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    Quote Originally Posted by opheliaflora View Post
    Mannix feels very modern and made-up, it feels like a name out of a space-future novel; it's not for me but of the two combos, I think Jasper works better with it.

    What would you name siblings to Elliott?
    With Elliott (am assuming is male):

    Brothers: Owen, Ives, Alaric, Amos

    Sisters: Suzanne, Geneva, Sarah, Rosemary

    Question: Is it my imagination or are there five billion Leonardo/Leos out there? I taught 5 last year alone.

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    There are a lot of Leos (which I don't like as I hear of too many dogs with this name) but I have never heard of a Leonardo.

    Brooks Mason or Sherman Brooks?
    ߡ Thatcher Elias ߡ Bingley Harrison ߡ Sullivan Ezra ߡ Duncan Wesley ߡ
    ߡ Gibson Luke ߡ Zeke Vincent ߡ Forrest Samson ߡ Sterling Franklin ߡ
    ߡ Asa Maxwell ߡ Huxley Ian ߡ Jett Ezekiel ߡ Callahan Drew ߡ

    ߡ Callie Mabel ߡ Goldie Arabella ߡ Raleigh Fiona ߡ Flannery Matilda ߡ
    ߡ Vega Louise ߡ Monroe Imogen ߡ Claudia Eve ߡ Hollis Freya ߡ
    ߡ Miranda Grey ߡ Saffron Genevieve ߡ Luella Rae ߡ Fallon Ruth ߡ

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    xmintiex Guest
    Brooks Mason

    Middle names for Theia?
    Do NOT include any names already in my signature!

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    Theia Madeline
    Theia Eloise
    Theia Winifred
    Theia Jasmine
    Theia Cecily
    Theia Rosabel

    No questions from me....
    Callisto Sunniva ° Sylvan Petar ° Alice Ravenna ° Cedric Dimitri ° Saoirse Madeline ° Hermes David ° Felicity Nimue ° Roman Wesley

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    xmintiex Guest
    Since PP didn't ask a question could I elaborate on mine...
    Middle names for Theia?
    Do NOT include any names already in my signature! Preferably no vowels.

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