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    Mar 2015
    Currently have three cats:
    Misty Silver-back - Our "large" short-grey-haired rescue female cat, around 12 years old, commonly called Bubba or Fat Cat. She's a sloth.
    Tusha Rabbit-foot - Our sleek, bushy brown/black rescue cat, around 7 years old, commonly called Tushy or Rabbit-foot (because of an injury where she cant bend her "ankle"). She's very wild.
    Prince Leopold Silvercloud Thunder-Pants - Our mackerel pedigree Siberian Forest Cat, 2 and a half years old and 7kgs!! Known as Leo, Thunder-Pants (because of the rumbling noise he makes when he sprints up the hallway + it keeps that ego in check!. He's going to be a very big boy when he's all grown up.

    I grew up with three German Shepherds:
    Chopin (Show-pan, like the composer) - male
    Gypsy and Donder (Afrikaans for Thunder, but we called her Donner) - females
    My future coastie kids:

    The Boys:
    Lucien | Angus | Soren | Bodhi | Cyrus | Lennox | Ruan | Ivor | Magnus | Nolan | Jude | Leith | Jarrah (Ya-rah)

    The Girls - Firsts:
    Enid | Leila | Nim | Selah | Phoebe | Sian | Luna | Violet | Bronte | Heidi | Cora | Brydie

    The Girls - Middles:
    Gwendolyn | Seraphina | Sage | Juliet | Manasseh | Wilhelmina | Ilandri | Maximiliane | Elouera |

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    I don't have any pets, but a co-worker has a dog (chihuahua, I think) with the coolest name I've ever heard for a dog...Petey Pablo! (She also has two sugar gliders named Mr.Jingles and Gizmo$

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    South Wales, UK
    Well. My cats are just Mitten, Cosmo and Pixie. I quite often joke about them having longer names though.

    Mainly Pixie, though. I call her Pixiebelle.
    I like to pretend her name is Pixiebelle Sasha. I'm sure there were more middles but I cant remember.
    Sasha was one of the names we considered for her when we adopted her. It suits her because she has a massive fluffy tail which she swishes a lot, and I feel like Sasha sounds like the movement, if that makes sense.)
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    Ramsey Flynn|Finnegan Reid|Wilder Elliott|Reid Valentine|Flynn Shepherd|Atlas James|Nolan Alexander|Greyson Wilder|Edmund Fox|August Wolf|Sullivan Wyatt

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    My beagle

    I have a beagle that my dad has taken as his own. I named him jim morrison

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    Two cats at the moment. The theme we have for the animals is Japanese Names.:

    Suna Usagi (Sand Bunny) - A regular old calico that is such a cutie. She is from a tropical island, so her name is sand in Japanese. Her middle name she gets from how she sits sometimes. She looks like a fluffy bunny sometimes, so we gave her the middle name Usagi which means bunny in japanese.

    Tsuki Ryu (Moon Dragon) - Tsuki's official name is Tsukiyomi No Mikoto, which is the God of the Moon in Japan. He got his name from his gorgeous silver coat, which reminded us of a moon shinning in the night sky. Tsuki (pronounced Suki) means moon. He is a silver Egyptian Mau, which are a rarer breed with such beautiful markings. His middle name, Ryu meaning dragon, comes from his odd tendencies. He slinks low to the ground as he moves, resembling a snake or reptile as they move. It was so odd to see this that we wished we had known before we named him. Hence, the middle name.

    We plan on adding more animals to our family soon, most likely a dog with some kind of reference to wind. I just love naming animals such fun things.
    Callan Joseph '18


    Whimsical Witches:
    Hermione "Mina" Luna Rose, Elowyn "Wyn/Wynnie" Isla Belle, Fleur Luna, Delphine "Delphi/Ella", Artemisia "Temi/Ari", Araminta "Mina/Minty"

    Witty Wizards:
    Bowen "Bowie" Finnleif, Remus "Remy" Alexander, Leif Alexander, Lucius, Finn, Rhys, Sirius

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    I have 2 cats (my babies).

    My baby girl is Asha Brienne (pronounced Bree-ann). She was named after 2 of my favorite female Game of Thrones characters (Asha is from the books, she is Yara Greyjoy on the show).

    My sweet chunky boy is Remus Samwise (after Remus Lupin and Samwise Gamgee of course).

    I'm not allowed to have any more cats but if I could I'd probably name one Minerva. I also want a corgi and his name is already chosen. He'll be Captain Jean-Luc Picorg. I love puns and Star Trek.

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    German Shepherd/Blue Healer Mix: Bristol Ann Jacobs
    Bristol after the race track. We got her before we had our on human. Ann because I love that middle name. And she takes our last name. 2 years old.

    German Shepherd/ Husky Mix: Duke Gabriel Jacobs
    We rescued him from an abuse home October 12 last year. We kept his previous name due that he wouldnt adjust to another one (we tried) but hes great now. Gabriel because i love giving middle names. 2 1/2 years old.

    Poodle:Ava Rose Jacobs
    Her previous name was Bella Rose but we found out her previous owner lied about a lot so a new name seemed fit. But we kept rose because she comes to both names. She's 8 years old.

    Great Dane/Lab/Pit Mix: Gunnar Lee Jacobs
    His previous name was Mellow. I couldnt stand saying that so I changed it. He's a little over a year now. We got him October 12th and he was 6 months old. When I get upset with him I say Gunnar Lee.

    PitBull: Tank Sarge Jacobs
    We're getting him today. His previous owner left their rental home and everything in it, including Tank.

    Past animals I had: Zoey (Yorkie), Gizmo (Chihuahua), Chooey (ShihTzu), Pete (unknown), Blackie (Lab/My first Dog), Baby (Chihuahua), Bambi (Chihuahua), Maggie (Papillon), Buddy (Mix), Annie (Mix)
    Boys: Brantley Cole, Bentley Kyle, Logan Dean, Hudson Gage, Caden Declan, Easton Blake, Landon Anthony, Brody Cross.

    Girls: Blakelyn Olivia, Cassidy Brooke, Cadence Noelle, Kennedy Claire, Aubryn Lennox, Oaklyn Carter, Sadie Paige, Victoria Lakelyn, Marleigh Vivian, Sutton Mayven, Salem Elliot, Emmalyn Kate.

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    Cambridge, UK
    First cat is just Wilson but our second is Hettie Spaghetti. We call her Hettie or Hetts. Hettie was a stray and her original name was Feste but her old owner let us change it.

    alma sabine/caia margo/julia adela/sofia noor/ines amaia/clio odette

    oscar amias/luka eliseo/leo konrad/aksel everest/ansel jakob/asa emory/caius isidor/iver soren

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    Our cat is Sir Isidore Lawrence Murphy of Picklefields.

    Isidore was our original name for him (Thank you Baby Name Bible!)
    Lawrence just came out of my mouth one day and flowed nicely.
    Murphy is a family name.
    Picklefields is the name of our home (because I wanted to name our house like they do in Jane Austen movies, but my sister had to approve of the name)
    Sir because he controls our household

    And his original name at the shelter was Junior. Namenerds can improve that, I daresay!
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    My cat's full name is Neville Catticus. I wanted Neville because of Harry Potter, and my husband suggested Atticus because "I bet he'd like to kill a mockingbird". I laughed so hard at that and decided he should be Neville Atticus, but Catticus seemed funnier.
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    Paul ~ Wesley ~ Walter ~ Edmund ~ Isaac ~ Abram ~ Gabriel

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    (Still) trying for baby#1
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