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    Love, Like, Lose -- Outlandish/Guilty Pleasures edition!

    So I can't get enough of love, like, lose games and also feel like outlandish this or that is too short to be truly satisfying, so I'm marrying the two together (and hopefully other people will want to play it besides just me).

    It operates exactly like traditional love like lose, except for two things:
    1. ONLY guilty pleasure names are allowed, and
    2. you can post names of either gender as you see fit

    Please note, names like Ava, Oliver, Theodore, Iris, etc do not constitute guilty pleasures -- we're looking for the outlandish. I know a lot of people sometimes refer to mega popular names as guilty pleasures because they're so popular you feel guilty for still liking it but this game isn't the place for Aidens or Emmas.

    Aside from that, rules are the same as love, like, lose: Nine names sorted into categories of three names you LOVE, three you LIKE, and three to LOSE and then you replace with your own NEW three.

    So it'll go like this:

    Player 1:

    Phoenix, Maple, Cassiopeia, Ever, Xanthippe, Sterling, Phaedra, Rafferty, Treasure

    Player 2:

    Love: Maple, Xanthippe, Phaedra
    Like: Treasure, Sterling, Cassiopeia
    Lose: Phoenix, Ever, Rafferty

    Maple, Xanthippe, Phaedra, Treasure, Sterling, Cassiopeia, Salem, Racer, Archibald

    Get it? You get it.

    I'll start us off with the first nine:

    Saoirse, January, Casimir, Lysander, Kalindi, Morrissey, Osiris, Penrose, Magenta
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    Love: January, Anaïs, & Fable
    Like: Phineas, Nazareth, & Mathai
    Lose: Lysander, Reverie, & Maximus

    January, Anaïs, Fable, Phineas, Nazareth, Mathai, Gwyneira, Sophonisba, & Desdemona

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