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    Lily Maxine is a cheeky little girl who laugh/giggle a lot, likes to play outside and play music. She has a light brown/dirty blonde hair, light skin, green/hazel/brown eyes and a little bit skinny but very healthy and active.
    Eve Matilda is sweet and kinda quiet. She acts a little older than she actually is, loves ballet and books. She has his straight/slightly wavy long brown hair, wide warm chocolate eyes and sweetest smile. She can be outspoken when needed and always like to hellp people.

    Thoughts on Annabelle Eowyn Cosette?

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    Annabelle Eowen Cosette-Gorgeous name! I love Annabelle, it is sweet, has great nn option, and a great meaning. I'm not sure how to pronounce Eowen tbh, but those names I can't pronounce always end up having beautiful pronunciations haha. Cosette is great and reminds me of Les Mis!!!

    Is Adelina Felicity or Arabella Felicity too long? Since both first and middle have 4 syllables?

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    If they were choppier names I think it'd be an issue but their flow is more melodic so it's fine. Great combos!

    What do you think of Ursa?

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    I don't care for Ursa, but it is a good alternative to Ursula. It makes me think of bears, of course, and it would be pretty cool to have a constellation with the same name. Ursa isn't a GP and it isn't bad, I just don't like the sound of it. If you like it, go for it!

    Could you please suggest some unusual middle names for Blanche that starts with S to get the nickname Chessie. It doesn't have to start with Sie though. I don't like the flow of an S middle but I just like Chessie too much to use a different letter. (Please don't suggest any S names on my signature).
    Maybe Blanche Soleil?
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    Blanche Soleil is cute.

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    Blanche Selkie
    Blanche Sunniva
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    Blanche Siona
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    Blanche Sarina / Serena
    Blanche Selah
    Blanche Sigourney
    Blanche Sky
    Blanche Sabrina
    Blanche Sapphire
    Blanche Somer / Summer
    Blanche Sariah
    Blanche Sable

    Here are some other names that may be conducive to using Chessie as a nickname: Beatrice (be-ah-TREE-che in Italian), Salvatrice (sal-vah-TREE-che in Italian), Alice (ah-LEE-che in Italian), Chesed, Frances, Cesaria, Cesidia, Cesia, Alcesta, Cecilia, Chesera, Chesia, Chesney, Chesley, Cheslin, Chessamie, and Marchesa.

    What do you think of Elma?

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