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    Seasons Family (Round 3, March)

    Round 3- March

    Its Been 5 years, All SO and children from this round were born in March. Roll 1-31 for their birthdate.

    Roll to see relationship status

    If Single in previous round.
    1- Single
    2- Dating
    3- Engaged
    4- Dating
    5- Single
    6- Married

    If Dating in Previous Round
    1- Still Dating
    2- Broke Up & Single
    3- Broke Up and Dating Someone New
    4- Engaged
    5- Married
    6- Still Dating

    If Engaged
    1- Married
    2- Married
    3- Married
    4- Broke Up & Single
    5- Divorced
    6- Still Engaged

    Ages of SO:
    1- Same Age
    2- 1 Year Older
    3- 2 Years Older
    4- 1 Year Younger
    5- 3 Years Older
    6- Same Age

    1- 1
    2- Yes (Twins)
    3- No
    4- No
    5- 1
    6- No
    Gender: Odd=Girl, Even=Boy

    1- (March Names) Bridget, Clover, Erin, Esther, Felicia, Ireland, Marina, Molly, Joyce, Nora, Ruth, Willow//Aiden, Brian, Chance, Connor, Finn, Kai, Liam, Marcus, Oscar, Patrick, Reed Sean, Vincent, William
    2- (Saint Names) Angelia, Claire, Collette, Elizabeth Faith, Frances, Helena, Joan, Mary, Rita, Susanna// Anthony, Christopher, Cyrus, John, Joseph, Leonard, Michael, Matthew, Paul, Peter, Robert
    3- (Irish Names) Ciara, Roisin, Sadhbh, Caoimhe, Erin, Saoirse, Rian, Rory, Aoife, Clodagh, Niamh, Orla//Callum, Connor, Declan, Shay, Cormac, Ronan, Tadhg, Cathal, Lorcan, Darragh, Sean
    4- (Basketball Names) Tristan, James, Jordan, Magic, Becky, Candace, Cheryl, Diana, Alex//Charles, Dwight, Dwayne, Carmelo, Jason, Anthony, Isiah, Jalen, Michael, Kris, Stephen
    5- (“M” Names) Molly, Mia, Michelle, Megan, Marlow, Margot, Meredith, Moira // Morgan, Michah, Maddox, Malcom, Matthew, Mitchell, Max,
    6- (March Celebrity Babies) Portia, Ever, Emily, Georgia, Sam, Olive, Nahla, Odette, Lyric, Jade //Lennox, Beau, Shay, Augstus, Barydon, Liam, Joshua, Thomas, Bear
    Cat Mom to Eli & Louis

    Favorite Boy Names: Theodore, Asher, Judah, Liam & Owen

    Favorite Girl Names: Isobel, Isla, Rosalie, Grace & Rebekah

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    The Seasons Family

    DH: Jack Magnus Seasons (50) Born Jan 18th
    DW: Hana Brielle Seasons (50) Born Jan 5th

    DS: Jonathan Prat Seasons (25) "Jon" Born Jan 20th
    --DExW: Haley Isobel Murray (26) Born Feb 7th
    --DS/DS: Rowen Theodore & David Quinn Seasons (5) Born Feb 16th
    --DS/DD: Molly Roisin & Liam Dwyane Season (2) Born March 6th

    DD: Anna Prim Seasons (24) Born Jan 24th -Single
    --DS: Lorenzo Cruz Seasons (8) Born Feb 3rd
    --DS: Anthony John Seasons “A.J.” (2) Born March 7th

    DS: Asher Anderson Seasons (22) Born Jan 2nd
    --gf: Ciara Jordan Clark (21) Born March 17th
    --DS: Cyrus Patrick Seasons (nb) Born March 23rd

    DS: Jasper Irving Seasons (20) Born Jan 11th -Single
    -Ex-gf: Violet Ann Petrri (20) Born Feb 4th

    Jack & Hana Seasons with Jon, Anna, Asher & Jasper

    Jon and Haley and big brothers Rowen and David welcomed a second set of twins, Molly & Liam. The stress of 4 kids under 3 was too much and they divorced shortly before their 1st birthday.

    Anna had a second one night stand and had baby A.J. a month after Lorenzo turned 6.

    Asher started dating Ciara and they had baby Cyrus about two years into their relationship.

    Jasper and his girlfriend Violet broke up before they went away to University
    Cat Mom to Eli & Louis

    Favorite Boy Names: Theodore, Asher, Judah, Liam & Owen

    Favorite Girl Names: Isobel, Isla, Rosalie, Grace & Rebekah

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    The Seasons Family

    DH: Asher Ford Seasons (50) "January 12th"
    DW: Aspen Celeste Seasons (50) "January 30th"

    DS: Ace Irving Seasons (25) "January 1st"
    -DF: Rosa Eden Fornasetti (24) "February 23"

    DD: Aster Harlow Seasons (23) "January 19th"

    DS: Julian Leif Seasons (22) "January 8th"
    -DGF: Ireland Roisin O'Connor (22) "March 18th"

    DD: Rumi Annabel Seasons (21) "January 4th"
    -DBF: Golden Fisher Hendrix (22) "February 12th"

    DD: Orla Eve Seasons (20) "January 29th"
    -DBF: Thomas Reed Hansen (23) "March 20th"

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    DH: Lief Ryder Seasons [Born: 3rd January]
    DW: Alexandra Eve Seasons [Born: 1st January]

    DS1 [25]: Arthur Jack Seasons [Born: 9th January]
    -DGF [24]: Erin Michelle Davidson [Born: 25th March]
    --DS [1]: Joseph Patrick Seasons [Born: 27th March]
    DD1 [24]: Amelia Celeste Seasons [Born: 15th January]
    DD2 [23]: Annabel Ivy Seasons [Born: 16th January]
    -DBF [26]: Matthew Charles King [Born: 25th March]
    --DD [nb]: Odette Saoirse King [Born: 3rd March]
    DS2 [23]: Barron Archer Seasons [Born: 16th January]
    -DW [25]: Nora Jade Seasons [Born: 9th March]
    DS3 [21]: Jasper Alec Seasons [Born: 19th January]
    Favourites: Nathaniel James , Theodore Rupert, Sebastian Arthur, Benjamin Charles
    Rosalie Pearl, Victoria Claire, Amelia Charlotte, Joanna Edith

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    LN: Seasons
    DH: Caspian Flynn (50)1/15
    DW: Bianca Aster (47) 1/20

    DD: Orla Celeste (25) 1/27
    DH: Felix Carter (25) 2/19
    --DD/DS: Clover Odette/Cyrus Isiah (4) 3/17
    DD: Hana Brielle (23) 1/04 single

    Caspian and Bianca Seasons with Orla and Hana.
    Orla and Felix and their twins Clover and Cyrus.

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