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    Asher Malachi Seth
    Asher Sullivan Piers
    Asher Donahue Zeke

    Which girls name from my signature (first names only) would you choose as sister to Isadora, Dashiell and Roscoe?
    Bruno Atlas Donahue 'Bo' ~ Wesley August Caledon 'Wes'
    Otto Hamish Crosby ~ Riordan Barnaby Axel 'Rory' ~ Magnus Orwell Fyfe 'Gus'
    Konrad Jude Callahan 'Kit' ~ Otis Rafferty Finbarr
    Orson Rauri Hawk 'Sonny' ~ Fergus Leland Crusoe 'Fergie'

    Saskia Pomeline Briar 'Sadie' ~ Delilah Aisling Sparrow 'Della'
    Geneva Leonie Saffron 'Nevie' ~ Isadora Margot Birdie 'Zadie'
    Calliope Tessa Primrose 'Poppy' ~ Lorelei Astrid Caoimhe 'Lula'
    Hermione Starling Eloise 'Marnie'

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    Ginevra, Isadora, Dashiell and Roscoe sound beautiful together. (I know you have it as a middle but i want to also say I really love Beatrice with this sibset)

    Creative nns for Evelyn to go with sister Sabrina nn Breezy (creative nns are a family tradition and I really love them as long as they make sense if Bri>Breeze>Breezy)

    ~Middle Names~

    Jason Gregory Patrick Gavin Maddox Tyson
    Griffin Thane Caspian Ezra Logan Axel Silas

    Eloise Sabrina Vanessa Cordelia Beatrix Ruby
    Veronica Gemma Felicity Stella
    Willow Evelyn Mavis
    vote on my list

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    London, UK
    Sorry, I can't think of anything creative for Evelyn other than other Ev- (e.g. Evan, Ever, Evie) and Lyn- (e.g. Linden, Linnea) names.

    Does Wade Weston sound too cowboy-ish? (Weston is the surname, not the middle name) What are 3-5 middle names you would pair with Wade?
    current favourite:
    Esme Olivia

    proud aunt to:
    Isabelle Anne (b. 06.06.2015)
    TBC (due June 2017)

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    I think Wade Weston is very cowboy, but I don't think that's a bad thing!

    Wade Alexander Weston
    Wade Michael Weston
    Wade Huckleberry Weston
    Wade Isaiah Weston
    Wade William Weston (I'm just kidding!)

    What would work in a sibset with Jill and what middle names would you suggest?
    Elizabeth Cosette "Eliza" ~ Mary Elinor ~ "Anna Jane" Violet
    Susannah Claire "Sunny" ~ Josephine Bea ~ Nancy Victoria

    Artemisia Ludoviciana * Independence June "Indie" * Eurydice Pearl
    Nathaniel Eugene ~ Jesse Michael ~ Patrick Alexander "Kit"
    Ciaran David ~ Aaron Wilder ~ Evan Briar

    Rory Fielding * Cymbeline Bear * Sylvan Eliezer

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    Northern Germany
    To me it does sound very cowboy-ish, yes.
    Wade Alexander
    Wade Elliott
    Wade Maximilian
    Wade Christopher

    Which do you prefer from each category and overall (one with a second boy and one with three girls) and why?
    Edmund, Rose, Jane & Hugo
    Edmund, Rose, Jane & Henry

    Edmund, Rose, Alice & Henry
    Edmund, Rose, Alice & Hugo

    Edmund, Rose, Flora & Hugo
    Edmund, Rose, Flora & Henry

    Edmund, Rose, Flora & Jane
    Edmund, Rose, Alice & Flora
    Edmund, Rose, Alice & Jane

    World Cup Group G

    England, Belgium, Tunisia & Panama

    Violet Amelie - Edith Arabella - Nancy Florence - Albie Frederick - Charlie Theodore - Rory Malachi

    Lotte Anouk - Anaïs Noor - Amina Roos - Mathis Kobe - Eden Timéo - Vic Alexandre

    Emna Camelia - Naïma Lulu - Mounira Amelle - Kais Anouar - Nouri Bilel - Anisse Jamel

    Blas Aníbal - Jaime Luis - Román Josiel - Ana Claudia - Aldrith Paola - Marta Enith

    pronunciation guide

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