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    Grey as a first name is pretty! I love it!
    I don't know if you want mn suggestions but I'll give some anyway
    Grey Rose (I'm not normally big on all-word names, but this is the first thing that came to mind)
    Grey Annaliese
    Grey Daniella
    Grey Briella
    Grey Mathilda
    Grey Noelle
    Grey Valerie
    Grey Cassandra
    Grey Gabrielle
    Grey Olivia

    I also love it as a mn. From your signature it would sound most adorable with Kaelith (though the combo it's already in is one of my current favourites from your names)

    Question: Is it odd that I can only "love" a boy name when I hear it in some kind of pop culture association though girl names I can love from either a pop culture association or just seeing it. There's been some boy names I "like" that don't have a "pop culture" association to me (Thomas, Joshua, and Henry) but the ones I "love, can see myself using" have to be of some sort.
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    Cleo Erzsébet Bronwyn & Chandler Ethan Klaus
    Onyx Cynthia Reed & Ciel Nathan Osiris
    Thalia Violet Clove & Alec Joshua Foster
    Cecily Charlotte Antigone & Prosper Alaric Jackson
    Primrose Athena Ardith & Alfred Christopher Seth
    Xanthe Madeleine Blythe & Misha Adrian Timothy

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    I don't think it's odd. A lot of times we love a name because of the association we have to it. I know I do the same thing quite a bit.

    Thoughts on Irene Tigerlily? Is Tigerlily too much even in the middle? What are some other unusual floral names that would work as a middle for Irene?

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    Love Irene Tigerlily! Similar floral names:

    Irene Bluebell
    Irene Cataleya
    Irene Amaryllis
    Irene Foxglove
    Irene Wildflower
    Irene Tulip
    Irene Hyacinth
    Irene Madelief

    Q: I love the name Vale for a middle name right now. My parents and grandparents homes are in adjacent valleys, so a name that's the poetic term for Valley would be really meaningful for me. However... my favourite Vale combo at the moment is Rosalie Vale. There was a character in the Twilight series called Rosalie Hale, do you think it's too similar? Or is the Twilight buzz well and truly over and people won't notice, especially with Vale in the middle?
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    Well, I am a Twilight fan, and the association wouldnt cross my mind. Iam fairly sure no one would associate Rosalie Vale with Rosalie Hale

    Which and why?
    Beth Ariadne, Beth Peony, Beth Amélie, Beth Alice, Beth Clara, Beth Evangeline, Beth Valentine or Beth Marguerite?
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    Beth Ariadne. Because I love Ariadne and I am biased. Nah, seriously, I think it flows super well and I like that Ariadne is more unusual than the rest of the options.

    I like Cassandra but I don't think I'd use it. Any name ideas with similar vibe?

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