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    Independence High School Round 6 (other)


    1 Principal
    1 Vice Principal
    2 Counselors
    2 Special Needs Teacher
    1 Nurse
    1 Health Teacher
    1 Spanish Teacher
    1 French Teacher
    1 German Teacher
    1 Home Economics Teacher

    Age: Roll 50 sided die and add to 20.

    Gender: Odd-Male Even-Female

    Roll for First and Middle Names
    1. or
    2. Unisex Name
    4. Ends with K
    5. Boys: Ends with D
    7. Boys: (random boy name)
    8. or
    10. Name that is the same or different name backwards (i.e. bob or semaj)
    12. 4 letters long
    14. (5 names, correct gender, choose first or last name)
    16. Boys: Contains but doesn't start or end with a V
    17. 3 letters long
    18. Boys: http://sarahs-history-place.blogspot...ntury-pre.html
    Girls: http://sarahs-history-place.blogspot...ntury-pre.html
    19. (younger sounding name)
    20. Boys: Billy, Joe, Richard, William, Robert, John, Tom, Lou, Marvin, Walton, Charles, Sean, Nicolas, Ed, Miles, David, Ernest, Michael, Hendrix, Gregory, Tony, Bokeem, Jim, Collin, Brendan, Steven, Keenen, Bob, Brian, Donald, Christopher, Peter, Ryan, Grant, Strong, Smith, Jesse, Eric, Neil, Oliver, Terry, Robin, Paul, Rhett, Byron, Tony, Atticus, Declan, Calvin, Dean
    Girls: Debra, Cynthia, Julie, Cathy, Vanessa, Michelle, Alexa, Nikki, Elaine, Brittany, Crystal, Tanya, Jackie, Eliza, Adelaide, Adeline, Amelia, Anastasia, Andrea, Aurelia, Claire, Clover, Cora, Evelyn, Harlow, Hazel, Isla, Jane, Kennedi, Lavinia, Lucy, Maisie, Mercury, Nora, Oberon, Oliver, Piper, Poppy, Ruby, Scarlett, Summer, Violet, Sara, Miriam, Anouk, Sadie, Raniyah, Cornelia, Meena, Kinsey

    Roll for Last Names
    2. Animal Names
    6. Breslin, Foster, Butler, Carman, Brady, Simcoe, Baker, Joyce, Callan, Doyle, Gibson, Probets, Nason, Thorsen, Valletta, Hall, Sedgwick, Lerman, Lohman, Crews
    7. (5 names, both genders and choose first or last name)
    9. (generate 5 and choose)
    10. (generate 5 and choose)
    11. Moore, Bridges, Yoo, Chase, Callahan, Fleming, Whitworth, Jardine
    15. Starts with U
    16. Ends with Z
    17. One Syllable Long
    20. (either, iranian, maori, welsh, japanese and manx)

    Roll for Relationship
    1. boyfriend/girlfriend
    2. homosexual
    3. single
    4. married
    5. married
    6. married
    7. engaged
    8. divorced
    9. single
    10. widowed
    11. bisexual (odd-male even-female)
    12. engaged
    13. boyfriend/girlfriend
    14. boyfriend/girlfriend
    15. divorced
    16. married
    17. married
    18. widowed
    19. under 25 or already divorced or widowed = single. Otherwise=married
    20. married

    Biological Kids
    Under 30
    1-5=that number 6=1 7=2 8=3 9-10=none 11-12=roll 4 sided die
    Over 30
    1-8=that number 9-10=none 11-12=roll 4 sided die

    Age: Parent's age - 15 roll that sided die ..... if over 50 roll 35 sided die and add the number of years over 50 the teacher is. Highest Number=infant

    Adopted Kids
    1. none
    2. none
    3. none
    4. roll 6 sided die
    5. none
    6. if over 35 or no other kids roll 4 sided die
    7. none
    8. none
    9. none
    10. 4 sided die

    Age: Parent's age -20 roll that sided die. Highest number = infant

    Step Kids
    1. none
    2. if over 35 or no other kids roll 4 sided die
    3. none
    4. none
    5. roll 4 sided die
    6. none
    7. none
    8. none
    9. roll 6 sided die
    10. none

    Age: Parent's age -15 -age of oldest child. Roll that sided die and add to age of oldest child.

    Roll for Kids First and Middle Names.
    1. Contains an I and M
    2. (norwegian, greek, italian, jewish and history)
    4. Boys:
    Girls: (random boy name and tweek it)
    5. (any letter from celebrity list)
    7. Starts with R
    8. (generate 5 and choose)
    10. Boys:
    Girls: Contains but doesn't start or end with an H
    11. Boys:
    13. Boys:
    Girls: Starts with O
    14. (go to the most recent page and choose a name from there, if their are only the opposite gender then go back a page)
    17. Boys: Contains a B
    18. Boys: Willis, Midnight, Chase, Jesse, Diogi, Dog, Jimmy, Desmond, Zeus, Jay, Buck, Gino, Grady, Sarge, Ben, Raymond, Pi, Heinz, Diamond, Charlie, Cupid, Willie, Rufus, DeVille, Angel, Alfredo, Bruno, Kane, Buddy, Tank, Sasha, Keller, Baxter, Hunter, Hershel, Capone, Waldo, River, Mack, Dominic, Chi, Jake, Gunner, Franklin, Fidel, Zackery, Kovu, Frankie, Hank, Jude
    Girls: Ginger, Midnight, Chase, Lady, Journey, Dorothy, Jay, Zoey, Nila, Onyx, Pi, Diamond, Ava, Dixie, Charlie, Coco, Lilypad, Hermione, Lady, Amelia, Angel, Penny, Daisy, Shayna, Precious, Polly, Sasha, Pepper, Ann, Mika, Hunter, Tori, Piper, Flo, Layla, Abby, Lucy, River, Rose, Chi, Christina, Brittany, Crystal, Izzy, Pendulli, Shiloh, Mia, Paisley, Bella, Zhorbit
    19. Girls:
    Boys: Starts with J
    20. 9 letters or longer

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    Independence High School

    Ms. Kieran Addison Zafiro (40)
    ---High School Principal
    --DF: Nolan Reuben Semilla (46)

    Mr. Evan Caden Tatum (46)
    ---High School Vice Principal
    ----DS: Robert Antonio Tatum (27)
    ---Industrial Maintenance Technician
    ------DLW: Karen Faithful {Thanh} Tatum (26)
    ---Factory Worker
    --------DS: William Sanjay Tatum (8)
    --------DD: Kennedi Jan Tatum (5)
    ------DEXW: Pamela Ashley {Thanh} Tatum (30)
    ---Crane Operator
    --------DSD: Ada Raisel Cortez (14)
    --------DSD: Katie Margaret Thanh-Cerian (10)
    --------DSS: Conway Lee Thanh-Cerian (9)
    --------DSS: Derek Drogo Thanh-Cerian (7)
    --DW: Scout Charlotte {Ricketts} Tatum (49)
    ----DAD: Oneida Thisbe Yoo (18) --Scout's niece--
    ---In College: Physics Major
    ----DD: Ella Jagger Tatum (13)
    ----DS: Jack Lancaster Tatum (12)
    ----DAD: Juniatara Adeline Roden (4)

    Mrs. Eileen Rosa {Gwenndolen} Wagner (63)
    ---High School Guidance Counselor
    --DLH: Ivan Luka Wagner (63) --died of a heart attack 7 years ago--
    ----DS: Rhett Madden Wagner (34)
    ---Billing Insurance Clerk
    --------DD: Lila Creek Buck-Wagner (17)
    --------DS: Erik Lake Buck-Wagner (17)
    ------DGF: Angeline Bernadette Jaguar (34)
    ---Clinical Admitting Clerk
    --------DD: Aria Nikki Jaguar-Wagner (6)
    --------DD: Sara Hilary Jaguar-Wagner (5)
    --------DD: Wren Helen Jaguar-Wagner (3)
    --------DS: Finn Norbert Jaguar-Wagner (3 months)
    --------DD: Faye Addison Jaguar-Wagner (3 months)
    ----DS: Marshall Nolan Wagner (33)
    --------DD: Jacquelynn Golde Angelou (17)
    --------DD: Drew Quick Paladia-Wagner (12)
    ------DEXW: Naomi Emily {Mickey} Wagner (37)
    --------DD: Amelia Loki Wagner (1)
    ----DS: Tobey Maurice Wagner (33)
    ---Jet Engine Mechanic
    ------DW: Selena Hannah {Umberto} Wagner (32)
    ---Bank Compliance Officer
    --------DS: Tim Neil Wagner (5)
    --------DD: Jane Nell Wagner (7 months)
    ----DS: Robert Buford Wagner (29)
    ---Infantry Assault Soldier {Armed Forces}
    --------DS: Janus Joaquin Head-Wagner (13)
    ------DGF: Phrixia Verity Conrad (28) "Pipe"
    ---General Manager
    --------DAD: Johanna Elizabeth Conrad (8) --Pipe's niece--
    --------DS: Loke Erick Wagner (4)
    --------DAD: Kotinka Sunapee Wagner (9 months)
    ----DD: Kourtney Perseis {Wagner} Shyama (29)
    ---Janitorial Supervisor
    ------DH: Charlie Richard Shyama (32)
    ---Train Track Layer
    --------DD: Marietta Charlotte Shyama (9)
    ----DS: Addison Joel Wagner (14)
    --DF: Hiram Jared Sior (46)
    ---Haunted Locations Tour Guide

    Mr. Willard Edmund Yoo (62)
    ---High School Guidance Counselor
    ----DS: Simon Dayton Moring-Yoo (31)
    ---Driver's License Test Administrator
    ------DW: Asteria Nila {Fraser} Moring-Yoo (29)
    ---Fixed-Wing Transport Aircraft Specialist
    --------DD: Lucy Ana Moring-Yoo (14)
    --------DD: Abby Max Moring-Yoo (11)
    --------DAS: Mark Charles Hebert (10) --Simon's Godson--
    --------DS: Troy Dru Moring-Yoo (9)
    --------DS: Alex Ian Moring-Yoo (6)
    --------DD: Vera Ada Moring-Yoo (6)
    --DF: Helen Aileen Baker (61)
    ----DD: Olivia Lilly {Baker} Huxley (24)
    ------DH: Fernando Russell Huxley (30)
    --------DD: Lanie Ursa Huxley (1)
    ----DS: Tobias Leon Baker (19)
    ------DEXW: Brianna Rhiannon {Callahan} Baker (19)
    ---In College to be a 8th Grade Math Teacher
    --------DD: Helen Lark Baker (3)
    --------DS: Jack Norbert Baker (1)
    ----DS: Martin Nick Baker (17)

    Mrs. Virginia Kiska {Panettiere} Del Rey (53)
    ---Special Education Teacher
    ----DD: Alma Ozira {Simcoe} Roma (37)
    --------DAD: Rose Cassie Roma (12)
    ------DH: Ashley Alex Roma (34) "Ash"
    ---Branch Lending Officer
    --------DS: Dylan Zac Roma (2)
    --DLH: Bruce Aron Del Rey (57)
    ----DAS: Edward Willis Del Rey (31)
    ----DD: Phyllis Ellen Del Rey (30)
    --------DD: Arwen Helen Del Rey (14)
    --------DS: Anthony Ralph Maldonado (11)
    --------DD: Ainsley Soul Maldonado (10)
    --------DS: Asher Wentworth Maldonado (8)
    --------DD: Audre Rowan Maldonado (8)
    --------DS: Adam Levi Maldonado (6)
    --------DS: August Tye Maldonado (3)
    --------DS: Anton Judah Maldonado (2)
    ----DD: Christina Michelle {Del Rey} Jude (25)
    ---Taxi Service Dispatcher
    ------DLH: Titus Rocky Jude (26)
    ---Retail Cashier
    ------DBF: Carlos Robert Gutierrez (30)
    --------DSS: Zion Javon Gutierrez (2)
    ----DAS: Jeremy Samuel Del Rey (21)
    ---In School to be a Medical Assistant
    ------DGF: Wilma Ali Lykke (18)
    ---Spotlight Operator
    ----DD: Shannon Joan {Del Rey} Nilima (20)
    ---Light House Keeper
    ------DEXH: Pancho Isaiah Orr (21)
    ---Research Archaeologist
    ------DH: Frederick Elbert Nilima (24)
    ---Computer Programmer
    ----DD: Sophia Rebecca Del Rey (19)
    ------DBF: Thomas Joshua Breslin (18)
    ---Human Resources Assistant
    ----DS: Princeton Federico Del Rey (8)
    ----DAD: Rachel Blaire Del Rey (7) --Gregory's Sister--
    ----DAS: Gregory Kaj Del Rey (5) --Rachel's Brother--
    **Bruce and Titus both died in a car accident coming home from a fishing trip. All the men in the family were in the car but Bruce and Titus were the only ones killed. Everyone else walked away with minor injuries.**

    Mrs. Tarleton Jane {Berry} Galaxia (48) "Tarlie"
    ---Special Education Teacher
    --DH: Lawson Shawn Galaxia (48)
    ---Fitness Instructor
    ----DD: Antoinette Moira Galaxia (10)
    ----DS: Benedict Carlos Galaxia (10)
    ----DD: Olivia Rose Galaxia (8)
    ----DS: Abraham Lefteris Galaxia (7)
    ----DD: Odette Margaret Galaxia (7)
    ----DD: Marianne Christian Galaxia (2)

    Mrs. Violet Nikki {Panettiere} Thinnes (62)
    ---School Nurse
    --DLH: Chad Bob Thinnes (59)
    ---Assistant Registrar
    ----DSS: Bruce Fiorino Bright-Thinnes (40)
    ---Plant Supply Chain Manager
    --------DD: Lark Vanessa {Bright-Thinnes} Adams (21)
    ---Air Missile Defense Officer {Armed Forces}
    ----------DH: Alvin Law Adams (22)
    ------------DD: Deborah Hannah Adams (4)
    ------------DS: Nathan Kensington Adams (1)
    --------DD: Kolena Traci {Bright-Thinnes} Sini (19)
    ----------DH: Ashton William Sini (20)
    ---Sales Route Driver
    --------DS: Silver Eastman Bright-Thinnes (18)
    ---In College to be a Veterinary Surgeon
    ----------DGF: Harmonia Jessie Panther (19)
    ---Account Manager
    --------DD: Audrey Margaret Ola-Thinnes (11)
    --------DD: Rosalie Lida Ola-Thinnes (8)
    --------DD: Winnipesaukee Kinsey Bright (3) "Winnie"
    --DBF: Killian Tracey Tiza (65)
    ---Childcare Worker
    ----DSS: Solomon Virgil Tiza (22)
    ---Health Care Administrator
    ------DLW: Kat Breanna {Buck} Tiza (22) --died giving birth to the triplets--
    ---{was training} Ultrasound Technician
    --------DD: Lily Dark Tiza (5)
    --------DS: Logan Cave Tiza (4)
    --------DS: Hudson Luck Tiza (4)
    --------DD: Elena Love Tiza (4)

    Mr. Hayden Fulk Ice (22)
    ---Health Teacher
    --DW: Nya Kyle {Taalay} Ice (22)
    ---Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
    ----DS: Silas Raul Ice (4)

    Mr. Xavier Christopher Juarez (25)
    ---Spanish Teacher
    --DW: Mackenzie Arlington {Schmidt} Juarez (24)
    ---Almond Paste Mixer
    ----DD: Bertha Randine Juarez (8)
    ----DS: Yanni Midnight Juarez (4)

    Mr. Chris Joshua Hopewell (64)
    ---French Teacher
    --DW: Gia Charlotte {Underwood} Hopewell (63)
    ----DD: Samantha Rosamund {Hopewell} Livius (36)
    ---Clinic Office Manager
    ------DLH: Seamus Gino Livius (35)
    ---Sports Announcer
    --------DS: Don Mark Livius (17)
    ------DF: Jackson Paris Jubila (36)
    ---Registered Nurse
    --------DD: Cameron Beth Jubila (11)
    ----DD: Mathilde Crephusa Hopewell (35)
    ---Preschool Teacher
    ------DBF: Ray Giancarlo Roden (31)
    ---Emergency Telecommunications Dispatcher
    --------DD: Sophia Lynelle Hopewell (9)
    ----DD: Kristiana Desdemona Hopewell (32)
    ---Doughnut Machine Operator
    --------DD: Katharina Dee Hopewell-Cilla (16)
    --------DS: George Edmund Hopewell-Cilla (13)
    --------DD: Rosa Harley Hopewell-Cilla (12)
    --------DS: Osias Thorndike Hopewell-Cilla (11)
    --------DS: Steven Brad Hopewell (2)
    --------DD: Fannie Phaedra Hopewell (1)
    ----DS: Karrington Sidney Hopewell (29)
    ---Medical Records Clerk
    ------DF: Treece Quinter Haley (25)
    ---Medical Devices Technician
    --------DD: Alyssa Jacqueline Hopewell (5)
    --------DD: Zoe Katherine Hopewell (4)

    Mrs. Christina Sunset {Olive} Nebulous (27)
    ---German Teacher
    --DH: Collin Carter Nebulous (27)
    ---Telephone Operator
    ----DD: Kim Ruby Nebulous (11)

    Mrs. Lily Katica {Drop} Spoon (37)
    ---Home Economics Teacher
    ----DS: Rowan Alistair Drop-Ramirez (20)
    ---Race Car Pit Crew
    ------DW: Nely Irmgard {Cadell} Drop (21)
    ---Bar Hostess
    --------DS: Ward Richard Drop (2)
    --DEXH: John Mark Spoon (39)
    ---New Client Banking Services Clerk
    ----DS: Cedric Marquis Spoon (11)
    ----DS: Jiminy Ennio Spoon (11)
    ----DAS: Baron Kristopher Spoon (10)
    ----DS: Brent Nathan Spoon (8)
    ----DD: Teri Quenemo Spoon (4)
    ----DS: Quentin Clive Spoon (3)
    ----DS: Ron Thurman Spoon (2)
    ----DS: Hugo Rex Spoon (2)
    ----DAD: Bette Karen Spoon (2 months)

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    Part 1:
    Mr. Bob Alyk Richardson (59) Principal
    DW: Chanel Zoe (Pallas) Richardson (60)
    -DD Rylee Rebekah Richardson (32)
    --Dgf: Leyla Molly Vida (29)
    --DStepS1 Michael Marquis Vida (14)
    --DStepS2 Koby Archerd Vida (10)
    --DStepS3 Jason Daniel Vida (6)
    --ADS1 Chris Justin Richardson-Vida (3)

    Mr. Evan David Tate (55) Vice Principal
    -DexW: Avery Madison Biel-Tate (56)
    -DD1 Rebecca Rose (Tate) Sawyer (36)
    --DH: Jaylan Rylee Sawyer (36)
    --DS1 Blake Oliver Sawyer (18)
    --DS2 Geoffrey Joseph Sawyer (15)
    --DS3 Gavriel Stanislas Sawyer (10)
    --DD1 Ana Cristina Sawyer (3)
    --DS4 Jeremy Ron Sawyer (2)
    -DS1 Edward Daniel Tate (32)
    -DD2 Christiana Elizabeth (Tate) Umbella (30)
    --DexH: Conan Joaquin Umbrella (32)
    --DS Jonatan Pietro Umbrella (4)
    -DD3 Heidi Gwyneth Tate (25)
    -DS2 Jason Jared Tate (22)
    --Dgf: Gillian Kayleigh Cyan (22)
    --DD1 Addie Naeva Tate (4)
    --DD2 Anne-Kathrin Tate (2)
    -DD4 Mary Diane Tate (19)
    -DW: Eva Grace (Chance) Tate (50)
    -DD5 Mollie Marie Tate (16)
    -DS3 Ryan Rupert Tate (13)
    -DD6 Crystal Bella Tate (10)
    -DD7 Marissa Mai Tate (9)

    Mrs. Carin Francine (Miller) Stroup (65) Counselor
    -DH George Ethan Stroup (65)
    -DS1 Marco Rasmus Stroup (50)
    --DW Oriana Lena (Long) Stroup (deceased)
    --DD1 Julia Katherine Stroup (34)
    ---DexH James Johnathan Doyle (35)
    ---DS1 Daniel Charlie Doyle (6)
    ---Dbf Samuel Augustus Lowndes (40)
    ---DStepD Rachel Raine Lowndes (10)
    ---DS2 Bryson Jacob Lowndes (4)
    ---DD1 Emma Meredith Lowndes (3)
    ---DD2 Annie Diahann Lowndes (3)
    ---DS3 Nolan Jack Lowndes (1)
    ---DS4 Issac Caleb Lowndes (1)
    --DS1 Jacob Samuel Stroup (31)
    ---Dgf Lindsay Casey Uddin (32)
    ---DStepD Harper Isabel Uddin (8)
    ---DStepS Hunter Zackery Uddin (7)
    ---DS Christopher Demetrius Stroup (2)
    --DD2 Joan Felicity Stroup (29)
    ---Dfiance Fernando Arturo Valadez (29)
    ---DD Olivia Sophie Valadez (4)
    --DD3 Jessica Mariah (Stroup) Valdez (19)
    ---DH Leo Isaac Valdez (21)
    ---DS Karl Tore Valdez (4)
    ---DS Elijah Luke Valdez (2)
    ---DD Mariah Marissa Valdez (1)
    --DS2 Jason Edward Stroup (18)
    ---DW Monika Sarah (Butler) Stroup (18)
    ---DS Theodore Thomas Stroup (3)
    ---DD Sarah Selena Stroup (2)
    ---DS Ryan Raymond Stroup (2)
    ---DD Piper Palmiera Stroup (1)
    --DS3 Joshua Blake Stroup (13)
    -DD1 Stacy Elisabetta Stroup (48)
    --Dbf John William Kellen (50)
    --DStepD1 Emily Marissa (Kellen) Flower (26)
    ---DH Charles Joseph Flower (27)
    ---DD1 Tahlia Chloe Flower (9)
    ---DS1 Zacharias Joel Flower (4)
    ---DD2 Kaitlynn Jolie Flower (3)
    --DStepD2 Courteney Kim Kelen (13)
    --DS1 John Wiliam Kellen Jr. (9)
    --DD1 Elisabetta Renee Kellen (7)
    --DS2 Preston Dale Kellen (7)
    --DS3 Justin Wayne Kellen (5)
    -DS2 Colton Nicholas Stroup (37)
    --Dbf Chris Spencer Alma (40)
    --DD Amanda-Marie Floriana Alma-Stroup (15)
    -DS3 Leonard Joseph Stroup (30)
    --DW Destini Danielle (Sail) Stroup (29)
    --DS David Joseph Stroup (3)
    -DD2 Hannah Brianna (Stroup) Lionel (23)
    --DH Jace Johnathan Lionel (24)
    --DS1 Johnathan Jace Lionel (7)
    --DD1 Marina Karya Lionel (5)
    --DD2 Sandra Lucille Lionel (4)

    Mrs. Kato Trine (Haley) Linz (42) Counselor
    -DH Brad Corey Linz (45)
    -DS1 Aaron Michael Linz (17)
    -DD1 Kat Demi Linz (16)
    -DS2 Adam Steven Linz (5)
    -DD2 Kylie Evelynne Linz (4)
    -DD3 Kaila Christine Linz (2)

    Mr. Demetri Alain August (52) Special Needs Teacher
    DW: Kari Rina (Sunil) August (52)
    -DD Daisy Amelia (August) Green (36)
    --DH Brian Jeb Greene (35)
    --DS1 Roland Ray Greene (16)
    --DD1 Rebekah Rayna Greene (16)
    --DS2 Ryan Rayden Greene (16)
    --DD2 Rahab Brielle Greene (12)
    --DS3 Ryder Patrick Greene (11)
    --DD3 Renee Sarah Greene (8)
    --DS4 Rick Michael Greene (1)
    -ADD1 Monica Ellen (August) Gomez (25)
    --DH James Jorge Gomez (25)
    --DD1 Nerissa Lilaia Gomez (10)
    --DS1 Roscoe Remy Gomez (7)
    --DS2 Reese Rayner Gomez (7)
    --DD2 North Linn Gomez (4)
    -ADD2 Kaya Desiree August (21)
    -ADS1 Jaylen Justin August (19)
    -ADD3 Addison Elizabeth August (10)

    Mr. George Ethan Shop (43) Special Needs Teacher
    -DW: Jaz Lyn (Valadez) Shop (42)
    -DStepS John Thomas Valadez (21)
    --DH: Alyk Semaj Horne-Valadez (23)
    --DD Julia Monica Paloma Horne-Valadez (Newborn)
    -DStepD Serena Daniella Valadez (15)
    -ADD1 Reina Rose Shop (6)
    -ADD2 Stella Diana Shop (5)

    Mrs. Liza Carrie (Edith) Ugo (68) Nurse
    -DH: Jon Adam Ugo (70)
    -DS Max Jeremiah Ugo (48)
    --DexW Jennifer Mariella (Graham) Ugo (48)
    --DD Johanna Lilliana Ugo (15)
    --Dfiance Ida Aleina Tyger (50)
    --DS Rex Rodney Ugo (10)
    -ADD Harper Isabel Ugo-Perry (31)
    --DH: Orson Joaquin Perry (31)
    --DD1 Andrea Shyanne Perry (13)
    --DD2 Gabrielle Elizabeth Perry (8)
    --DS1 Jared Josiah Perry (8)
    --DD3 Paisley Shiloh Perry (2)
    --DD4 Ryley Rai Perry (1)
    Mrs. Emma Alice (Warren) Ventura (50) Health Teacher
    -DexH John Alex Umar (54)
    -DD1 Aubrianne Kayli (Umar) Buck (24)
    --DH: Patrizio Israel Buck (24)
    --DD Cyd Bobbie Buck (8)
    -DS1 Devyn Karter Umar (24)
    --DFiance Kathrynn Chloe Fox (23)
    --DS Ken Charlie Umar (5)
    --DD Davalinda Kassandra Umar (3)
    -DH Jack Erik Ventura (61)
    -DStepS1 Reese Reynold Ventura (44)
    --DW Shay Kathleen (Reiher) Ventura (44)
    --DS1 Christian Leonardo Ventura (26)
    ---DW Bella Crystal (Lee) Ventura (29)
    ---DS Braxton Leon Ventura (11)
    ---DD Britney Nicole Ventura (6)
    --DD1 Carolina Madison Ventura (25)
    --DS2 Cesar Gabriel Ventura (21)
    ---DFiance Johanna Charli Beckett (21)
    ---DD1 Rachel Rylie Ventura (6)
    ---DD2 Sarah Selena Ventura (3)
    ---DS1 Trey Tomlin Ventura (3)
    --DS3 Carlton Donald Ventura (11)
    --DD2 Corrine Rachel Ventura (8)
    --DD3 Charlotte Grace Ventura (5)
    --DD4 Cassidy Moriah Ventura (3)
    -DStepS2 Jacob Samuel Ventura (44)
    --DW Courtney Emma (Vast) Ventura (45)
    --DD1 Giovanna Scarlett (Ventura) Arlo (27)
    ---DH Samuel Edward Arlo (28)
    ---DD1 Viviana Romana Arlo (8)
    ---DD2 Priscilla Paris Arlo (6)
    ---DD3 Ryleigh Rosie Arlo (6)
    ---DD4 Sabrina Nacole Arlo (5)
    --DS1 Michael Alec Ventura (25)
    --DD2 Rebeca Rosa Ventura (23)
    ---Dfiance Jesse Kane McAdams (23)
    ---DS Johan Gavino McAdams (3)
    --DS2 Jonathon Ismael Ventura (19)
    ---DW Alexa Josephine (Caron) Ventura (20)
    --DS3 Christianson Alexander Ventura (14)
    -DStepS3 Zackery Gunner Ventura (40)
    --DW Lily Paige Ventura (42)
    --DS1 Daniel Lewis Ventura (23)
    ---DW Gabriella Victoria (Alma) Ventura (24)
    ---DS1 Sean Daniel Ventura (9)
    ---DS2 Timothy Oscar Ventura (4)
    ---DS3 Toby Michael Ventura (3)
    ---DS4 Sterling Parker Ventura (1)
    ---DS5 Troy Wilson Ventura (1)
    --DD1 Ellen Lorena Ventura (10)
    --DS2 Fred Larry Ventura (1)
    -DStepS4 Midnight Hunter Ventura (38)
    --DW Janice Kathy (Aldez) Ventura (37)
    --DS Joseph William Ventura (9)
    --DD Haley Katelyn Ventura (2)
    -DStepD1 Victoria Jackie Ventura (36)
    --DFiance Robert Ray Jazz (36)
    --DStepS Robert Ray Jazz Jr. (15)
    --DS1 Samuel Braxton Jazz (10)
    --DS2 Jacob Bartholomew Jazz (7)
    --DS3 Blane Bryson Jazz (2)
    --DD1 Alexis Brooklyn Jazz (1)
    -DStepS5 Colby Chase Ventura (34)
    --DW Talia Kelly (Kidd) Ventura (35)
    --DD1 Tori Ann Ventura (19)
    ---DW Brooke Monika Katz (23)
    ---DStepS Ryan Rodger Katz (3)
    --DD2 Talula Alexise Ventura (12)
    --DD3 Treece Auburn Ventura (11)
    -DD2 Katharine Alexandrea Ventura (17)
    -DS2 Andrew Jack Ventura (14)
    -DS3 Michael Simon Ventura (13)

    Mrs. Christine Bellamy Lisk (25) Spanish Teacher
    -DFiance Jon Ian Mockingjay (38)
    -DStepS1 Zachary Kayden Mockingjay (18)
    --Dgf Amy Sharon Ruther (18)
    --DS1 Samuel John Mockingjay (3)
    --DS2 Brian Jacobi Mockingjay (2)
    --DS3 Cayden Josias Mockingjay (1)
    --DD1 Miranda Johanna Mockingjay (1)
    -DStepS2 Ian Kris Mockingjay (15)
    -DStepS3 Bryce Kolby Mockingjay (11)
    -DD Joan Katherine Mockingjay (6)

    Mr. David Jovon Quellette (48) French Teacher
    -DW: Demi Gail (Door) Quellette (49)
    -DS1 Colt Romeo Quellette (30)
    --DW Rochelle Rebecca (Rice) Quellette (30)
    --DD1 Elisabetta Monika Quellette (12)
    --DS1 Conner Robert Quellette (7)
    --DD2 Monica Evelyn Quellette (1)
    -DD1 Olivia Opal Quellette (25)
    --Dgf Octavia Oakley Shiva (30)
    --DStepD Kiera Cate Shiva (9)
    --ADD Jenna Brianne Shiva-Quellette (6)
    --ADS Edvin Axel Shiva-Quellette (4)
    -DS2 Roland Rai Quellette (12)
    -DD2 Miley Mariah Quellette (9)

    Mrs. Addison Robin (Burt) Jackman (70) German Teacher
    -DH Clark Alek Jackman (72)
    -DD1 Erika Karly (Jackman) Servais (51)
    --DH Doron Vittorio Servais (50)
    --DS1 Brian Ryland Servais (19)
    ---Dbf Ray Rodger Spare (25)
    ---DStepS1 Damion Wayne Spare (10)
    ---DStepS2 Aaron Austin Spare (7)
    --DS2 Bill Richard Servias (14)
    -DS1 Chris Andrew Jackman (42)
    --DW Lea Aubrie (Sanchez) Jackman (45)
    --DS1 Charlie Arnold Jackman (27)
    ---DW Electria Doris (Fox) Jackman (27)
    ---DS Joshua John Jackman (6)
    --DD1 Lacy Denise Jackman-Tigris (20)
    ---DH Lyndon Lewis Tigris (26)
    ---DStepS1 Tobey Reese Tigris (9)
    ---DStepD1 Layla Bella Tigris (8)
    ---DStepD2 Stacy Brooke Tigris (7)
    ---DStepD3 Lindsay Farrah Tigris (6)
    ---DStepS2 Tyler Matthew Tigris (5)
    ---DS1 Sammy Lee Tigris (3)
    ---DD1 Nyssa Syllis Tigris (3)
    ---DD2 Cheyenne Johanna Tigris (2)
    --DD2 Lauren Dominique Jackman (16)
    --DS2 Chase Alfredo Jackman (13)
    -DS2 Clint Anthony Jackman (39)
    --DW Sarah Lynn (Edmund) Jackman (40)
    --DD1 Gloria Jillian Jackman (21)
    --DS1 Anthony James Jackman (18)
    --DS2 Jace Jacob Jackman (18)
    --DS3 Gianni Josef Jackman (15)
    --DS4 William John Jackman (11)
    --DD2 Lilly Jianna Jackman (10)
    --DD3 Annabella Jadyn Jackman (9)
    --DD4 Amelia Journey Jackman (9)
    -DS3 Wesley Michael Jackman (37)
    --DH Lucas Maximillian Ash-Jackman (37)
    --DStepS1 Sebastian Paul Ash (20)
    ---DW Raelynn Rose (Paddock) Ash (20)
    ---DS1 Jonah Jackson Ash (5)
    ---DS2 Daniel Jayden Ash (2)
    ---DS3 Pierce Johnny Ash (2)
    ---DS4 Simon Jens Ash (1)
    --DStepS2 Ruben Placido Ash (14)
    --DStepD1 Crystal Paisley Ash (12)
    --DStepD2 Courteney Priscilla Ash (8)
    --DD Molly Pearl Jackman (2)
    --DS Wesley Patrick Jackman (2)
    --ADD Stella Prudence Jackman (1)

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    Part 2:
    Mr. Christopher Robin Hall (27) Home Economics Teacher
    -DW Joy Ana (Minoru) Hall (47)
    -DStepD1 Roma Fionna (Minoru) Orela (32)
    --DH Joseph Oscar Orela (34)
    --DD1 Sarah Aleesha Orela (11)
    --DS1 Timothy Asher Orela (10)
    --ADD Jordan Amanda Orela (8)
    --DS2 Greyson Alex Orela (4)
    -DStepS1 Russell Gary Minoru (25)
    --DW Daisy Anne (Jackman) Minoru (49)
    --DStepD1 Dakota Anne Jackman (34)
    ---DH Bryce Bartholomew Bale (35)
    ---DS1 Isaac Joseph Bale (19)
    ----Dgf Kim Priscilla Gregg (35)
    ----DStepD1 Zoey Ann (Gregg) Ulysses (19)
    -----DH Sean Owen Ulysses (20)
    -----DD Leyla Athena Ulysses (3)
    -----DS Noah Owen Ulysses (3)
    -----DS Mathias Immanuel Ulysses (1)
    ----DStepD2 Ryleigh Roxana Gregg (18)
    ----DStepS1 Colby Anthony Gregg (17)
    ----DD Kelly Kimberly Bale (2)
    ---DD1 Jennifer Nicole Bale (17)
    ---DS2 Keith Patrick Bale (12)
    ---DD2 Lorraine Kyla Bale (10)
    ---DS3 Menlo Howard Bale (10)
    ---DD3 Nicolette Dianna Bale (7)
    ---DD4 Oriana Olivia Bale (2)
    ---DS4 Pauly Ryan Bale (1)
    --DStepD2 Melanie Miranda (Jackman) Edric (33)
    ---DH John Paul Edric (34)
    ---DD Isabel Auburn Edric (12)
    --DStepD3 Dannielle Alexandra (Jackman) Hemby (31)
    ---DH Chase Duran Hemby (35)
    ---DS1 Chase Duran Hemby Jr. (14)
    ---DS2 Johnathon James Hemby (13)
    ---DD1 Gwneth Angelina Hemby (9)
    ---DS3 Julius Joseph Hemby (8)
    --DStepS1 Mero Montel Jackman (26)
    ---Dgf Darla Marie Gwen (47)
    ---DStepD Darci Miracle (Gwen) Gibson (27)
    ----DH Leon Alexander Gibson (29)
    ----DS1 Leon Alexander Gibson Jr. (11)
    ----DS2 Dane Mitchell Gibson (9)
    ----DS3 Ashton Mike Gibson (9)
    ---DS1 Steve Michael Jackman (7)
    ---DS2 Liam Marlon Jackman (6)
    ---DS3 Martin Mathieu Jackman (6)
    --DStepD4 Dolores Adriana (Jackman) William (26)
    ---DH Joseph Gregory William (25)
    ---DD1 Madison Grace William (10)
    ---DD2 Monica Gloria William (10)
    ---DS1 Ryan Ray William (9)
    ---DS2 Chevy Conan William (8)
    ---DS3 Nick Justin William (2)
    --DStepS2 Mathias Maximilian Jackman (21)
    ---DW Mia Lucy (Buck) Jackman (45)
    ---DStepS Stephan John Buck (21)
    ----DW Kat Lynn (Hiroto) Buck (46)
    ----DStepD Kirstin Laurina Hiroto-Rosalba (28)
    -----DH Robert Reynold Rosalba (31)
    -----DS1 Justin Jay Rosalba (3)
    -----DS2 Richard Ray Rosabla (2)
    ----DStepS James Larry Hiroto (18)
    -----DW Kim Paris (Walker) Hiroto (38)
    -----DStepD1 Kiera Alexys Walker (16)
    -----DStepD2 Kate Ashley Walker (9)
    -----DS1 Reuben Rex Hiroto (3)
    -----DS2 Raymond Rufus Hiroto (1)
    -----DS3 Rodger Rick Hiroto (1)
    -----DS4 Rylan Reid Hiroto (1)
    ----DS John Lewis Hiroto (4)
    ---DS1 Sawyer James Jackman (6)
    ---DD1 Sarah Joselyn Jackman (4)
    ---DD2 Sylvia Josephina Jackman (3)
    --DD Demi Amanda Minoru (8)
    --DS Mark Maverick Minoru (6)
    -DStepS2 Robert Thomas Minoru (19)
    --Dgf Audrina Janice Alma (49)
    --DStepS Alex Joseph Alma (31)
    ---Dgf Roxana Rosa Ezra (50)
    ---DStepD Amy Sharon Ezra (16)
    ---DS1 Johnathan Timothy Alma (13)
    ---DS2 Jasper Tybalt Alma (13)
    ---DS3 Nicolas Franklin Alma (8)
    ---DD1 Nora Isobel Alma (8)
    --DS Jaiden Jo Minoru (4)
    -DS1 Richard James Hall (7)
    -DD1 Rochelle Eleanora Hall (7)
    -DS2 Ryan Noah Hall (7)
    -DS3 Rhys Marcus Hall (5)

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    Holiday, Florida, USA


    Principal: Ada Ivy (Aalfs) Fox (39)
    -DH: Adam Tyler Fox (41)
    --DS: Robert Anthony Fox (17)
    --DS: Albert Saul Fox (13)
    --DD: Emma Rosalind Fox (11)
    --DS: Apolo Elian Fox (8)
    --DD/DS: Marcie Triteia Fox/Bernie Luca Fox (6)

    Vice Principal: Andrea Siobhan Jackman (60)
    -DBF: Atticus Reginald Dry (60)
    --DD: Yasmine Kimberley (Dry) Witty (44)
    ---DH: Zander Roland Witty (46)
    ----DD: Alice Jen Witty (14)
    ----DS: Atticus Isaiah Witty (6)
    --DS: Kanye Hugo Dry (38)
    ---DW: Traci Odalis (Lowndes) Dry (37)
    ----DD: Mathilda Ali Dry (13)
    ----DD: Aria Fern Dry (9)
    ----DD: Kate Sian Dry (5)
    --DD: Riya Physali (Dry) (Ray) Aeronwen (38)
    ---DdecH: Hugo Leighton Ray
    ----DSS: Dallas Owen Ray (25)
    ----DSD: Lou April Ray (15)
    ----DD: Noa Sean Ray (13)
    ----DD: Hannah Tatum Ray (11)
    ---DH: Bryon Bill Aeronwen (40)
    ----DD/DS: Marion Rina Aeronwen/Kendrick Selym Aeronwen (8)
    ----DD: Annabeth Siobhan Aeronwen (infant)
    --DD: Charlotte Erynn (Dry) Foster (24)
    ---DH: Riker Carlton Foster (24)
    ----DD/DS: Madison Taylor Foster/Arlington Ike Foster (2)
    --DS: Jonathan Ptolemy Dry (22)

    Counselor 1: Beth Libby Garber (33)
    --DD: Pepper Rowena Garber (16)
    --DS: DeAndre Byron Garber (13)

    Counselor 2: Anthony Helios Cyan (30)
    -DW: Finn Aurelia (Sachs) Cyan (28)
    --DS/DD: Michael Mickey Cyan/Pascale Waverly Cyan (10)
    --DS: Sewell Timmy Cyan (9)

    Special Needs Teacher 1: Anthony Edward Chance (58)
    -DFiancee: Ekaterina Toni D'Aramitz (56)
    --DS: Abele Remington Chance (36)
    ---DW: Monika Christabel (Bridges) Chance (36)
    --DS: Alton Rudolfo Chance (33)
    ---DW: Annalisa Carmen (Bubble) Chance (33)
    ----DS: Cameron Mit Chance (11)
    ----DD: Cassandra Ragenhild Chance (9)
    ----DD: Irene Virginia Chance (8)
    ----DAS: Barack Willard Chance (5)
    ----DD: April Anoli Chance (4)
    --DD: Gracie Bailee (Chance) Callahan (32)
    ---DH: Mason Vin Callahan (34)
    ----DS: Clifton Peter Callahan (9)
    ----DS: Chase Sean Callahan (2)
    ----DS/DD: Divaj Ryder Callahan/Kari Devin Callahan (infant)

    Special Needs Teacher 2: Cantu Roderic Holcomb (28)
    --DS: Jack Tiki Holcomb (infant)

    Nurse: Charles Bert Feldmann (54)
    -DGF: Ida Shirley Qing (50)
    --DS: Timothy Roderick Feldmann (23)
    ---DGF: Kristen Teri Jahangir (23)
    ----DS/DD: Colin Nediaj Feldmann/Margaret Katka Feldmann (4)
    ----DD: Jane Shirley Feldmann (infant)
    --DD: Olivette Denysa Feldmann (15)

    Health Teacher: Charlie Rock Doyle (23)
    -DGF: Spencer Fay Dingo (23)
    --DD: Mariella Dorothy Doyle (7)
    --DD: Mira Payton Doyle (6)
    --DS: Micah Benedict Doyle (4)
    --DD: Miya Asha Doyle (2)

    Spanish Teacher: Echo Paige Elba (60)
    -DBF: Addison Adam Wren (61)
    --DD: Phillipa Ashlee (Wren) Cavill (35)
    ---DH: Andover Hugo Cavill (37)
    ----DD: Samara Sheri Cavill (10)
    ----DS: Jack Stinson Cavill (7)
    ----DD: Alexandra Rosemary Cavill (4)
    ----DD: Maeve Arodue Cavill (2)
    --DD: Kimberly Giselle Wren (31)
    --DD: Felicity Isabel (Wren) Buck (29)
    ---DH: Joss Fabian Buck (30)
    ----DS: Brevyn Owen Wren (12)
    ----DS: Aubrey Igor Buck (9)
    ----DS: Luke Walton Buck (4)
    ----DD: Lindsay Judy Buck (1)
    --DS: Nathanael Saul Wren (12)
    --DS: David Bernard Wren (11)

    French Teacher: Guion Eli Majo (23)

    German Teacher: Aurora Albreda (Sparrow) Patridge (54)
    -DexH: Kyle Seth Eutychus (59)
    --DSD: Ella Nancy (Eutychus) Saunders (40)
    ---DH: Bartlett Jarod Saunders (41)
    ----DAD: Yancy Katy Saunders (1)
    --DSD: Ellie Anna Eutychus (37)
    ---DBF: Marlon Adrian Spark (37)
    ----DD: Phaedra Rowan Spark (14)
    --DS: Abraham Gian Sparrow (39)
    ---DexW: Orlaith Heidi Mira (38)
    ----DD: Kieran Lisa-Nicole Sparrow (13)
    ----DS: Clifford George Sparrow (9)
    ----DS: Jon Link Sparrow (5)
    ---DW: Anthea Irene (Ungaretti) Sparrow (29)
    --DD: Ondina Rhianna (Eutychus) Cielo (26)
    ---DH: Josh Robbie Cielo (26)
    ----DS: Corey Sawyer Cielo (7)
    ----DS: Domingo Revir Cielo (2)
    ----DD: Skylar Melnea Cielo (1)
    -DH: Etan Ivo Patridge (57)
    --DSD: Abby Joan Patridge (9)
    --DS: Capone Hugo Patridge (5)

    Home Economics Teacher: Gustav Oskar Zydrunas (22)
    -DW: Cora Katherine (Orr) Zydrunas (22)
    --DD: Vera Shawnee Zydrunas (2)

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