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    I peered out the airplane window at the vast, empty, cerulean ocean. By now, I was used to the fifteen hour flights back and forth from St. Petersburg to New York City, but this one would be the last for a while. This is it, my last semester of med school at NYU. This time next year I’ll be an intern at a big fancy teaching hospital, and I’ll never have to go back to Russia.
    It’s not that I don’t love St. Petersburg, I really, really do. But my family are so exhausting to be around. I’m never doing enough. It’s always “Kat, that’s not appropriate for a young woman,” or like, Mama’s favorite line this past holiday break, “Katia Zoya Dyachkova, when are you going to find a husband? I would like to be able to meet my grandchildren before I’m ninety!”
    I have always been an over achiever. I graduated high school a year early and got full rides to two schools. I chose NYU because I’d never been to New York City and it seemed like the furthest possible place I could go from St. Petersburg. I’m top of my class. I work hard, and I’ve earned everything for myself, no silver spoons here.
    But Mama, she doesn’t see that. All she notices is that I’m in my twenties and still single. All I want is for my family to notice my accomplishments. I want them to see that I am enough, that a woman can support herself.

    Next name: Evangelina
    Halle Isobel, Dove Reilly, Filia Scout, Eloise Ingrid, Shiloh Mathilde, Zuri Fable, Reverie Isla, Maisie Wilder
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    “She says her name is Evangelina.” I translated. “That’s a pretty name, but it’s a mouthful. Does she have a nickname?” I signed what the little girl had asked and the blonde next to me signed back enthusiastically. “She likes to be called Lina, what should she call you?”
    “I’m Hannah. Can you ask her if she wants to play?” I grinned and said “I have a better idea. How about I teach you how to ask her yourself?” Hannah’s face lit up at the suggestion. It’s times like this that I really love my job.

    Next name is Sigourney.

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    The woman at the desk looks at her list, then at us again.
    "Which one of you is Sigourney Little?" My sister raises her hand. "That's me." She nods before fixating on me. "And you are here... for emotional support?" I give her a death stare. Sigourney gives her a death stare. The guy next to her gives her a death stare, the woman to her other side snorts. I slightly raise my shirt to reveal the part where we are joined. "I'm here because my sister is."
    The look on her face is priceless. Of course Sigourney is to nervous to properly enjoy it.
    "And your name is...? For the list, I mean." She's awkwardly trying to play it cool, and when she thinks no one's looking, leans forward to get a better look at us, but our shared leg is hidden under a wide skirt.
    "My name is Regine Little, but you don't need to put it down."
    "Oh? Don't the two of you want to become actresses?"
    "No", says Sigourney. "I want to become an actress. My sister doesn't."

    next: Morris
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    Morris! You get back here!” He didn’t listen to me. The obnoxious dog kept barreling down the street. He was covered with wet, slippery mud, making any attempt to grab him impossible. “ Why did I even take this job?” I ranted to myself. Just when I’m about to give up and call the owner, I see that Morris was now rolling in another puddle with a female dog. “Um, ma’am? Could you help me please?” I ask the apparent owner of the other dog. “Sure. By the way, I’m surprised Mr. Harris didn’t warn you about Morris. That dog escapes about once a month. Luckily he usually ends up coming down here to play with Pepper.” I grab Morris as I answer the woman “he really should have. And he really should do something about that whole in the fence.”


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    I want to try to develop some app game - name generator. But I am a bit bad at web developing so I want to apply to which have a big experience in developing different apps and websites.
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