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    Feb 2017
    Golden terrier/daushaund mix:

    Tucker James

    And if I need something more dramatic, Tucker James Puppydog Hazel (Hazel is last name).
    Imogen Ruth | Charlotte Josephine | Mattie Louisa

    Phineas Wade | Atticus Graham | Augustus Levi

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    Jan 2019
    Cat name:
    Newton Reginald Schibbelhut

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    Cat usually known as Mister. Full name Mister Ellis. Mister because he is male and Ellis after Aston Villa chairman Sir Doug Ellis.
    Cat Mom to Mister Ellis.

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    May 2016
    Texas, USA
    Yellow Lab Mix

    Milo Remus

    Milo - The name the shelter gave him was Louis Armstrong. But my SO and I didn’t find that very fitting on him—cute, but ‘it’. After first meeting our new dog, I knew he needed a soft, gentle sounding yet masculine male name. Sam was what first came to mind, but that was too common, plus also didn’t fit his lovable, goofy, dopey personality. I’d been in love with Milo for years, and was even on my list for as a potential child name. So when it came up during a quick nameberry search of ‘soft boy names’, it was perfect. We both loved it, and it fit him perfectly!
    Remus - When I mentioned that he needed a middle name, my SO was set on Rey/Ray or Raymond. I wasn’t sold. He kept listing off other Rey-related names and Remus came up. Remus J. Lupin was one of my absolute favorite characters in Harry Potter, so I was immediately smitten.

    Other names we initially considered were Zuma and Thane. We also had another puppy, named Saige Annabelle, but unfortunately we had to give her up to a specialty rescue group. (Initially, her name was Saige Avalon, and then changed to Saige Annabelle—perfect and SO fitting—, and then changed again to Saige Meadow by said rescue group.)
    Zoie | INFP | Old Soul | Crazy Dog Lady | Ravenclaw
    Fur-Mum to Milo Remus (Yellow Lab Mix) & Tiabeanie “Bean” Faye (Chi/Papillon Mix)
    Interests: Dogs & Psychology.

    My Favorites:
    Aurora Lily, “Rori” ~ Iris Evangeline ~ Opal Eleanor ~ Ivy Eloise ~ Lavender Mae ~ Rosalind Sophia, “Rosie”

    Sebastian River - Arthur Grey - Hugo Atlas - Henry Hawthorne - River James - Griffin Alexander

    Current Crushes:
    Daphne & Caelan

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    My 8 year old Chihuahua passed away on Nov. 15th... Her full name was Guadalupe Raimunda, known as Lupe or Lupita.

    We adopted a puppy from the dog pound. We don't know his breed but we think he is what we call over here a 'Bardino' or 'Majorero'. His name is Baltimore Anacleto. He goes by Balto, which is the name of one of my favourite movies!
    ♥Valentina Mae Stella ♥
    /'vælənˈtiːnə/:"strength, health"
    /'meɪ/:"bitter or pearl"
    /ˈstɛlə/:''tail of a comet''

    ♠Thiago Sasha Cove ♠
    /ˈsɑːʃə/:''defending men"

    ♠Leandro Tristan Yves ♠
    /'ɪv/:"yew wood"

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    We have a four year old tuxedo cat named Robert Kelso Bowser Manco (Manco is the last name). His name before we rescued him was Bowser. Robert Kelso is a character in Scrubs, which my boyfriend and I watched together when we first started dating 8 years ago. Because of this, we can say, "Who has two thumbs and doesn't give a crap? Bob Kelso!" We also recently watched all of That 70s Show again together, so the Kelso is because of Kelso in that show. His name tag says "Bob," but I mostly call him Bobby or Boobie. His other nicknames are: Boob Manco, The Loaf, Burrito Man, and I am constantly saying, "What a man!" around him, so that should be considered a nickname at this point.

    We also have a one (almost two) year old orange tabby named Mary Jane Spook-a-Loo Manco. She has always been called MJ since we rescued her (she was originally named Carroll, and that just did not capture her personality; MJ is the perfect fit). We named her MJ after the character in Spider-Man. She sleeps with a Spiderman plush in one of their many many cat beds and has her own Spider-Man blanket. I don't know what a Spook-a-Loo is, but I made it up one day and have called her that so much ever since. She's just a Spook. I can't really explain it, haha. We also call her: Pook the Spook, Squish, Squishy, and MJ-bo-ben-jay.
    Lindsey | 23 | Rescue Cat Momma to MJ and Bob

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    I only like human names for pets.

    We have two dogs, a Cavalier named Beatrix Katherine and a Cockapoo named Circe Marigold.

    We also have three cats, Zinnia, Oliver, and Ichabod.

    I love my pets’ names!
    🦉 Apolline Cosima, Cleo Hannelore, Cressida Honey, Faustine Pearl, Flora Solenne, Lavender Juna, Lumina Anaïs, Myrtle Seraphina, Odette Nefretiri, Ophelia Rosamund, Primrose Jane, Violette Minerva 🦉

    🦊 August Leander, Axel Edgar, Calder ?, Caspar Fox, Émile ?, Felix Peregrine, Hayes ?, Hugo Maximilian, Léo ?, Montgomery Arthur, Remy Ludovic, Sterling Zigmund 🦊

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    Jun 2016
    Had to re-home our pigs (guineas) due to allergies but they were named Cornwall Jo-jo Halil-Pasha Kosouke and Porky Asuna Mai-Petunia; we clearly had fun naming them.

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    We adopted a huge and clumsy puppy last summer and were in two minds to keep the name he was given in the shelter, Wesley, or change it.

    Our current dog is Morris, so it fits our style perfectly. But it bothered us at first that we hadn't named him.

    Names we considered to change it to:
    Wallace, Wilbur, Wilson, Hudson, Desmond.

    But he's a Wesley 100%. It doesn't matter to us now, that the shelter named him. We quite like it. It's part of his story!

    He gets Wesleybobs, Bobs, Wes, Wesso.
    Morris & Wesley

    Bronwen "Winnie" Eliza - Primrose Sofia Rae -
    Olwen Hazel - Wilhelmina Rae - Gwendolyn Bess

    Abram "Bram" Otto - Wilson Charles - Charles Austin - Arthur - Ambrose

    Honour names which I'd love to use:

    Robin - Greta - Malcolm - Elizabeth - Arthur - Winifred -Wilson - Charles

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    I am getting a guinea pig and calling her either Penelope "Penny" or Delilah "Lilah", but I don't know whether to get too stuck in and find a middle too! My dog has a normal dog name, Tilly, and my cat is Munchkin (I didn't name him so he doesn't have a human name).

    now using forum account eireann

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