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    Dec 2013
    Harper Juliette (kept)
    Ariana Parker (swapped)
    Victoria Maeve (changed mn)
    Ivy Michelle (changed fn)
    Adelyn Miriam (initials)
    Diyena - [Dih-YAY-nuh] - in umbris potestas est

    No kids, many characters

    - Emergency Name Supply -
    for use in case of inexplicable acquisition of children
    Octavian Ptolemy (.) Kestrel Briseis (.) Icarus Henry (.) Hazel October
    Whendelyn Tess (.) Shiloh Maximilien (.) Vivian Isolde (.) Aaron Tolliver
    Quincy Matthias (.) Daveigh Perdita (.) Percy Marlowe (.) Rachael Violet

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    Jul 2011
    Adelyn Miriam (kept)
    Parker Ariana (swapped)
    Stella Michelle (changed fn)
    Harper Allie (changed mn)
    Vivienne Matilda (initials)

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    May 2014
    nowhere special
    Vivienne Matilda (kept)
    Allie Harper (swapped)
    Stella Nadine (changed MN)
    Lorelei Miriam (changed FN)
    Pippa Adelaide (initials)

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    Apr 2017
    Stella Nadine (kept)
    Matilda Vivienne (swapped)
    Isobel Harper (changed fn)
    Pippa Irene (changed mn)
    Lillian Margaret (initials)

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    Nov 2015
    Stella Elizabeth (changed mn)
    Vivienne Matilda (swapped)
    Iris Henrietta (initials)
    Birdie Irene (changed fn)
    Lillian Margaret (kept)
    ambrose. arthur. avery. boone. cheyenne. christian. dalton. eddie. finn. gareth. gavin. harlan. harper. henry. holden. jackson. jeremy. jett. john. kit. lachlan. luca. micah. rufus. sailor. spencer. walker. wesley.

    alice. annie. beatrice. billie. bonnie. cecilia. evangeline. evelyn. harlow. hattie. iris. jane. judith. layla. marceline. maggie. matilda. ophelia. ramona. rhiannon. rio. ruby. sarah. stevie. tallulah. willa. winnie.

    emma. 17. connoisseur of band tees & naming dogs.

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