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    Well my family has substantially more pets than everyone else in this forum.


    Boxer f
    full name: Kaiya Jun
    reason: Kaiya because she is AKC registered and her parents names were Kyle and Kayla and my mom wanted her name to match. Jun because it sounded good and I liked the meaning.
    nicknames: Kai, Kaijun (was told by a Japanese lady I met while camping that it means demon but it translates as "strange beast" and is used to describe Godzilla and similar movie monsters)

    Mix- possibly Pitt Bull, Boxer & Lab m
    Full name: Tanner Dey
    reason: Tanner after his tan colored fur and Dey for my sisters friend

    these three are from the same litter and I raised them from day 1. None of them have middle names because I could never think of something that sounded good and suited them.

    orange tabby m
    fullname: Moose(y)
    reason: this kitten was the biggest when they were born and my mom named him Moose because he shoved the others out of the way. We started calling him Moosey as a nn and my mom accidentally had him registered at Moosey at the Vet's office
    nicknames: Moosey Moose, Moose Moose

    Another orange tabby m
    fullname: Tango
    reason: I didn't think Mango suited him. Also one of my realitives have an orange cat named Tang and I thought it would be cute to name him after their cat.
    nicknames: Tango-Wango

    Gray long furred tabby m
    full name: Jojo
    reason: When their mother was pregnant I said I was going to keep the runt and name them Jojo, reguardless of sex. He is named Jojo after the mayors son in Horton Hears a Who
    nicknames: Jo-to-the-jo, Fluffy, Fluffer, Bad Kitty (he's the most spoiled. I had to hand feed him for the first three weeks due to him being too small to push around his siblings. after that though momma cat took a special interest and pushed over anyone that made him cry)

    all of our snakes are named after Frederick George Abberline who was the detective in charge of catching Jack the Ripper. Also I've never had any of them sexed but I'll list the pronouns we use for each of them.

    Albino king snake (solid white so not sure which subgroup of king snake he is) m pronouns
    full name: Fred
    reason: Fred came with this name and we named the others names that matched his.
    nicknames: none

    yellow spotted king snake f pronouns
    fullname: Abberline
    reason: see above
    nicknames: Abbey

    Red tail boa m pronouns
    full name: Jack the Ripper
    reason: they wouldn't let me call him George.
    nicknames: He is exclusively called Ripper because our neighbors had a dog named Jack
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    metami43 Guest
    Italian Greyhound, blue(grey), Female

    Electric Blue Lemonade, called Lolly

    I found the name in a game room at Pogo and fell in love with it.

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    We currently have three cats:

    Our ginger tiger cat is generally known as Ollie. His formal name is Oliver Orlando (my daughter picked the middle name). When we're feeling very French we call him Olivier. He's getting up there in years (we think he'll be 12 mid-winter) & his white patches are increasing in size. He's a large guy (over 20 lbs.) & has extra toes on all four paws.

    Our ragdoll/lynx-snowshoe/undetermined is Jenny, or Jenny Any Dots from TS Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats. Her formal name is Genevieve, but when we're called Ollie Olivier Jenny becomes Geneviève (ZHON-vee-ev). She's also known as the Empress & is the smartest of the three. Anyone who visits, even if they don't like cats, falls in love w/her...she's very fluffy, although not long-haired, has lilac-point Siamese markings, & the bluest eyes you can imagine. We joke that we need to get her into modeling so she can pay for my daughter's college education.

    Our last cat is a tortoiseshell. We named her Isis because we were watching Downton Abbey when we got her, & because she looks super-Egyptian. Of course, the terrorist group exploded into the news just a couple of months later. Isis is generally known as Spasticat & a klutzier cat we've never met!
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    My dog who sadly passed only 10 months ago was sold to us as a pure bread Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (beautiful, I know!) but we later found (after he grew twice the size) he was a cross with a Springer as well - absolutely loopy!! He was white and brown, typical Cavalier colours.

    My baby was called Patch.
    Full name: Patch Billy Murphy

    Patch: as ridiculous as it may seem, we 100% did not name his this because he had patches. We honestly just loved that it suited his crazy personality and looked like him. It didn't occur to us he was covered in brown patches!
    Billy: Mum always loved the name Billy and wanted to be his first name. And as he was ultimately my dog, I had final say and I just do not like Billy.
    Murphy: My brother always wanted to call our first dog/a dog Murphy. Turns out it's a "family dog name" but I'm glad both the latter were his middle because he didn't suit either. He was Patch through and through.

    We called him Patchie/Patchy most of the time, obviously we called him Baby too. Me and my brother had nicknamed him Lord Dogington and Dog-Log (after the way he would lay and literally look like a tree stump)

    After Patch, we adopted a 10 year old cat. She's grey and white and the prettiest little thing I had ever seen. She is such a diva and definitely rules our house! Her name was Molly when we adopted her, and being such an old cat already we didn't want to change it anyway (which was good because we wanted to name her Molly anyway!). She doesn't have a middle so her full name is Molly.

    Her nicknames consist of: Molls, Molly-Cat (our favourite - she's more likely to answer to Molly-Cat than just Molly now), Honey, and Babes.

    Me and my mum are going to get a Westie once my brother goes off to Uni, but we haven't decided on a name yet.
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    Our golden retriever's name is Gracie Raye. Her middle name Raye (like a ray of sunshine) is a nod to her color and Grace is the only name we could all agree on.

    We affectionately call her Goose (I have no idea how that came about). She also has a ridiculous number of other pet names, like Gracie-face, Lulu, and Goosie-gus. Sometimes we call her DeeDee, like DD, short for "Dumb Dog," but it is with much love! Ha. They're goofy names for a goofy dog.
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    Our Golden Retriever, who sadly died several years ago was a pedigree and her full pedigree name was Mossview Shevelly Dancer. She was named Scully because my mum liked The X Files, and because when we got her my parents placed her at one end of the driveway and stood at the other calling names at her. Scully was the one she responded to the most. I was only 6 months old when we got her and she was 6 weeks so we grew up together.

    I have 2 dogs now. My black toy poodle is named Mysti Popsicle. She's a rescue dog and her name was Poppy when she came to us, but she doesn't suit it at all so we relegated it to the middle slot as Popsicle. I chose the name Mysti, after a TV show I used to watch on CBBC. Her nicknames are Mist, fleabag (she's never had fleas but she responds to this enthusiastically), diva, diva-dog, Mysti boo, and bubz.

    My other dog is a toy poodle/ miniature pinscher cross named Jaffa. I chose it because when she was a pup she was Black and Tan, and the tan bits were very vivid orange - she looked like a Jaffa cake! I call her Jaff, Jaffie, boo bear, baby, baby dog, angel, pookie, pup, puds, petite Bebe and weird baby noises.

    I also used to have 2 guinea pigs named Hazel (just Hazel, my mum named her) and Sir Monty Squeaksalot. Squeaksalot because she squeaked...a LOT. I don't know why Sir Monty, she was a girl, but hey ho.

    I had 2 goldfish named Finley (Fin Fin) and Nemo. Finley is now one of my favourite boy child names.
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    My dog is a shelie beagle mix. Her full name is:
    Luna Marcy Jasmine P(last name)

    My dog before her was a God-knows-what mutt and her name was Jasmine Elizabeth Rose P(last name).

    Jasmine was named before I was born, but I gave her the middle names. She was born to a mother (Nala) and a whole litter of Disney Princess sisters.

    Luna is named after Luna Lovegood because my mother and I are dorks. Before we adopted her, Luna's name was Marcy, so I tributed that and my Jasmine in her name.

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    Mini Chihuahua- Maxwell Batman Morgan.
    Black Chihuahua- Mike Tyson
    Can you guess how old I was when we got, Max?
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    Grey cat

    Chuck is the name he came with but I named him Charles John to use when he was being naughty and we also call him Boo-Boo, Boo-Boo Kitty, Chuckers, Charlie, and Chuckie.
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    Vader Clifford - black lab/hound mix

    Vader - because he was black and was a little trouble maker as a puppy getting into everything.

    Clifford - he acquired his middle name later on after "Clifford the big red dog" - he just seemed to share the same personality with the dog in the children's books

    Nicknames: McMuffin

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