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    Zahra Dusk Leela - Black one-eyed cat. We often call her "Lil Baby One-Eye" and "Tiny Girl."

    - Zahra: A name I'd been obsessed with back when we acquired our male cat Midnight. His name was supposed to be Zahra, until the vet surprised us and revealed he was not a girl as we'd been told!
    - Dusk: Short films are my passion, and Dusk was the name of the most poignant and influential short film I saw the year we acquired her.
    - Leela: The name the shelter gave her, after Futurama's Turanga Leela. We thought it was clever, so we kept it!

    Midnight Zarathustra - Black cat.

    - Midnight: He's black and I thought it was cute. That was my whole thought process.
    - Zarathustra: His name was intended to be Zahra. We'd been told he was a girl, but spoiler alert: he was not! Zarathustra was the only male version of Zahra I could come up with; plus, I was in high school band at the time and one of the pieces we performed was, "Thus Spake Zarathustra."

    Maximilian Louis "Max" - Chonky long-haired something-or-other cat. We tend to call him "Fatty Max" and "Chonky Boy."

    - Max: This was the name given to him at the shelter we adopted him from.
    - Maximilian: My brother was supposed to get to name him, seeing as I insisted on naming every other pet we had, but he thought it'd be less confusing to keep calling him what the shelter had been calling him. So he extended Max into Maximilian, named for Robespierre because of his interest in the French Revolution.
    - Louis: Pronounced "Louie." This was also a French Revolution name from my brother, in honor of the beheaded king.

    Shadow Ani - Black lab-dachshund mix.

    - Shadow: Again, she was black, and I thought it was cute. I was a very creative namer as a kid.
    - Ani: My brother's choice. He was about six at the time and obsessed with Star Wars. He wanted Anakin; I said absolutely not, that's a boy's name. We settled on Ani ("Annie"), the name his mother calls him in the first film.
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    Penny - Penelope Anne/Penny Grace, we usually call her Penny Grace. (Half German shepherd, half Australian shepherd mix) Penelope Anne is really something only I use. (She’s a copper penny sort of color. I call her Copper Penny sometimes, too.)

    Panda - Panda Bear. (Half German shepherd, half Australian shepherd mix) (She has patches around each of her eyes like a panda bear) If she weren’t already named when we adopted her, I wanted to name her Gwen and her full name would’ve been Gwendolyn May.

    Hunter - Hunter Raymond. (A beagle) He didn’t have a middle name up until about a year ago when I finally got sick of not have anything to call him that sounding more threatening.

    Tiny - Tiny Grace. A cat that was so tiny when she was born, that she could curl up in the palm of your hand, so thus, my siblings and I being around 10 at the time, named her Tiny. And Tiny Grace happened because we needed something to yell when she’s being bad.

    Angel - Angel Grace. (A cat) We never really officially decided that her middle name would be Grace, we just kind of started calling her Angel Grace (the same with Penny Grace). I can’t remember why we named her Angel though, I’m sure it was probably just something my sister liked or something.

    We have a lot of other animals, because we have a lot of barn cats, but no others with full names. To list those with only first names:

    Duke (dog that isn’t ours, but hangs around - male)
    Superman (cat - male)
    London (cat - male)
    Chocolate (cat - female)
    Blaze (cat - female)
    Amos (cat - male)
    Daisy (cat - female)
    Callie (cat - female)
    Snow White (cat - female)
    Teddy BearTeddy”/“Ted”/“Theodore”/“Tedder” (cat - male)
    Leondré “Leon”/“Lee” (cat - male)

    Those in other homes:

    TobiasToby” (dog - male)
    Rocky (dog - male)
    Dash (cat - male)
    Lily (cat - female)
    Max (cat - male)
    RacerAce” (cat - male)
    Mittens (cat - female)
    Jessica (cat - female)
    Smoky (cat - male)
    Cory (cat - male)
    Elizabeth (cat - female)
    Marshmallow (cat - female)

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    June Carolina, Freya Halle Moon, Liliosa Mirabelle, Adelaide Honey,
    Mabel Amelia, Eva Lavender, Belle Addison Jean, Rosa Genevieve, Hadley Matilda, Lilabet Maisie, Selene Tigerlily

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    Our dog's name is Beatrix Stella. Really she just got her middle name from my soon-to-be sister-in-law insisting we name her Stella. I don't care much for that name and don't see it fitting our rowdy pit-mix very well so we called it her middle name and went with our choice for the first: Beatrix. We usually just end up calling her Bea for short.
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    Calico Cat - Popsicle
    nm Popsy

    Calls herself: Mowelle

    Named after my Grandma dreamed that Popsy was frozen in the shape of a Popsicle with her tail as the stick. Gruesome I know... lol
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    Fat cat

    I have a 9-10 yo male fat cat. His name is Mr. Fatboy Trevor.
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    1 year old cute white and orange spotted cat- Peppermint Pecan Cutie-Pie (LN)
    3 year old orange mackerel scottish straight- Hazelnut Garbanzo Meatball (LN)
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