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    It was my birthday, I woke up, went out to the kitchen, and my family went, "Happy Birthday! Today's the special day! Not only are you a whole year older, your due date is today!" In my head I go, "Oh right, I'm pregnant!"

    I didn't really think about who the dad was, I'm not with anyone rn so no contenders lol. But then we were driving to the hospital because my parents were saying, "Today you're going to give birth. Let's just go to the hospital to make sure." Mind you, I didn't have a bump. I hadn't been to an OBGYN for any of my pregnancy. The only thing saying I was pregnant was the pregnancy test I took eight months ago lol. So I was going, "Am I really pregnant? I don't have any symptoms."

    We got to the hospital. I'm in a salon chair getting my hair curled and then I'm in a hospital bed cradling a baby boy.

    "What are you going to name him?" my parents ask.

    I blank. I don't have a name. My favorite boy name is Wesley but it rhymes with my last name (both 2 syllables, both end in ley). I spend the rest of the dream looking for names and then I woke up.

    Since then, I have been even more obsessed with babies and pregnancy and the future. So glad to know I'm not the only one lol
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