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    I love the name Henry! It sounds like the name for a happy adventurous little boy. Alistair is also awesome it's serious while still seeming modern. Orson's meaning is so cute, i'm just not sure how well it sounds after Alistair. Alistair ends with an R sound and Orson starts with an R sound. Overall I really like this, it sounds serious while still being fun.
    I also love the name Louis, it's so cute. I prefer the Louie pronunciation over the Lewis pronunciation but they are both nice. Forest is also awesome, it brings up lots of nice imagery. I also like Jem. I love James and this is a nice nickname with literary connections. My only complaint with Jem is it's similarity to a gem which I think of as being more feminine. All 3 names sound awesome together!

    I don't really like the names rio or lark separately but together they sound really cool. Do you think Riolark is an acceptable name or not?
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    vote here

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    Riolark is just too cringy & I would honestly think Gracemarie/Rosebeth/Annelouise to be better choice.

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    Riolark seems a little made up for me. I do like a lot of modern word names but Riolark is definitely a bit much, sorry.

    What are your thoughts on Henry Lucius? If you're not a fan, what other middle names would you suggest?
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    My first reaction reading Henry Lucius was: "wow, Draco really had an obsesion with Harry" but I'm a HP nerd. I do love the name Henry (number 2 in my top 3 names) and Lucius has a nice meaning. It's a safe name with an unexpected twist. I like it.

    Henry Lorcan
    Henry Lysander
    Henry Louis
    Henry Leander
    Henry Lucien/Lucian

    Do you think Clio is useable?
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    Yes, Clio is usable, but Cleo may be better choice

    What do you think of Saga and would it be pronounced Say-ja outside of nb like totally unrelated name Sage? It's pronounced with hard g like Gaia and Gabriella. How many of berries do you think would have known that?

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    I really like Saga, it’s a huge GP of mine. A girl I danced with had a solo to a song called “Saga” a few years ago and no one ever had trouble saying it. I can’t imagine anyone would try to pronounce it like Sage-a, and that’s saying something considering my confidence in Americans pronouncing things correctly is very low.

    Without mixing and matching middle or first names, what would be your favorite sibset pairings from my signature? You can create as many or few as you’d like, whatever inspires you.
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    Georgia Esme, Mabel Connelly and Iris Michaela.
    Willow Ariadne and Nola Xanthe.
    Aveline Yara, Phoebe Willa and Daphne Louisa.
    Willow Ariadne and Sage Cordelia.
    Ivy Zenobia and Saela Vesper.
    Mila Ariadne and Vivienne Hero.

    My top favourite is Willow Ariadne and Nola Xanthe.

    Iam looking for unisex names starting with B (besides Brynley, Brynn, Bowie, Blake, Blakeley)

    Sorry for my English. Its not my first language, and I try my best

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    On my list I have Britt, Brook, Brooks, Blair, and Briar.

    No question from me, please answer @bellerose's question.

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    thinking about...
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    vote on my combos

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    Bree (not sure it counts, but I've met a boy Bree)

    Hope that helps

    What's your favourite Aimee/Amy combo:
    Aimee Valentine
    Aimee Acacia
    Aimee Delphine
    Aimee Astoria
    Amy Lilac
    Amy Lila
    Amy Lavender
    Amy Annabella
    Amy Luella

    Also Aimee/Amy preference if you have time?

    Thank you so much!!
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    Amy Lavender is so pretty, really freshens up Amy which feels more dated. I prefer Amy to Aimee- Aimee seems overly complicated for no reason.

    What would you name a sibling to Ezra, Oliver, Scour and Marlow? Boys and girls names please, and this is for my new pet - an African bullfrog, so "ugly/clunky/weird" names work!


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