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    Quote Originally Posted by ashthedreamer View Post
    I feel like I just witnessed the Nameberry version of those old(er?) "Priceless" credit card commercials. lol. I would say that's better than 95% of them being 5 hours old! Although I thought Serafina Violet Jane was there longer than that? Or am I thinking of Serafina Violet Pepper, or something similar to that?
    I had Serafina Violet Pepper recently too~ And oh my, I would have a much sweller time with maintaining my likes or at least not being so flippant if I liked "mainstream" names. I've recently just up and given up on trying to come up with boy combos because some names coughcough *Alec, Lovino, Ciel, Edmund, Scipio, Prosper, and Alfred* just don't sound good with anything
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    @evelinrose - hahahahaha! I'm about there with Aurora, Olivia, Violet, Tessa, Adelaide, Claire, Penelope, Lydia, Verity, Helena, Reuben, Rowan, Gray, and Darby! (and second middles for Hazel Isabella and Felicity Emmanuelle, le sigh.) My list is coming together, but these outliers are making me mad lol. What about:

    Prosper Osiris Seth
    Lovino Mathew [something]
    Edmund Foster Avalon (I really want to suggest Edmund Foster Theodore here, but that seems a bit traditional for you?)
    Alfred Ian Avalon
    Alfred Pollux Ivan (or Alfred Pollux ______)
    Alfred Perseus Ivan
    Ciel Garrison Antonio
    Scipio Avalon Seth?

    Just some random ideas haha. I love the idea of Adrian Scipio, Garrison Antonio, and Perseus Ivan, but you had Adrian, Garrison, and Perseus listed below, so I didn't know if you wanted them as FNs or MNs? I SUPER love Prosper Osiris Seth, by the by. I think you should add that to your list straightaway.
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    List under major construction. Thinking about today:

    Adele Sofia EloiseZane Alexander CaspianEvangeline Dagny HopeCasper Nathaniel Eden
    Boaz Andreas HenryAudrey Cosima JaneSebastian Harbor JamesEleni Charlotte Jane

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