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    Octuplet Game - Girls!

    This is just like the septuplet game but with one additional option...

    1. KEEP one name
    2. SWAP the first name and middle name of one name
    3. CHANGE FN of one name
    4. CHANGE MN of one name
    5. INITIALS -- create a new name with the same initials
    6. CONNECT a name -- find a similar name (variation, rhyming, spelling change, starting letter, meaning, etc)
    7. NEW name -- discard one name completely and replace with a new one
    And the new option:
    8. **EXCHANGE a name -- You know when there are two names within a previous poster's set that you think would sound really good together? Exchanging means you take whichever two names you want and put them together, whether it's from a first and a middle or a middle and a first or two middles or two firsts -- in whatever order you wish. The two names cannot be repeats of names you otherwise kept from the previous poster's set, but they can be any two that you did not otherwise use (names you replaced with another name, connected to a similar name, or changed to a name with the same first initial are all fair game)

    Gameplay EX:

    Player 1:

    Hermione Mae
    Darcy Valentine
    Laverne Clarity
    Joanna Catalina
    Olivia Lux
    Charlotte Everly
    Gina Josephine
    Kennedy Bay

    Player 2:

    Darcy Valentine (kept)
    Everly Charlotte (swapped)
    Anna Catalina (changed fn)
    Hermione Jane (changed mn)
    Ophelia Lynn (initials)
    Lavender Clara (connected)
    Olivia Bay (exchanged)
    Agatha Florence (new)

    ---- > Okay, hopefully that's clear and you get the idea. I'll start us off:

    Iris Evangeline
    Acacia Rose
    Beatrix Roxanne
    Cleo Clementine
    Gracie Andromeda
    Margot Violet
    Libby Valeska
    Geneva Scout

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    Feb 2013
    Evangeline Iris (swapped)
    Alice Rosalind (connected)
    Beatrix Matilda (middle)
    Isla Clementine (first)
    Libby Roxanne (exchanged)
    Margot Violet (kept)
    Poppy Imogen (new)
    Greta Sylvie (initials)
    sylvie beatrice. poppy olivine. oona pandora. peggy fenella. lotus yvette. yana lavender.
    louie matthias. clement wright. hampton hugo. victor roman. malcolm bruin. ozzie walker.

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    Alice Rosalind (kept)
    Matilda Beatrix (swapped)
    Isla Arabella (changed mn)
    Sadie Roxanne (changed fn)
    Eva Ireland (connected)
    Sylvie Iris (exchanged)
    Maris Verity (initials)
    Ophelia Rose (new)

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    Apr 2013
    Ophelia Rose (kept)
    Rosalind Alice (swapped)
    Arabella Verity (exchanged)
    Saoirse Ruby (initials)
    Eva Willow (changed mn)
    Patricia Iris (changed fn)
    Lavender Honey (connected)
    Briar Anouk (new)

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    Mar 2015
    Ophelia Rose (kept)
    Verity Arabella (swapped)
    Lavender Poe (changed mn)
    Freddi Alice (changed fn)
    Bryony Anne (connected)
    Sonja Ruth (initials)
    Josephine Portia (new)
    Ruby Willow (borrowed)

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    Apr 2013
    Portia Josephine (swapped)
    Lavender Poe (kept)
    Bryony Rose (exchanged)
    Elowen Pearl (connected)
    Felicity April (initials)
    Phoebe Arabella (changed fn)
    Ophelia Lilly (changed mn)
    Echo Lorelai (new)

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    Apr 2010
    Rhode Island
    Ophelia Lilly (kept)
    Arabella Phoebe (swapped)
    Caroline Pearl (changed fn)
    Felicity Vivian (changed mn)
    Euphemia Laurel (initials)
    Brianna Rosamund (connected)
    Alice Ireland (exchanged)
    Odessa Juliet (new)

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    Mar 2015
    Odessa Juliet (kept)
    Rosamund Brianna (swapped)
    Mckenzie Ireland (changed fn)
    Felicity Barbara (changed mn)
    Christina Penelope (initials)
    Adrienne Poe (connected)
    Alice Pearl (exchanged)
    Kiersten Larsa (new)

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    Apr 2013
    Felicity Barbara (kept)
    Penelope Larsa (exchanged)
    Odessa Noelle (changed mn)
    Brighton Poe (changed fn)
    Ireland Mckenzie (swapped)
    Elka Jade (connected)
    Rosalie Blaire (initials)
    Sutton Odette (new)

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    Apr 2013
    Felicity Barbara (kept)
    Penelope Larsa (exchanged)
    Odessa Noelle (changed mn)
    Brighton Poe (changed fn)
    Ireland Mckenzie (swapped)
    Elka Jade (connected)
    Rosalie Blaire (initials)
    Sutton Odette (new)

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