mad at me. I know it's a lot to ask after leaving you like this in the middle of the night, but I had to do it. I had to go. I've spent my life in this village and never left, and if you're being honest with yourselves, you know as well as I do that I wouldn't have left it until the day I die hadn't I decided to take matters into my own hands. I just needed to get out of here. I have met exactly 34 people in my life, and I am related to every single one of them. I love you all dearly, and I know many of you are happy with this life, but I want something else for me, at least for now.
    I am so excited for the things to come! Wherever I go, however far away I will be from you, I will always keep you in my thoughts and my heart. All I can ask of you is to do the same for me.
    And who knows! Maybe one day, when I've seen the world, I'll come back home.


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    He stood, silently watching. Every year, early in the morning, he came here. Not because he wanted to. No, this memory was far too unsettling. He came, rather, because he felt obligated to do something, anything, to keep her alive in his memory. Nothing Clement ever did was because he wanted to. Every decision, every purchase was caught up in what everyone else would want from him.

    Some called him selfless; others thought he forgot about himself.

    Either way, this was the reason he was here. Lowering himself onto a park bench, he continued to silently stare at what was before him: a small circle of saplings, one planted every year in memory of her.

    Clement was always a quiet man, but on this day, once a year, he didn't dare speak a word.
    Not to the mailman who was always willing to chat for a minute about the weather.
    Not to his neighbors who would stop by to make sure he was doing alright.
    Not to the kids he always gave some food or toys to since they couldn't afford it themselves.
    Not to his daughter who would drive to check in on him once a week. Not even to her.

    He only sat in silence, haunted by the very nature of him that everyone treasured.

    If only I had stopped myself, he thought. If I had forgotten about her then, perhaps I wouldn't be terrified of forgetting her now.

    He stood.

    Perhaps, he thought, this is the year I change it. Change it all.

    Perhaps, this is the year I say something.


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    "Kinsley! Kinsley Mae!"

    I smiled awkwardly and shift on the couch as Mrs. Ellis shouts out at the kids playing in the backyard.

    "She should be here in a second," Mrs. Ellis says, coming back to the couch, wiping sweaty hands on her flowered dress. "Kids, never listen, ya know? But she's a good kid, Kins is. Loud, lots of energy, but not a mean bone in her body."

    The screen door slams open and a small figure bounces into the living room, all honey-colored braids and bare feet.

    "Hi." She stops in the doorway, suddenly shy as she catches sight of me.

    "Kinsley, this is Jessica. She's the one you're gonna be staying with for a little bit."

    Kinsley is smaller than I expected at six-and-a-half. She was skinny, knees bruised and skin golden-tanned under her striped blue and white romper. I opened my mouth to say something, anything, but I suddenly realized that I could barely even breathe as I met Kinsley's eyes. Hazel eyes, wide, long-lashes framing them.

    "Hey, sweetheart. It's--amazing to meet you."

    "Do you have a dog?" she asks, snuggling against her foster mom's shoulder but smiling at me hopefully.

    "Yeah, his name is Stitch."

    "Okay," she says, more to Mrs. Ellis than to me. 'I'll go with her. I can still see Aidan and Leila, though, right?"

    "You're gonna have to talk with Miss Jessica about that, Kinz."

    Kinsley turns back to me, bouncing on the couch a little bit as we start to talk. I can hardly keep the smile off my face now. This is the moment I've be dreaming of since that miserable day, five years, three months, and twenty-two days ago.

    My baby girl.


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    Xavia was the perfect mixture of both her sisters. Kisa, the youngest, was a total tomboy. She was always out running with the village boys. Then she’d come home caked in mud, leaves in her hair and with at least one minor injury. Antonella was the eldest.she was the perfect little lady. She couldn’t wait to be married and have a family of her own. She was Mother’# favorite because of her love of the traditions she was to uphold. But Xavia was the middle sister. She wasn’t as ladylike as Antonella or as wild as Kisa. So what was left for her? She was a good horsewoman and could turn an old rag into a usable garment with her creativity. But she was always overlooked.

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    Evangeline never seemed to fit me. My dad used to call me Angel, which fit me even worse, probably. Not that he'd know. The last time I saw him was on my fifth birthday. Everyone else called me Angie, a name that didn't seem as much at odds with my freckles and angles and snarky mouth. Evangeline would have fit Jade better, really, with her long white-blonde hair and big blue eyes. She danced, pretty kinds, all bright and soft and aching, and when she smiled the whole world smiled with her. She saw Dad every two weeks. Biology, she says. He couldn't be expected to raise a kid that wasn't his. Which, I got that. I did, I do. Because I'm not Evangeline, not Angel, I'm just Angie. I'm just me. And that's not his daughter.

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    We got a new science teacher after the winter break and he insisted on calling me Louie.

    After the first time I just corrected him. "It's Louis", I said, and he paused for a moment, watching me, before saying "No, it's not." Great, I thought. I got myself a francophile smartass who thinks he knows how to pronounce my name better than I do. I knew this type can never be corrected, so I accepted my fate silently, stopped speaking up, and after a while, even the dumbest kids in class stopped giggling when he called me by what he thought was my name.
    I thought I'd heard the best of it but then a similar thing happened around easter. Some girls were loudly discussing astrology and apparently wanted him to settle the fight. "Please, Mr Nieves, can you tell her it's a pseudo-science? It doesn't make any sense, and besides, it's totally off! Louis for example is a pisces, but from the description he'd be a total leo!" He didn't even miss a beat before answering. "Louie isn't a pisces. he's a virgo, his birthday is on September 9, and you kids should spend your time on more useful things." The girls continued fighting and I sat there, blinking in confusion. What had just happened?
    After class I confronted him about it. Or tried to, something about him made me to nervous to really speak up against him. "Sir, you must be mistaking me for someone else. My birthday is in February, and I'm pretty sure my parents gave me the english version of my name."
    For a while he didn't say anything, and I almost thought he'd say sorry and forget about it. Instead he reached for my hand. "Louie. I know you don't remember, but it is the name you were given by your real parents, on your real birthday. But you were no regular baby, you were born with something special, and your mother and I had to give you away for your own protection. I'm sorry you're learnign about it this way. I would have wished for you to be a little older, but the circumstances demanded I reached out to you now. Things aren't going too well for us. We need your powers, Louie. We need you."

    Then he handed me a data stick and left before I could pick my jaw up from the floor.

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    Alessa, how wierd that the girl who painted this picture shared her name with the ghost from Silent Hill. This picture was pretty morbid. It looked to be a picture of Earth from space, but with human body parts sprouting from it in every direction. She had titled it “humanity is Cancer”. What made it even more disturbing was that this piece was part of a display of work by kids ages eight to twelve. So Alessa Donato was a very creepy little girl.

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