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    Marlow's full name is Marlow Jude, all of my other pets have only one name (though I'm toying with Ezra Atticus and other middle names for them just because I love names)


    callista june, calliope lavender, charlie lunaria, clementine louise, cecily lark, cosette astraea, coraline acadia, cordelia altalune, cassia elowen, cleo rosemary, cressida piper


    caspian apollo, cousteau ambrose, calloway felix, cove evander, cosmo everest, conrad alastair, castor ernest, casimir sage, cyperus otto

    pet mama to sons marlow, scout, oliver, ezra & jupiter

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    Dog - Jack Russell/Pug Mix
    Name: Dexter
    Full Name: Dexter Diablo Napoleon
    Nicknames: Dex, Dexter Diablo, Little Napoleon, Bud, Buddy, Bug, Butthead, Woody Woodpecker, and he gets called Pumbaa at the dog park lol
    Reasons: He came to us with the name Dexter, my older sister named him, and we liked it. Diablo because he’s a little devil sometimes. Napoleon because he has a Napoleon complex; he thinks he’s a German Shepherd, I swear lmao. He gets called Woody Woodpecker because when his hair grows in he gets a little mohawk of red on his head, even tho there’s no other red on his body. And he gets called Pumbaa because he walks around like Pumbaa and he looks strikingly similar to the live action Pumbaa color, height and weight wise. Trying to catch him is also very much like trying to catch a greased pig, so it works lol

    Cat - Tuxedo
    Name: Kiara
    Full Name: Doesn’t have one
    Nicknames: Kierre, Kyra, Kee, Miss Kiara, French Fry, Little One, Mao/MaoMao, Murr/MurrMurr, Pumpkin, Lump, Sweet Thing, and various other cutesy pet names.
    Reasons: We named her Kiara because it means “little dark one” and she was so tiny and mostly black, so it seemed fitting. French Fry was the name we gave her after we first rescued her, when she was too young to determine her gender. She lived up to it too, she LOVES French Fries lol. I felt weird calling for French Fry tho, so we also used Little One. We call her Pumpkin because she was born in October and came to us just shy of Halloween. Mao and Murr are based on her sound effects. Lump is because she likes to hide under blankets and become a lump in the bed. Sweet Thing is after a Keith Urban song.

    Cat - White/Grey Striped Tabby
    Name: Missy
    Full Name: Doesn’t have one
    Nicknames: Miss, Miss-Miss, Miss Missy, Missy Girl, Cherry Mistmas, Mistletoe, Miss-chievous, Pissy Missy, and Fat Cat. Sometimes we call her Queen of the House too, bc she’s the oldest pet. She also gets various cutesy pet names, but mostly Baby Girl.
    Reasons: Pretty much anything that incorporates ‘Miss’, we call her. Cherry Mistmas is Merry Christmas but with the first letters moved and that somehow caught on as her “Holiday Nickname”, along with Mistletoe. Pissy Missy is for when she’s in a bad mood. And my sister’s bf calls her Fat Cat even though she’s not all that fat lol.

    Cat - Orange Tabby (deceased)
    Name: Scamper
    Full Name: Scamper Bob Stanley
    Nicknames: Scamps, Scamper Boy, Scamper Bob, Buggaboo, Bug, King Scamper, Houdini, and Baby Boy.
    Reasons: Scamper was named immediately after we put him down in our house and he went racing through it. Bob and Stanley were my (very young at the time) sister’s additions. They somehow managed to stick. I have no idea where I got Buggaboo from, but I called him that ALL the time. He really, truly was the King of the house; always observing from high up places like Mufasa on Pride Rock. And he was a real escape artist too, hence Houdini. Couldn’t catch this cat for anything and he slipped out of every single collar and helped Missy out of her's until we just gave up lol.
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    Cat: Ragdoll
    Fullname: Delia Scarlett Forresta
    Name: Delia
    Delia - It's a character in my all time favorite movie, since I'm 6, called the 12 dancing princesses. I have watched it over a thousand times.
    Scarlett - I can't see myself naming a daughter Scarlett but I am in love with the name and I know a little special girl whose name is Scarlett. Also, Delia's collar at the breeder's house was red and Scarlet (I prefer it with two 'T' means red.
    Forresta - It was her birth name so I had to keep it somewhere. I thought it was so majestic and it made me think of the Enchanted Forrest.
    Nicknames: Deli, Lia, Lil, Lillie, Lilbean, Delz, My Majesty (She is the queen of the house so this is a perfect nickname that I like to call her for fun), and many others that I throw in there sometimes.

    Cat: Somali
    Fullname: Isla Mae Regina Swan
    Name: Isla
    Isla - Again, it's a character from the 12 dancing princesses so I thought it was perfect with Delia and I have always loved both of those names.
    Mae - It's the middle name of many of my favorite/most important people in my life and I can't use it with a future daughter so I used it on a cat, hehe
    Regina and Swan - Regina Mills and Emma Swan are my two favorite characters from my all time favorite tv show, Once upon a time (OUAT). They both are very inspiring and brave characters as well as my Isla who almost died before I adopted her. (She was stuck with her siblings when they were a few weeks old in a shed and she was the one ''screaming'' for help, she was also laying on top of her siblings to keep them warm)
    Nicknames: Mae, MaeMae, Isla Boo, Boo, Booboo, Pumpkin (Boo & Pumpkin because she is orange and she was born in fall), Belle (because Pumpkin reminded me of the name of the character Rumplestiltskin in OUAT and Belle is his wife, Belle means beauty and Isla is a beauty so the nickname stuck), My little savior (in reference to OUAT)

    ♀ girl names:
    aurelia | olivia | evangeline | arielle | emma
    indie | amelia | charlotte | eleonore | lilia

    ♂ boy names:
    flynn | matteo | nolan | evander | felix
    elliot | charles | theo | finley | william

    ♀♂ combos:
    clara mae | eliam august | evalie june
    theodore henry | estelle meredith | lucas finnegan

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    Dog: cockapoo
    Rocky Balboa
    Was my birthday present when I turned 10 and was teeeeeny tiny (2.5 pounds of fluff) when we got him. My dad said that such a little guy needed a tough name and, being that we're from the Philly area, that was it. We just lost him in April at almost 15 and I cried hysterically for days, that dog had my whole heart from minute one.
    Other things we called him: Rock, Pocky, Rockin, Rockland Road, Rock'n'roll High School, Rock Lobster, more that I can't think of

    Dog: little rescue (we think Havanese or Havapoo)
    Really just the Eric Clapton song, that's it.
    Other things we call her: Lay, LayLay, Little Girl, Aretha, Sasha Fierce (she was Sasha before we adopted her)

    Nicknames for the two of them as a unit: Fluffy and Stuffy, Stinky and Blinky, Stinkus and Blinkus

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    My cat is Mister Ellis, known as Mister or Mist.
    Cat Mom to Mister Ellis.

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    All of our dogs are named after characters. Our now teenage sons named our current 10-year-old dogs.

    Sheldon Cooper (Red-Nosed Pit Bull) *yes, I sing "Soft Kitty" to him
    Ginny Weasly (German Shepard/Black Lab)

    Have also had Maxim de Winter (German Shepard), Scarlett O'Hara (Pit Bull mix) and Murray Buchman (Yellow Lab/German Shepard)

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    My large sassy cat- Daisy Mae
    My Bassett mix- Toast Mateo Sebastian
    My Holland lop bunny- Bambi Rose

    I have also had a Newfoundland named Sirius Black but we called him Blackie

    Caspian Micheal Arrow
    Roland Arthur Quill
    Phillip Noah Stone
    Frederick Wesley Quest
    Sullivan James Wilder

    Bridget Marie Story
    Cordelia Renee Poem
    Avalon Eloise Maple
    Mabel Anne Clover

    first middles are family names
    nicknames at the bottom

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    Your pets have middle names??? Hate to break it to you, but they’re not actual children...
    We just named our bulldog Vicious as a joke (she’s a huge coward)
    Milo Peter 2015

    Otis Henry is here! 💞

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    I grew up always using the original name my pet had before I got it, as a middle name. This resulted in quite the interesting combos...

    A grey cat named Gus-Gus Billy
    A brown cat named Snickers Sun Valley Sue (yes, her original name was the full combination of Sun Valley Sue)
    A sweet little hedgehog named Poppy Clover

    I'd like to think I've improved on naming by now but it's fun to look back on those silly times.
    Etta Hazel, Blaire Vivian, Wren Louise, Sadie Pearl, Rowan Blythe, Maeve

    Arlo Mason, Flynn Thatcher, Wesley Kai,
    Jude Asher, Beau Riley, Nash Elliot, Theo

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