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    Name change for business purposes...

    Hi Momberries,

    I wanted to get some opinions on this. I am on the road to becoming a certified birth doula so I'm currently working on launching my business. This might sound ridiculous but I have a slight insecurity about my first name and I'm thinking of using my middle name for business purposes. I know that sometimes people can't help but judge others according to their name and I feel like mine gives off a slightly ditzy, clueless air so, not one you would want from your birth doula. Maybe I'm just overly sensitive to this, being a name nerd and all, but I don't want to be passed up because of my name.

    So I'm wondering, if you were going to hire a birth doula, would you hire an "Alise" or maybe an "Aly" over a "Brittany"? Or would the doula's name have no affect on your choice? Would you feel dupped if you somehow found out that your doula went by another name in her personal life? Also, have any of you ever used another name for business only? If so, what was your experience like?

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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    I wouldn't hire an Alise over a Brittany but might find it a little odd if the doula used a pseudoname just for career purposes. There's nothing ouffputting or unusual or stereotypical about the name Brittany imo because it is so common ("normal")
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    No, I wouldn't choose an Alise over a Brittany, but I agree with orchid_lover that I would find it strange if my doula went by a different name in professional v. personal life. I don't know if that would bug me in most professional situations, but I feel like with a doula it is such an intimate and personal relationship. Not like this isn't a professional job, just that it would be different to me than finding out that my mechanic's real name is Bunny or my lawyer's real name is Bambi.

    I also don't think that Brittany sounds ditzy or clueless at all.

    I would choose a doula based on things like recommendations from clients, her stated doula philosophies, and how well our personalities meshed.

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    Being 100% honest, if I was scanning a list of doulas and choosing one totally based on name, I may have a slight preference for an Alise, as it does, IMO sound more professional and mainly because I'd think of this person as older/more experienced.

    All in all though, I'd probably only be choosing a doula based on recommendations by midwives or friends, so it's a fairly unlikely scenario their name would affect my choice whatsoever.
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    I'm not very keen on the idea of choosing someone for any job based on their name - that and dob are just about the only things on a cv that you have no control over (though obviously you can change your name!)

    As others have said, when hiring someone with whom you are likely to be at your most stressed and vulnerable, the most important thing is that personality and outlook are a match. Recommendations from others are going to be the most likely thing people will look for, but when you're just starting out I think it's most important to get the "about you" right. If people read your profile and think that's someone I could go through this experience with then they will get in touch. And really, your name should be the least concern.
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    When I was choosing a midwife, as a name enthusiast I did prefer certain names slightly (but not because of any negative associations I had with any names, or any assumptions I made because of the names-- just because if a name made me go, "Ooh, that's pretty," that drew me slightly-- so purely aesthetic, subjective, and impractical) BUT it ended up making no difference whatsoever. I chose entirely based on the distance between their HQs and my home.

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    Thanks for the thoughts, ladies! I wouldn't choose based on someone's name either, I just know I can tend to be more drawn to call one person first because of their name. I suppose I'm just feeling a lack of confidence in terms of starting a business in general. I want it to be perfect, which of course is not very realistic!

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