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    Miss. Teen Topsfield (round 3)

    Time for Kids

    Genders: Odd-Male Even-Female

    Biological Children
    1. 3
    2. roll 10 sided die for number of kids
    3. roll 6 sided die for number of kids
    4. roll 8 sided die for number of kids
    5. roll 4 sided die for number of kids
    6. 1
    7. 6
    8. 7
    9. none
    10. 2
    11. 4
    12. 8
    13. none
    14. 1
    15. 5
    16. none
    17. 2
    18. 1
    19. 3
    20. 4

    Age: 20 sided die. Highest number is infant all others that age.

    Adopted Children
    1. none
    2. none
    3. roll 6 sided die
    4. none
    5. none
    6. none
    7. roll 4 sided die
    8. roll 4 sided die if no biological children
    9. none
    10. roll 4 sided die if in same sex relationship

    Age: Contestant's age -20 roll that sided die. highest number = infant all others that number

    Step Children
    --roll for each current and former SO
    1. roll 6 sided die
    2. none
    3. none
    4. none
    5. roll 4 sided die
    6. none
    7. none
    8. roll 4 sided die if more than one SO
    9. none
    10. roll 4 sided die if no biological children

    Age: SO's age -15 -age of oldest child together. roll that sided die and add to age of oldest child. Could also be younger than their children with the ex if they had kids when they were in their teens.

    Roll for First and Middle Names of Kids
    1. Starts with Y
    2. Contains but doesn't start or end with an X
    4. Boys:
    Girls: Jane, Anne, Margaret, Meryl, Victoria, Emily, Emma, Katharine, Cate, Virginia, Nicole, Marilyn, Michelle, Elizabeth, Helen, Coco, Audrey, Edith, Marion, Grace, Wren, Marie, Antoinette, Kirsten, Frida, Salma, Lisa, Snowdrop, Abbie, Cleopatra, Winter, Diana, Naomi, Eva, Madonna, Amelia, Hilary, Billie, Sylvia, Gwyneth, Aeliana, Piper, Nerine, Calia, Dianne, Kinley, Amara, Clover, Rebekah, Beatrice
    5. Boys: Max, Lee, Jack, Jason, William, Barton, Peter, Rudolf, Robert, Arthur, Thomas, Pierre, Henri, Marcel, Pallas, Claude, Michel, Iska, Bernard, Peyton, Francois, Casper, Jake, Neil, Clancy, Seth, Patrick, Jean, Marshall, Eric, Matt, Anthony, Adam, Alvin, Cary, Wallace, Eli, Guy, Sam, Tyler, Zachary, Dylan, Hudson, Avery, Marco, Derek, Patrick, Chase, Alejandro, Andrew
    6. Boys: Frankie, Morgan, Colby, Jack, Christian, Bailey, Ben, Jerry, Buster, Dennis, Oscar, Stoli, Harley, Earhart, Fred, Otis, Milo, Roger, Brody, Ike, Wild, Bill, Simba, Chiller, Sagittarius, Pad, Thai, Atlanta, Sasha, Moonshine, Day, Tripper, Chester, Switter, Tommy, Rock, Boris, Dudley, Red, Baron, Miko, Val, Lani, Neo, Ernie, Richy, Jordan, Sargent, Darcy, Joey
    Girls: Sylvia, Morgan, Savannah, Emily, Colby, Kitty, Lola, Christian, Bailey, Caroline, Peach, Blossom, Orangina, Winnie, Amber, Mist, Nayla, Harley, Samantha, Amelia, Angelique, Mary, Lilly, Sparkles, Bella, Callie, Atlanta, Glamour, Sasha, Moonshine, Peeza, Day, Lucy, Justina, Ginger, Red, Willburette, Orvillette, Val, JennySue, Juno, Lani, Gina, Rachel, Josie, Jordan, Joan, Darcy, Prima, Joey
    7. (ancient & italian)
    8. Boys: 5 letters long
    9. Boys:
    Girls: ends with N
    10. (russian)
    11. Boys:
    Girls: Contains a V and E
    12. (your choice)
    14. (first or last name of character)
    15. (basque)
    16. (character's first or last name)
    19. Boys:
    20. Nature Name

    Roll for Last Names
    2. (from box in middle)
    3. (last name generated)
    4. (last name from pop culture references)
    7. 3 letters long
    8. Hobbit, Zahra, Snowden, Spencer, Steve, Mazor, Sloan, Matilda, Zeb, Rosanna, Colby, Lamar, Crumb, Cadadid, Caylee, Caitlyn, River, Ivan, Colonel, Ravioli
    9. (mother's last name)

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    1. [36] Katherine James Bennett
    -DBF [36] Harrison Sawyer Kornel
    --DD: Darcy Caroline Kornel-Bennett [7]
    Kate, Harris and their daughter, Darcy.

    2. [36] Eloise Abigail Ally
    -DBF [46] Oliver Luke Spiros
    --DAS: Derek Georgius Spiros [18]
    --DAD: Amelia Romilda Spiros[13]
    --DD: Piper Sophia Spiros [7]
    --DS: William Marinus Spiros [3]
    Eloise, Oliver and their sons, Derek and Will, and daughters, Amelia and Piper.

    3. [36] Imogene Charlotte Sheffield
    -DXH [41] John Aristotle Wolfe
    --DS: Miles Harold Wolfe-Sheffield [17]
    --DS: Silas Marvin Wolfe-Sheffield [15]
    --DD: Evelyn Betty Wolfe-Sheffield [14]
    -DH [deceased, 41] Caden William Spiros
    --DAD: Lillian Helen Spiros [10]
    --DAD: Ellen Loretta Spiros [10]
    --DD: Rosalyn Pearl Sprios [8]
    -DH [36] Miles Ravid Spot
    --DS: Macon Norman Spot-Sheffield [7]
    --DD: Kirsten Rhoda Spot-Sheffield [4]
    --DS: Holden Murray Spot-Sheffield [3]
    --DD: Imogen Joan Spot-Sheffield [1]
    Imogene, John and their sons, Miles and Silas, and daughter Evie, Imogene, Cade and their daughters, Lily, Elle and Rose, Imogen and Miles and their sons, Macon and Holden, and daughters, Kirsten and Imogen.

    4. [36] Rosamond Lilly Ellis
    -DFiance [36] Lucas Matthew Owens
    --DS: Sterling Isaac Owens [17]
    --DD: Lucy Caroline Owens [15]
    --DD: Willow Erika Owens [12]
    --DS: Cedric Miles Owens [8]
    --DD: Cosette Molly Owens [8]
    --DS: Brooks Henry Owens [7]
    Rose, Luke and their sons, Sterling, Cedric and Brooks, and daughters, Lucy, Willow and Cosette.

    5. [37] Molly Aisling Spiros
    -DH [38] Romeo Atticus Beckett
    Molly and Romeo

    6. [37] Penelope Leila Ellis
    -DW [40] June Harlow Maria
    --DS: Wilder Nikolai Ellis-Maria [17]
    --DD: Evangeline Roza Ellis-Maria [14]
    --DS: Madden Platon Roza Ellis-Maria [11]
    --DD: Violet Lena Roza Ellis-Maria [nb]
    Penny, June and their sons, Wilder and Madden, and daughters, Evie and Violet.

    7. [37] Anna Gray Spot
    -DH [deceased, 37] Archer Henry Robin
    --DD: Georgia Alice Spot-Robin [18]
    --DD: Eleanor Joanna Spot-Robin [17]
    -DW [deceased, 40] Anais Natalie Beckett
    --DSD: Molly Leah Beckett-Spot [13]
    --DSS: Jude Oliver Beckett-Spot [11]
    -DW [37] Abigail Grayce Penn
    --DD: Penelope Marie Spot-Penn [2]
    --DS: Lennon Thomas Spot-Penn [1]
    Anna, Archer and their daughters, Georgia and Nora, Anna, Anais and their daughter, Molly, and son, Jude, Anna and Abigail and their daughter, Penny, and son, Lennon.

    8. [38] Willow Lucy Laurent
    -DXH [38] Harry Isaac Kit
    --DD: Naomi Kathleen Kit-Laurent [13]
    --DD: Edith Charlotte Kit-Laurent [11]
    --DD: Margot Penelope Kit-Laurent [10]
    -DH [36] Theodore Jack Ellis
    --DD: Stella Elisabeth Ellis-Laurent [3]
    Willow, Harry and their daughters, Naomi, Edith and Margot, Willow, Ted and their daughter, Stella.

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    37 - Alba Tyler Lachlan - divorced, currently single
    -17 - Wren Serena Rackleff
    -a-13 - Creed Horace Rackleff
    -a-12 - Violet Kirsten Rackleff
    -5 - Kingston Marshall Rackleff
    -a-5 - Pearl Brenna Rackleff
    -a-1 - Rolan Randulf Rackleff
    -infant - Bonnie Alexia Rackleff & Maxwell Tanner *Max* Rackleff
    37 - Linnea Ellen Gibbons - currently single
    -17 - Baxter Musetta Gibbons
    -2 - Ruby Blossom Gibbons
    38 - Misha Kimberly Eberhardt O'Leary - married to Ennio Quirino O'Leary
    -15 - Marco Fox O'Leary
    36 - Una Christian Grant - engaged to Foster Ryan Henley
    -a-13 - Dillon Keelan Henley
    -a-11 - Murray Conrad Henley
    -a-8 - Gavin Dudley Henley
    -5 - Roxanne Evelyn *Roxy* Henley
    -2 - Brady Dennis Henley
    -a-1 - Gwendolyn Giorgia *Gwen* Henley
    -a-infant - Shauna Yvette Henley
    36 - Gilda Annabelle Wallace Kelechi - married to Forden Cove Kelechi
    38 - Neasa Gabrielle Baker O'Brien - married to Jared Owynn O'Brien
    -s-25 - Dean Madden O'Brien
    -s-24 - Desmond Lewis O'Brien
    -s-22 - Ander Yuri O'Brien
    -s-19 - Amaya Joelle O'Brien
    36 - Liadan Rosta Bailey Nwando - widowed, married to Liron Eliyahu Nwando
    -s-18 - Yates Roger Nwando
    -s-16 - Ignazio Ringo *Iggy* Nwando
    -s-14 - Ludmilla Abbey Nwando
    -7 - Jodie Yola Nwando
    36 - Lux Amalia Sheffield Henley - married to Holden Quince Henley
    -s-21 - Vivienne Lily *Vivie* Henley
    -s-20 - Christian Francis *Ian* Henley
    -s-19 - Lionel Walden *Lyle* Henley
    -s-16 - Elizabeth Molly *Beth* Henley
    -15 - Clementine Laura *Emmy* Henley
    -14 - Nikolai Perry *Niko* Henley
    -12 - Evangelyn Kira *Evie* Henley
    -11 - Isidora Undine *Izzy* Henley
    -10 - Harold John *Harry* Henley & Loretta Mary *Etta* Henley
    -9 - Archibald Dexter *Archie* Henley
    -5 - Kipling Robert *Kip* Henley
    36 - Penelope Hannah *Nellie* Sullivan - engaged to Nathan Harold Maria
    -16 - Joan Sunny *Sunny* Maria & Rhoda Scout *Scout* Maria
    -10 - Boris Boston *Boston* Maria
    -9 - Taylor Lorenzo Maria
    -6 - Lorea Rowan *Rowan* Maria
    -1 - Keely Norma Maria
    37 - Cecelia Lindsey *Cece* Sullivan - married to Charles Anthony *Charlie* Maria
    -16 - Ottilie Naomi *Tillie* Maria
    -10 - Thaddeus Basil *Teddy* Maria
    -9 - Rigby Feodor *Rigs* Maria
    -8 - Esmeralda Jennifer *Esme* Maria & Bianca Ashley *Bia* Maria
    -5 - Wilder Sasha *Wiley* Maria
    -3 - Barton Yakub *Bart* Maria & Juliette Yvonne *Jetta* Maria

    Alba with Wren, Creed, Violet, Kingston, Pearl, Rolan, and Bonnie & Max
    Linnea with Baxter and Ruby
    Misha & Ennio with Marco
    Una & Foster with Dillon, Murray, Gavin, Roxy, Brady, Gwen, and Shauna
    Gilda & Forden
    Neasa & Jared with Dean, Desmond, Ander, and Amaya
    Liadan & Liron with Yates, Iggy, Ludmilla, and Jodie
    Lux & Holden with Vivie, Ian, Lyle, Beth, Emmy, Niko, Evie, Izzy, Harry & Etta, Archie, and Kip
    Nellie & Nathan with Sunny & Scout, Boston, Taylor, Rowan, and Keely
    Cece & Charlie with Tillie, Teddy, Rigs, Esme & Bia, Wiley, and Bart & Jetta
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto Raion, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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    C1 (38): Holly Grace *Sullivan* Norton
    DH (40): Jacob Brantley Norton "Jake"
    -DS (3): Murray Ronan Norton

    C2 (38): Abigail Desirea *Duncan* Bennett "Abby"
    DH (38): Hayden James Bennett
    -DS (14): Nicholas Albert Bennett "Nick"
    -DS (6): Blake Jaxon Bennett
    -DS/DD/DD/DS/DS (4): Wesley Silas Bennett/Morgan Carolyn Bennett/Ashley Brooklyn Bennett/Charlie Macon Benentt/Matthew Perry Bennett
    -DS (1): Yancy Otis Bennett

    C3 (36): Anneliese Klaire *Sullivan* Herman "Annie"
    DH (37): Victor Parker Herman "Vic"
    -DD (16): Evie Roxanne Herman
    -DS/DS (14): Gideon Frank Herman/Jasper Derek Herman
    -DS (13): Martin Harold Herman
    -DS (5): Forrest Brady Herman
    -DS (1): Donald Malcolm Herman "Malcolm"

    C4 (37): Gretchen Avery Lewis
    DF (38): Everett Lincoln Wallace
    -DS (7): Foster Jenson Lewis
    -DD/DD (2): Savannah Kay Lewis/Caroline Jill Lewis

    C5 (38): Tabitha Sophie Bennett
    GF (38): Adrianne Bethany Owen "Adria"
    -DS (18): Colby River Bennett
    -DS (4): Creed Raylan Bennett

    C6 (37): Caroline Brooke *Wallace* Herman
    DH (deceased age 38, 5 years ago): Carter Michael Lewis
    -DS (18): Harrison Jack Lewis
    -DS/DS (16): Samson Gabriel Lewis/Jasper Dillon Lewis
    -DS/DS (15): Griffin Joey Lewis/Conner Milo Lewis
    -DD (14): Zoe Genevieve Lewis
    DH (37): Landen Bryson Herman
    -DSD (17): Keely Eleanor Herman
    -ADD (12): Wendy Kristina Herman
    -ADS (3): Maxwell Jude Herman "Max"
    -DS (3): Paxton Marshall Herman

    C7 (37): Marissa Sherine *Summers* Patton
    DH (37): Penn Anderson Patton
    -DS (17): Holden Mark Patton
    -DD (14): Ashlyn Rachel Patton

    C8 (38): Gwendolyn Margaret Lewis "Gwen"
    BF (38): Grayson Eric Lowell "Gray"
    -DS (15): Theodore Miles Lowell "Theo"
    -DD (13): Claire Alison Lowell
    -DS (12): Zane Brady Lowell
    -DS (10): Jasper Beckett Lowell
    -DD (nb): Maggie Josephine Lowell

    C9 (36): Kelsey Alaina *Beckett* Mason
    DH (37): Raiden Theodore Mason
    -DD (19): Harold Walter Mason "Hal"
    -DS (18): Tanner Stone Mason
    -DD (16): Kady Savannah Mason
    -DS (10): Marshall Brody Mason
    -DD (nb): Lola Mallory Mason

    C10 (37): Meredith Gracyn *Sheffield* Patton
    DF (37): Jared Nolan Patton
    -DD (16): Bailey Adelaide Patton
    -DD (12): Brenna Molly Patton
    -DS (2): Cody Macon Patton

    C11 (36): Lorraine Eliana *Duke* Owen "Rae"
    DH (40): Preston Cooper Owen
    -DD (19): Evelyn Amelia Owen "Evie"
    -DD (12): Piper Carlin Owen
    -DD (7): Georgia Morgan Owen
    -DS (1): Hayes Wilder Owen

    C12 (37): Aubrey Skye *Garner* Payton
    DH (38): Mark Benjamin Payton
    -DD (16): Abbie Loretta Payton

    C13 (38): Lydia Rachel *Hank* Beckett
    DH (38): Colten David Beckett "Colt"
    -ADD (17): Lily Joan Beckett
    -ADD (14): Poppy Callyn Beckett
    -DD (9): Daisy Eleanor Beckett
    -ADS (6): Lennon Brody Beckett

    C14 (36): Harper Kendall *Sheffield* Garner
    DH (45): Matthew Neale Garner "Matt"
    -DD (4): Kaylee Bridget Garner

    C15 (38): Carson Molly *Stavros* Fulton
    DH (38): Wesley Jefferson Fulton "Wes"
    -DS (18): Thaddeus Caleb Fulton "Thad"
    -DS (16): Ross Montgomery Fulton
    -DD (12): Grace Audrey Fulton
    -DS (8): Jude Flynn Fulton
    -DD (6): Hannah Molly Fulton
    -DD (3): Jordyn Quinn Fulton

    C16 (36): Emersyn Louise Walsh "Emmy"
    DF (36): Caleb Brandon O'Neil
    -DS (12): Jaxon Louis O'Neil "Jax"
    -DS (nb): Griffin James O'Neil "Griff"

    C17 (38): Hailey Ryan *Brown* Sheffield
    DH (42): Harold Nelson Sheffield "Hal"
    -DD (10): Kinley Wren Sheffield
    -DD (9): Piper Evelyn Sheffield
    -DD (7): Lilac Marie Sheffield
    -DD (5): Harriet Jane Sheffield "Hattie"

    C18 (38): Alison Camila *Sheffield* Pennington "Ali"
    BF (40): Craig Aedyn Pennington
    -DD/DS (14): Amelia Rose Pennington/Oliver Stone Pennington
    -DS (13): Paul Jaxon Pennington
    -DD/DS (12): Elizabeth Georgia Pennington/Camden Robert Pennington "Beth & Cam"
    -DS (3): Donald Jackson Pennington "DJ"

    C19 (37): Wylie Laine Weber
    DW (38): Piper Kathryn Elliot
    -DD (14): Cecily Juliette Weber-Elliot
    -DD (8): Dana Michelle Weber-Elliot
    -DD (7): Roxanne Erinn Weber-Elliot "Roxy"
    -DD (5): Haley Lane Weber-Elliot

    C20 (37): Lila Kathryn *Giannopoulos* Fairchild
    DH (38): Sawyer Philip Fairchild
    -DD/DS (18): Dana Ashey Fairchild/Dean Taylor Fairchild
    -DS (15): Merritt Maxwell Fairchild
    -DD (10): Valerie Jayne Fairchild
    -DS/DS/DD (5): Jasper Alden Fairchild/Oliver Hayes Fairchild/Aurora Everly Fairchild
    -DD (3): Sadie Madelyn Fairchild

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    Holiday, Florida, USA


    1. Gabriella Ayane "Gabby" Maya (36)
    -DBF: Alden Maxwell Peabody (40)
    --DS: Axel Calton Maya (19)
    --DD: Victoire Ashlyn Maya (17)
    --DS: Simpson Dwayne "Sonny" Maya (14)
    --DD: Mirabella Eulalia "Bella" Maya (13)
    --DS: Cameron Silas "Cam" Peabody (9)
    --DAS: Yorick Danny Peabody (9)
    --DD: Ryann Friðuswiþ Peabody (5)
    --DAD: Gaia Molly Peabody (5)
    --DD: Aiko Prairie Peabody (4)
    --DAS: Jonathan York "Jonah" Peabody (3)
    --DS: Field Vern Peabody (2)

    2. Ariel Kendra (Peabody) Nor (37)
    -DH: Felice Branden Nor (39)
    --DS: George Willet Nor (16)
    --DAD: Lilou Yevgeniya Nor (5)
    --DAS: Earl Baxter Nor (4)
    --DS: Yuri Zuhayr Nor (1)

    3. Mia Laura (Merrick) Penn (36)
    -DH: Victor Blake "Vic" Penn (39)
    --DSS: Marshall Storm Penn (20)
    --DSD: Bonnie Charlotte Penn (16)
    --DS: Alex Andrew Merrick (16)
    --DSD: Petya Haizea Penn (12)
    --DSS: Gaizka Layton Penn (5)
    --DD: Anna Lola Penn (4)

    4. Soleil Ivy Sheffield (38)
    -DFiancee: Sarah Bogdana "Sally" Maria (28)
    --DS: Jason Willis Sheffield (19)
    --DS: Jack Calton Sheffield (11)
    --DD: Iucunda Wren Sheffield (10)
    --DSD: Dixie Andrea Maria (7)
    --DD: Veronica Haley "Roni" Maria-Sheffield (4)

    5. Kokoro Kathleen "Koko" (Murphy) Amelia (38)
    -DH: Zakari Albus "Zak" Amelia (38)
    --DS: Jude Deveraux "J.D." Amelia (4)

    6. Lyanna Sophie Brodie (37)
    --DS: Pallas Cloud Brodie (3)

    7. Camila Lucja Zahara (36)
    -DBF: Camden Marc "Cam" Orlando (36)
    --DD: Maggie Oxana Orlando (10)
    --DS: Bruce Aidan Orlando (6)
    --DD: Bertha Joey Orlando (nb)

    8. Tirazheh Molly "Tira" (McCarthy) Atticus (38)
    -DexH: Ellison Timothy "Ellis" Knapp (36)
    --DS: Alesander William "Sandy" McCarthy (18)
    --DD: Yarrow Amaya Knapp (15)
    --DS: Frankie Robert Knapp (12)
    --DS: Theon Dexter Knapp (1)
    -DH: Elisie Evelyn "Eli" Atticus (38)

    9. Isabelle Mirae "Belle" (Gabriel) Jason (37)
    -DH: Cadoc Morrison Jason (37)
    --DD: Maren Zen Jason (4)

    10. Abigail Zenobia "Abbey" (Bart) Penn (37)
    -DH: Vernon Markus Penn (34)
    --DSS: Taylor Phokas Penn (18)
    --DSD/DSD: Verona Evangeline Penn/Yeva Eleanor Penn (13)
    --DD: Vittoria Sparrow "Vita" Penn (9)
    --DS: Bowen Seymour Penn (8)
    --DD: Bailey Villette Penn (4)

    11.Calypso Gemma (Crispin) (Delta) Maria (37)
    -DdecH: Marshall Nolan Delta
    --DSD: Nagore Kady Delta (21)
    --DSS/DSD: Gumarich Wolf Delta/Avalon Darcy Delta (Richie and Ava) (18)
    --DSS: Robb Vaughn Delta (11)
    --DS: Macon Chris Delta (10)
    -DH: Chris Martino Maria (33)
    --DSS: Miles Howard Maria (14)
    --DSS: Paul Valery Maria (10)
    --DS: Silas Simba Maria (7)
    --DS: Yuri Alden Maria (nb)

    12. Catriona Miriam "Cat" Kokinos (38)
    -DFiancee: Pok Aleksandra Obiuto (32)
    --DD: Ethel Gracelynn Kokinos (17)
    --DS: Fitzgerald Yulian "Fitz" Kokinos (10)

    13. Dawn Tyler (Ellis) Northrup (36)
    -DH: Ivo Willis Northrup (43)
    --DSS: Chase Yaakov Northrup (21)
    --DD: Odette Valerie Northrup (16)
    --DD/DD/DS: Alex Velma Northrup/Aaralynn Acacia Northrup/Lennon Nathaniel Northrup (12)
    --DS: Faddey Murray Northrup (11)
    --DS/DD: Marshall Torrence Northrup/Darya Sparrow Northrup (9)

    14. Arabella Emily "Bella" Chico (37)

    15. Margo Ana (Eutimio) (Anselm) Fox (36)
    -DdecH: Lukas Michael "Luke" Anselm
    --DAS: Ioann Walter Anselm (15)
    --DAS: Bassett Timothy "Bass" Anselm (12)
    --DAD: Alexia Diamond Anselm (11)
    --DAD: Veronique Shauna "Vera" Anselm (6)
    -DH: Avery Jameson Fox (37)
    --DS: Desmond Zachary "Des" Fox (nb)

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