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    Benjamin Carl & Nathaniel David: Ben and Nathan. Good solid names that my husband would approve as well as their teachers.

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    If we broke our Biblical theme but maintained unique first initials:

    Henry Nathan and Louis Timothy

    If we kept the New Testament pattern of our older boys but repeated initials:

    Peter Gregory and Jude Anthony

    And they're probably too close and my husband wouldn't like them but I'd swoon for - Thomas and Timothy
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    Both of my favorites are sort of off limits:

    Bennett William & Charles Andrew
    "Benny & Charlie"

    OR a safer choice...

    Patrick Rhodes & Nicholas James
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    If we continue our nickname theme + family names....

    Julian Drake Maxwell 'Jude' and Lochlan Del Wilder 'Locke'

    Just names I like with family middles...

    Espen Jude and River Maxwell

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    Today, I'd go with Samuel David and Theodore Robin.

    Leon Thomas • Clark Joseph
    Felix Henry • Maxwell Edwin
    Samuel David • Theodore Grant
    Rory Nathaniel • Otto George

    Eleanor Katherine • Mabel Josephine
    Cleo Elizabeth • Alice Rosamund
    Margot Ellen • Susannah Jane
    Dorothy Florence • Genevieve Olwyn

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    This is such a hard question!
    I'm going to pretend I don't need to take anyone else's opinion into account.

    If I wanted their names to be a little matchier, I'd probably go with:
    Julian Thomas
    Adrian James

    Or if I was feeling brave...
    Luca Benjamin
    Elias Alexander

    But I think realistically, if I had twin boys today, these would be their names:
    Thomas James "TJ"
    Nicolas Elliot "Nico"

    I've always liked initial nicknames - CJ, AJ, JD, KC... TJ is my favorite. I love Thomas and James, and I can't decide if I like one better, so Thomas James called TJ is perfect!
    I think the spelling Nicolas is 100% cooler than Nicholas. He could go by Nico or Cole, or even Nick (ehh). For middle names, I love Elliot! I'm always stuck between Elliot/Eliot/Elias, so I just picked the one I thought flowed and stylistically fit the best.

    I like that they go together without being too matchy, and that they're not unheard of but there probably wouldn't be 3 in a class. Both names are somewhat international, which would be nice when we traveled or met people from other countries. "TJ and Nico" or "Nico and TJ" (still trying to decide which I like best) just roll off my tongue. And of course, they'd be Thomas and Nicolas when I'm mad at them.

    Edit: I just remembered Thomas means twin. Wow, now I would love to use it even more!
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