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    Aeliana Artemis Tyler: I think it flows better. I know a lil Aelia and she is wearing it very well.
    Pallas Aurelia Xanthe: again i think it flows better. I love the PAX initials.
    Annabeth Nightshade Belle: Elzbieta looks weird to me.
    Elżbieta Charlotte Faye: I prefer Faye to Cae. It such a beautiful, whimsical name.
    Anaxandra Violet Reed: such a pretty combo. I think Anaxandra is more lovely than Ellyzabeth.
    Ellington Serenity Bree: the flow is great in this combo!

    Which in your opinion suit better a romantic, pale blonde girl?
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    So hard! Either Edith, Thomasin, or Daphne. I *love* Violet and Juniper, as well, but they don't seem to hold that haunted romantic vibe that you seem to love. I guess it might depend on the combo, though. If I had to pick just one, I think it'd be Thomasin, then Daphne, then Edith.

    WDYT of Anne-Sophie Emmanuelle?
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    I love Anne-Sophie and Emmanulle fits right there, but Anne-Sophie Emmanuelle isn't y cup of tea. It sounds regal and royal, yet lackluster.

    Thoughts on Charlotte Dorothea?

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    I think Charlotte Dorothea is a nice, respectable name with good flow and heaps of nickname options. It's honestly adorable and would be great for a child to grow into an adult with.


    What would you name a sibling to Bram and Maeva?

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    thinking about…

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    Do you think I could use names like Knightley (for a girl) or Sheeran (for a boy) or they could never be used in real life? Also, what do you think of the combos Knightley Rose and Sheeran Drew?
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