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    xmintiex Guest
    Thank you.

    I love it! The meaning combined could mean 'song of great happiness'. I love the sound and look of the name
    Also @Sorceress I mentioned you in!?p=3346395#post3346395 (page 708 - according to my computer)

    No question for me right now. Please aweigh in on @Sorceress question about Thoughts on Melody Alisa.

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    Though neither are my style, I likethem ttogether. They give a sweet, musical vibe to me.

    Suggest to me gothic names, both female and male, but nothing too obvious or tacky.
    “In the morning I had a look so lost, a face so dead, that perhaps those whom I met did not see me.

    - Bad Blood”
    ― Arthur Rimbaud, A Season in Hell

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    ~Middle Names~

    Jason Gregory Patrick Gavin Maddox Tyson
    Griffin Thane Caspian Ezra Logan Axel Silas

    Eloise Sabrina Vanessa Cordelia Beatrix Ruby
    Veronica Gemma Felicity Stella
    Willow Evelyn Mavis
    vote on my list

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    The second coolest vampire from a bad vampire series (coolest being Rosalie).

    feeling kinda stupid, not sure this is the right forum to ask it in, but what does GP and DH and all that vernacular lingo on this site stand for? Anyone got a quick guide anywhere?

    Cole Cameron • Connor Charles • Tobias Kenneth • Lacey Faith • Elena Rey (spelled R-E-Y, after the Star Wars character) • Miranda Eve

    Edison/Edmund, Aidan, Jackson, Aaron, Seymour, Lillian, Rosalie, Philippa, Irene, Leila

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    You'd probably have better luck in the Everything But Names or All About Nameberry sections. I don't think there is a guide floating around. Here are a few that I think of immediately:
    GP - Guilty pleasure
    FN - First name
    MN - Middle name
    LN - Last name
    NN - Nickname
    DH - Dear husband
    DW - Dear wife
    DP - Dear partner
    SO - Significant other
    BF - Boyfriend
    GF - Girlfriend
    DS - Dear son
    DD - Dear daughter
    SS - Step son
    SD - Step daughter
    TTC - Trying to conceive

    What do you think of Oz in the middle?
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    thinking about…


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