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    Horizon High School Coed Tennis Team Round 3


    Same Time Frame as Round 2.

    Genders for All: Odd-Female Even-Male

    Roll for Number of Biological Kids.
    1. none
    2. 3
    3. 4
    4. 1
    5. 9
    6. roll 10 sided die for number
    7. 2
    8. 7
    9. 3
    10. 4
    11. 1
    12. 5
    13. roll 4 sided die for number
    14. none
    15. roll 6 sided die for number
    16. 8
    17. none
    18. roll 8 sided die for number
    19. 2
    20. 6

    Age: roll 20 sided die. 20=infant all others that number

    Roll for Adopted Kids
    1. none
    2. none
    3. none
    4. none
    5. roll 4 sided die if in same sex relationship
    6. none
    7. roll 6 sided die for number
    8. roll 4 sided die if no biological children
    9. none
    10. none
    11. roll 4 sided die for number
    12. none

    Age: Parent's age 20. roll that sided die. highest number = infant

    Step Children (roll for each current/ex/late SO)
    1. none
    2. roll 4 sided die if more than one SO
    3. none
    4. roll 6 sided die for number
    5. none
    6. roll 4 sided die for number
    7. roll 4 sided die if no biological children
    8. none
    9. none
    10. none
    11. none
    12. none

    Age: SO's age -15 and - age of oldest child together. and add to age of oldest child together. OR if they have older kids together and are divorced age of youngest child together roll that sided die highest number = infant

    Roll for First and Middle names
    1. Boys:
    2. (serbian, norse myth, witch and hungarian)
    3. (first two names on the list)
    4. (georgia, 1985)
    5. Ends with K or C
    7. version of parent's first middle or last name
    9. Boys:
    10. Boys: (both genders, rare and choose a last name)
    Girls: Ivy, Fae, Iris, Wren, Calla, Violet, Aven, Maeve, Isadora, Indigo, India, Isolde, Imelda, Isabel, Sage, Dara, Dinah, Bethia, Dasha, Dina, Elara, Adah, Fenna, Nuala, Nula, Ceylon, Dania, Cassia, Merrigan, Madigan, Dree, Merida, Taliesin, Raisel, Raizel, Raisa, Nadia, Simone, Una, Delia, Belia, Greer, Lilia, Maren, Quinn, Thalia, Finley, Cassia, Merritt, Truett
    11. Boys: Paisley, Bosley, Bobby, Romeo, Aiden, August, Cade, Dylan, Ebon, Elijah, Enzo, Evan, Everett, Ezra, Gabriel, George, Kai, Leland, Luca, Nico, Noah, Sawyer, Leandro, Arthur, Enoch, Felix, Calen, Oswin, Brinley, Zander, Levi, Hobart, Lincoln, Esau, Lucan, Niall, Amari, Birch, Douglas, Fisher, Marlon, Kale, Rafiq, Vincent, Isaac, Jesse, Arian, Amory, Elio, Mattie
    Girls: Paisley, Bobby, Mimi, April, Sissy, Missy, Adelaide, Barbie, Cassidy, Cecilia, Claire, Clara, Emery, Hadley, Harlow, Harper, Kennedy, Mabella, Makenna, Matilda, Nico, Nora, Piper, Rachel, Ruby, Shiloh, Wren, Wylie, Eliana, Zuly, Leah, Pedra, Future, Poppy, Nadine, Didi, Dorothy, Rae, Sloane, Rue, Arianne, Gloria, Larisa, Aja, Moxie, Felicity, Kira, Amani, Avita, Grace
    12. (1926, top 100)
    13. (scroll on top)
    14. Contains a B and Y
    15. Contains a D and M
    16. Boys:
    17. Starts with Q or X
    18. Boys: Contains a C and I
    19. Starts with O or U
    20. (iranian, basque, bulgarian and irish)

    Roll for Last Names
    1. (either, polish, hinduism, portuguese, ancient celtic & biblical)
    3. Ends with E
    4. Starts with B
    5. (masculine & tsang)
    6. Contains but doesn't start or end with a Z
    7. (box in middle)
    10. (parent's last name)

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    British Columbia
    Isla Mirjam Thorogood (38)
    ex-DH: Jeffrey David Irving (36)

    DD: Frances Liadain "Frankie" Thorogood (12)
    DD: Lillian Judith "Lillie" Thorogood (6)
    DD: Helen Madeline Thorogood (5)

    DF: Petro Vasiliy Heleros (37)

    Winterrose Emery McCreery (34)
    DH: Henry Spencer Hudson (45)

    DD: Lena Charlotte Hudson (13)
    DS: Benat Desmond Hudson (11)
    DS: Enzo Simon Hudson (9)
    DS: Matyas Patrick Hudson (1)

    Willis John Irving (37)
    DGF: Piper Vivian Gooding (40)

    Anabelle Lucy Campbell (37)
    DH: Emmett Richard Maria (30)

    DS: Jacob Michael Campbell-Maria (9)
    DS: Benjamin Trevor Campbell-Maria (7)
    DD/DS/DD: Emma Lauren, Matt Ryan and Adam Nicholas Campbell-Maria (6)
    DD: Rachel Isabel Campbell-Maria (4)

    Swan Daphne Taylor (39)
    DF: Maia Dalelin Cage (28)

    ADS: Luca Chester Taylor-Cage (8)
    ADD: Florence Delphine "Flora" Taylor-Cage (7)
    ADS: Oscar Bernard Taylor-Cage (5)

    Gaelen Dorothy Quart (35)

    Ashton Reid Ireland (35)
    DW: Coral Dorothea Thorogood (37)

    DS: Reid Cameron Ireland (14)
    DS: Harley Oak Ireland (7)
    DS: Lucas Ashley Ireland (5)
    DS: Gavin Sawyer Ireland (2)

    Edward Patrick Campbell (39)

    ADD: Felicity Georgia Campbell (11)
    ADD: Julianne Opal Campbell (4)

    August Declan Dray (37)
    DW: Oona Louise Thorogood (32)

    DD: Adelaide Freya "Addie" Dray (4)
    DS: Theodore Quincy "Teddy" Dray (2)

    James Colby Dray (37)
    DF: Naomi Esther Magdalena (39)

    step-DD: Matilda Paris Brock (17)
    step-DS: Rhys Phillip Brock (14)

    Roland Sandor Queshire (35)
    DW: Tanya Camille Hunt (45)

    DS: Tyson Frederick Queshire (13)
    DD: Arden Amaya Queshire (10)
    DD: Bailey Teresa Queshire (9)
    DS/DD: Eric Adrian and Claire Rossella Queshire (8)
    DS/DD: Finn Keiran and Lark Kathryn Queshire (5)

    Luna Maisyn Fairfax (39)
    DH: Bear Truman Padereau (34)

    DD: Darcy Maisyn Fairfax (6)
    DD: Elora Xanthe Fairfax (3)

    Duncan Maxwell Stone (36)
    ex-DW: Amelie Yastibela Aeron (42)

    DS: Sean Rupert Stone (12)
    DS: Calvin Victor Stone (11)
    DS: Oliver Arthur Stone (9)

    DGF: Larysa Mary Love (38)

    DD: Bryony Faunalyn Love-Stone (1)

    Greer Lillian Baker (37)
    DF: George Edward Magdalena (38)

    DS: Desmond Orion Baker (14)
    DS: Cedric Elias Baker (3)
    DS: Garrett Cormac Baker (2)
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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    1. Nova Gwenyth Burrell (39)
    high school physics teacher
    ----DAD: Catherine Violeta Freeman (16)
    ----DAD: Olivia Naive Freeman (14)
    ----DAD: Rachel Lilac Freeman (12)
    ----DAD: Penelope Rihanna Freeman (11)
    ----DS: Zein Hammond Papa (9)
    --DF: Quinton Zorro Papa (47) {Kobe's Brother}
    home inspector
    ----DD: Raya Godiva Papa (2)
    ----DS: Xavier Adrian Papa (1)
    **Nova adopted her best friend's daughters Catherine, Olivia, Rachel and Penelope 5 years ago when her and her husband were killed in a car accident.**

    2. Lamont Mowgli Johnson (35) {Kriede and Isobel's Brother}
    mine safety engineer
    --DW: Ianthe Tecmessa {Jones} Johnson (49) {Candie's Sister}
    commercial pilot instructor
    ----DS: Ictaro David Johnson (11)
    ----DD: Xericka Barbara Johnson (10)

    3. Dubay Liv {Viola} Nine (37) {Oleart's Sister}
    salon manager
    --DEXH: Normon Zion Jones (43)
    landscape architect
    --DH: James Elisha Nine (43) {Victor's Brother}
    hydrographic surveyor
    ----DD: Bobby Jasmine Nine (4)

    4. Oliviann Ilona {Ryquer} Maria (39)
    ----DS: Haymitch Svetomir Vole (17)
    ----DD: Cassia Snezana Vole (14)
    --DLH: George Noah Maria (58) {Wilson's Uncle}
    maintenance technician
    ----DD: Leah Ester Maria (9)
    ----DS: William Dominich Maria (8)
    ----DD: Jeanne Merritt Maria (7)
    ----DD: Bonnie Michelle Maria (6)
    ----DD: Christina Maude Maria (2)
    ----DS: George Johnathan Maria (1)
    **George senior died of a heart attack when Oliviann was 4 months pregnant with George Jr. When Oliviann found out it was a boy she decided to name him after his late father.**

    5. Victor George Nine (35) {James's Brother}
    postal carrier
    --DEXW: Charlotte Sinead {Orlali} Nine (31) {Emily's Sister}
    meter reader
    --DGF: Abby Carrie Garcia (37) {Elise's Twin Sister}
    ----DS: Ivan Madigan Garcia (1)
    ----DD: Alexys Tereza Garcia (1)

    6. Samuel Logan Quiver (35) {Cheryl's Brother}
    merchant marine officer {armed forces}
    ----DS: Gaen Herbert Zoupaing (18)
    ----DD: Mabella Nicole Zoupaing (15)
    ----DS: Dail Xavier Gituska (6)
    ----DS: Jovan Jonathan Gituska (6)

    7. Luc Daniel Twitty (34)
    --DW: Avery Dolce {Reed} Twitty (36)
    preschool teacher
    ----DS: Maynard Eric Twitty (15)
    ----DD: Kylie Ava Twitty (12)
    ----DS: Oliver John Twitty (7)
    ----DS: Oswald Lial Twitty (7)
    ----DS: Gary Owen Twitty (6)
    ----DD: Emily Danielle Twitty (5)
    ----DS: Mark Weston Twitty (5)
    ----DS: Charlie Vernon Twitty (3)
    ----DS: Milton Toby Twitty (6 months)

    8. Despereaux Clay Requimb (38) "DC"
    elevator safety coordinator
    --DEXW: Cheryl Emmyloo {Quiver}Requimb (36) {Samuel's Sister}
    chairman of the board for regional sales outlet
    --DGF: Candie Princess Jones (52) {Ianthe's Sister}
    film processing clerk

    9. Quinn Patch Longbottom (35)
    dental assistant
    --DW: Emily Kristen {Orlali} Longbottom (34) {Charlotte's Sister}
    milling and planing machine operator
    ----DD: Michelle Nisat Longbottom (16)
    ----DD: Madison Fiafih Longbottom (10)

    10. Jennifer Emma Quasper (38)
    tire servicer
    ----DS: Denes Brian Quasper (12)
    ----DD: Yrlissa Lauren Quasper (10)
    ----DS: Xerxes Quinn Quasper (7)
    ----DD: Edina Faith Quasper (6)
    --DBF: Matt Clive Sanders (25)
    heat treating equipment operator

    11. Bawnie Berkeley Leeds (39)
    college psychology teacher's assistant
    --DF: Wilson Booker Maria (37) {George's Nephew}
    youth program director
    ----DS: Walter Ferris Maria (9)

    12. Kreide Silver Johnson (35) {Lamont and Isobel's Sister}
    hospital front office coordinator
    --DLH: Ian Landen Kamon (34)
    loan underwriter
    ----DS: Millard Kostadin Kamon (15)
    --DBF: Carlos Charlie Hill (32)
    car alarm installer
    ----DD: Charla Edit Hill (8)
    ----DS: Chris Holden Hill (8)
    ----DS: Oakley Quiver Hill (6)

    13. Jason Oakie Matsuzaka (37)
    maxillofacial prostetics dentist
    --DEXW: Jade Emma {Maria} Matsuzaka (45) {Amanda's Cousin}
    animal control officer
    ----DSS: Manville Ulysses Maria (27)
    ----DSS: Jakov Taof Maria-Desiderio (20)
    ----DSS: William Boyd Maria-Desiderio (18)
    --DGF: Amanda Honor Maria (41) {Jade's Cousin}
    warehouse production officer
    ----DSS: Armando Barley Tita (19)
    ----DSD: Xaviera Lasa Tita (16)
    ----DSD: Maren Xandra Maria (5)
    ----DSD: Emilia Grace Maria (3)

    14. Emmett Ethan DeCarlo (35) {bi}
    analytical chemist
    ----DS: Nicholas Neil DeCarlo (17)
    ----DS: Zack Zayn DeCarlo (16)
    ----DD: Carrington Cowi DeCarlo (15)
    ----DS: Finnen Faybian DeCarlo (13)
    ----DD: Darcy Dorothy DeCarlo (13)
    ----DD: Viola Vivian DeCarlo (11)
    ----DD: Sage Spark DeCarlo (10)
    ----DD: Roma Ramada DeCarlo (8)
    ----DD: Lyra Lynette DeCarlo (2)
    **Emmett is kinda a man slut. He has 9 kids with 4 different women.**

    15. Europe Walker Wilson (38)
    lithograph press operator
    --DGF: Savannah Kayla Pryor (37)
    furnace installer
    ----DSD: Oona Kelly Pryor (20)
    ----DS: Amari Arick Wilson (15)
    ----DAS: Luc Zachary Wilson (15)
    ----DD: Ryan Abene Wilson (13)
    ----DAS: Walker Gordon Wilson (10)
    ----DAS: Dundee Damien Wilson (5)
    ----DS: Moser Maddox Wilson (5)
    ----DD: Lark Merrick Wilson (4)
    ----DAS: Ra'Shede Oric Wilson (4 months)

    16. Carmen Ione Martin (39)
    nurse practitioner
    --DH: Kobe Gage Papa (41) {Quinton's Brother}
    telecommunications attendant
    ----DS: Oliver Heath Papa (14)
    ----DS: Moses Boyd Papa (12)
    ----DD: Angel Kate Papa (7)
    ----DD: Alyssa Rae Papa (5)
    ----DD: Marcia Quinn Papa (2)
    ----DD: Olivia Paige Papa (1)

    17. Oleart Iona Viola (35) --Dupay's Sister--
    environmental scientist
    ----DS: Derek Barney Rita (19)
    ----DD: Ulina Tiriara Rita (15)
    --DF: Steve Tyler Varejao (32)
    data entry clerk

    18. Elise Mary Garcia (37) {Abby's Twin Sister} {homo}
    greenhouse manager
    ----DS: James Jesse Primrose (16)
    ----DD: Antasia Imelda Garcia-Aurelia (4)
    ----DD: Bailey Rachel Garcia-Aurelia (9 months)
    **Elise had James before she came out. Antasia and Bailey's father is one of Elise's best friends who is also gay and really wanted kids. After discussing it for over a year and going through couples counseling to see if they'd be good parents they decided to try and now live in side by side duplexes with their little girls.**

    19. Isobel Libertad Johnson-Carney (34) {Lamont and Kriede's Sister} {bi}
    commercial artist
    --DEXW: Valerie Anne Johnson (46) {not related}
    fire claims adjuster
    --DEXH: John Khoussaic Jones (32) {Candie and Ianthe's Nephew}
    ----DAD: Rihanna Gegih Jones (12)
    ----DAS: Dawson Colman Jones (10)
    --DH: James Maximus Carney (38)
    movie critic
    ----DSD: Tink Marda Carney (13)
    ----DSD: Lyric Maja Owen-Carney (8)
    ----DSD: Music Kada Owen-Carney (7)
    ----DS: Maxwell Vick Carney (5)
    ----DS: Mordechai Freedman Carney (3)
    ----DAS: Queston Allen Carney (3)
    ----DAS: Hollis Jamison Carney (1)
    ----DAS: Isaac Ronald Carney (1)
    ----DD: Betty Chloe Carney (2 months)

    20. Henry Knox Ellingson (38)
    shipping/receiving clerk
    ----DD: Ora Lauren Beingzhem (19)
    ----DD: Julia Rita Beingzhem (18)
    --DGF: Jessica Winnie Cevahir (29)
    ----DSD: Dinah Pimu Keren-Cevahir (10)
    ----DSD: Thelma Ivy Keren-Cevahir (10)
    ----DS: Sean Cevahir Ellingson (8)

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    1. Cesar Shadow Jordan (37)
    --DF: Emily Oona Pointer (33)

    2. Mark Hastings Quarrell (38)
    ----DS: Marco Isaac Quarrell (18)
    --DGF: Olivia Jane Rodriguez (50) {Melissa's Sister}
    ----DS: Evan Kynaston Rodriguez (6)

    3. Caius Quinton Melody (38)
    --DW: Mary Madonna {Buck} Melody (32)
    ----DS: Calen Macon Melody (3)

    4. Ville Dennis Barton (39)
    --DW: Melissa Jordan {Rodriguez} Barton (42) {Olivia's Sister}
    ----DD: Alazane Mya Barton (19)
    ----DD: Bermuda Ali Barton (19)
    ----DD: Stephanie Lindsey Barton (16)
    ----DD: Merida Myriani Barton (15)
    ----DD: Lillie Barcelona Barton (13)
    ----DS: Emmet Kazmer Barton (11)
    ----DS: Oakley Kaaf Barton (4)
    ----DD: Nicola Simran Barton (3)
    ----DS: Connak James Barton (1)

    5. Justin Huckleberry Shue (36)
    ----DS: David Huck Shue (19)
    ----DS: Martin Velibor Shue (18)
    --DEXW: Atlas Nan {Broome} Shue (40) {Dryas' Sister}
    ----DSD: Merrick Todot Lute-Broome (18)
    ----DSD: Gwen Sawuh Lute-Broome (17)
    ----DSD: Quinta Mocu Lute-Broome (14)
    ----DS: Jaxon Maddox Shue (13)
    ----DS: Akeem Urban Shue (13)
    ----DS: Zachary Barclay Shue (12)
    --DW: Jennie Raine {Connelly} Shue (28)
    ----DSD: Allison Omery Violet (13)
    ----DSD: Leah Ethel Connelly (10)
    ----DSD: Lark Remedy Connelly (7)
    ----DD: Laura Hason Shue (6)
    ----DS: Brock Kynaston Shue (3)
    ----DD: Ellen Saga Shue (1)
    ----DD: Olivia Lilac Shue (1)
    ----DD: Kira Lilia Shue (1)

    6. Taylor Mireille Kingsley (38) {Reef's Sister}
    ----DS: Quincy Zeller Kingsley (18)
    --DF: Alejandro James Perez (42) {Jose's Brother}

    7. Joelle Kylie {Clementi} White (34)
    ----DS: Brendan Ronald Loumjaim (18)
    ----DS: Bosley Gandalf Clementi-Yolanda (14)
    --DH: Robert Ozwold White (41)
    ----DAS: Spencer Joe White (10)
    ----DS: Robbie Madiven White (6)
    ----DAD: Symone Vudil White (5)
    ----DAD: Stephanie Grania White (4)
    ----DAS: Samuel Dominic White (4)
    ----DAS: Sherwood Joseph White (1)
    ----DAS: Sebastian Vick White (2 months)
    **Spencer, Symone, Stephanie, Samuel, Sherwood and Sebastian are Robert's brother's kids. Robert's brother was killed overseas 6 months ago and his wife died during childbirth with Sebastian.**

    8. Olwynne Kimberly {Twitty} Broome (38)
    --DH: Dryas Miron Broome (38) {Atlas' Brother}
    ----DS: David Niall Broome (19)
    ----DS: Tyler Nim Broome (18)
    ----DS: Joshua Nathaniel Broome (11)
    ----DS: Reddick Nolan Broome (9)
    ----DD: Eadan Nuala Broome (8)
    ----DS: Everly Nico Broome (7)
    ----DS: Branham Noah Broome (1)

    9. Iman Kathryn {Twitty} Matlin-Kingsley (39)
    ----DD: Dorothea Brynn Francisco (19)
    --DLH: Finnegan Artemidoros Matlin (31)
    --DH: Reef Gregory Kingsley (35) {Taylor's Brother}
    ----DAS: Kais Benny Kingsley (9)
    ----DAS: Orson Brice Kingsley (8)
    ----DAD: Margaret Bernice Kingsley (6)
    ----DS: Hampton Buckley Kingsley (3)

    10. Lucy Mia Jacquard (37)
    --DH: Jose Sivran Perez (41) {Alejandro's Brother}

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    Holiday, Florida, USA


    1. Ariana Anzhela (Campbell) Kosmes (37)
    -DH: Henry William Kosmes (37) {Gracie's brother}
    --DSS: Falk Umar Kosmes (22)
    --DSS/DSS: Jonathan Lucas Kosmes/Izak Athens Kosmes (Jonah and Izak) (20)
    --DSS: Ricardo Barry "Rick" Kosmes (18)
    --DSS: Nikolai Garrick "Niko" Kosmes (17)
    --DSD: Opal Kelli Kosmes (13)
    --DS: Jethro Nick Kosmes (9)
    --DD: Paisley Vic Kosmes (8)

    2. Brandon Ross "Bran" Zeta-Jones (38)
    -DW: Grace Gafare "Gracie" (Kosmes) Zeta-Jones (41) {Henry's sister}
    --DSS: Cauf Coon Kosmes (18)
    --DSS: Biom Edric Kosmes (17)
    --DSD: Dorothy Edina "Dori" Kosmes (8)
    --DSS: Bryson Quinton Kosmes (5)
    --DSD: Madison Avery "Maddie" Kosmes (2)

    3. Ringo Prince Martin (35)
    -DW: Aria Victoria (Derya) Martin (25) {Beth's sister}
    --DS: Dominick Place "Dom" Martin (2)

    4. Ethan Willie Harmon (36)
    -DexW: Elizabeth Avery "Beth" Derya (33) {Aria's sister}
    -DW: Brooke Marley (Thomas) Harmon (32) {Dylan's sister}
    --DSS: Bosley Dominik Thomas (17)
    --DSD: Xaviera Grace Thomas (13)

    5. Michelle Isobel "Shelly" Clementi (39)
    -DFiance: Martyn Gleb Quattrocchi (49) {Della's brother}
    --DS: Sawyer Pete Quattrocchi (15)
    --DS: Darvell Mattie Quattrocchi (13)

    6. Erwin Trevin Johann (36)
    -DW: Fawziya Zina (Martin) Johann (36) {Ringo's sister}
    --DS: Cionaodh Leslie Johann (13)
    --DD: Risa Ellen Johann (1)

    7. Dylan Padraig Thomas (35) {Brooke's brother}
    -DW: Brittany Jacquie (Brylgvild) Thomas (28)
    --DSS: Lazar Grisham Brylgvild (10)
    --DSD: Janai Pevim Brylgvild (5)
    --DS: Ethan Carl Thomas (3)

    8. Delphine Finella "Della" Quattrocchi (36) {Martyn's sister}
    -DBF: Walter Carlos "Walt" Ameche (40)
    --DD/DD: Adelaide Stephanie Ameche/Catherine Yannic Ameche (Addy and Cate) (11)
    --DD: Quiana Melody Ameche (9)
    --DS: Jacob Jerry "Jake" Ameche (5)
    --DS: Xander Ty Ameche (4)
    --DD: Erzsébet Mabel "Liza" Ameche (1)

    9. Owen Crosby Lawson (34)
    -DFiancee: Lena London Mozgov (37)
    --DD: Nagore Mathilde Lawson (12)
    --DD: Abadda Tianna Lawson (9)
    --DS: Olaf Lincoln Lawson (8)
    --DD: Xanthe Mikayla Lawson (4)
    --DD: Abarat Alyssa Lawson (3)

    10. Leo Rudolph Campbell (38) {Ariana's brother}
    -DW: Bugroure Aqua "Rory" (Paquet) Campbell (29) {Alma's sister}
    --DS/DS: Steed Nicolas Campbell/Damion Rodolfo Campbell (17) {Leo fathered Steed and Damion in college, years before he met Rory}
    --DS/DD: Hrolf Quincy Campbell/Adorellan Lila Campbell (Hrolf and Adora) (5)

    11. Lachlan John "Locke" Shaw (39)
    -DW: Erica Karena (Bilge) Shaw (39)
    --DSS: John Eric Bilge (23)
    --DS: Archer Usama Shaw (9)

    12. Alma Yelena Paquet (38) {Rory's sister}
    -DexW: Mariska Pythias "Mari" Cruz (42)
    --DS: Noah Coronado Cruz-Paquet (12)
    -DexW: Melanie Sian Pyle (35)
    --DSD: Queenie Gabby Pyle (13)
    --DS: Joshua Brayden "Josh" Pyle-Paquet (9)
    --DD: Olivia Helena "Liv" Pyle-Paquet (7)
    -DGF: Gillian Claire Jefferson (36)
    --DD: Aifric Chelsea Jefferson-Paquet (3)
    --DD: Cori Myra Jefferson-Paquet (1)

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